PSNOVA DLC: Version 1.05

Version 1.05

Level Cap Update

Extra Hard PSNova

Player Level Cap

  • Raised the level cap to 200.
  • Added new skills!

Gran Arts Level Cap

  • Raised the level cap to 30.


Extra Hard Difficulty

XH Quests

New Difficulty:

  • Added Extra Hard difficulty to existing quests.
  • Added Extra Hard quests that utilize this 「極:」  prefix in their titles.
  • Added a "Secret Boss" along with this update.


Orcus' Orders Objective Reward
Unlocking Extra Hard

Defeat Mid-size Gigantes:
[ウィルアフォル LV: 140]
Tip: The reskin in this SH quest:

Defeat the Gigantes:
[ヴィヴリュード LV 140]
[ギガティオン LV 140]

+6300 Gran Energy
180000 EXP


New Weapons

Nova Weapons New

New Weapons

  • Added ★13, ★14, and ★15 weapons.
  • Added weapons, shield units, and attachment parts.


New Operators

IZuna Operator

New Operators

  • Added Sail, Lutina, Izuna, and Fildia as Operators.
  • Each character becomes available after clearing specific Promise Orders.


New Partners

Kisara Party Member

New Partners

  • Riethiea and Kisara are now available as Party Members.
  • Each character becomes available by clearing their specific Promise Orders.

Cold Sleep Crew

  • Added [ARKS of ARKS] crew members to the Cold Sleep Counter.


Core Refinery

Core Refinery Crew

Core Refinery

  • Gain access to new [Core Grinding] recipes by assigning crew members with specific traits.
  • Certain abilities are only available from here.


Weapon Extension

Weapon Extension

 Weapon Extension

  • Lets you rewrite the performance of a weapon with another.
  • This features becomes available after clearing a specific Promise Order from Yomi.


Other Features

  • You can now redo the Character Creation process and change your character's name, race and gender.
    • This feature becomes available after clearing a Promise Order from Riethiea.
  • Corrected the descriptions of Skills and Special Abilities.
  • Correct bugs.


DLC List

Garnet Story 3

Title Cost
ーネット編 第3話:暴走の果て Garnet's Story: Episode 3
(Reckless Ends)
600 Yen
サンシャウト編 第3話:盲目な追走 Sunshout's Story: Episode 3
(Blind Chase)
600 Yen
ガーネット編 第2話:お料理大作戦 Garnet's Story: Episode 2
(Large Cooking Operation)
600 Yen
サンシャウト編 第2話:見えぬ妨害 Sunshout's Story: Episode 2
(An Unseen Hindrance)
600 Yen
メモリーフラグメント集結 Memory Fragment Gathering 400 Yen
経験値フェスティバル EXP Festival 400 Yen
タイムアタック・古代都市 Time Attack : Ancient City Free
PTアタック・鋼の荒野 Point Attack : Steel Desert Free
メモリーフラグメント回収 Memory Fragment Recovery 400 Yen
スーパーラッピータイム Super Rappy Time 400 Yen


Guide Updates (Feb ~ March)

  • Added some Version 1.03 skills.
  • Added Core Refinery explanation.

PSO2 Live Broadcast #29 Recap

This post is a work in progress and is currently updating.
The information below is subject to change.

 Post Livestream Updates

  • Added information to most of the slides.
  • Added videos.


Secret Phrase

Type しまたろう in chat sometime between now through March 11th to receive even more voice tickets from the ARKS Cadets.

  • These voice tickets will be distributed some time in the future.


29 EQ Poll

Emergency Quest Poll

  • Advent of the Annihilator (March 1st @ 22:00 JST)
  • +200% Rare Drop Boost / +200% EXP Boost


XH Despair

March 11th Update

  • Pitch Black Province (Extra Hard)
  • New Rare Weapons
  • 12 star item grinding relief.


Winners Design 2 side b slide

March 11th Update

  • Charming Costumes from the Item Design Winners.
  • Accessories, Mags, and Weapon Camos appear!
  • Bathrobes!?


Challenge Quest

March 11th Update

  • Meet all ARKS Members on Shared Ships.
  • Challenge Lobbies
    • Challenge Lobbies are available on each ship.
    • Your class turns into the "Challenger" class at level 1.
    • You cannot bring your items with you to the Challenge
      blocks — not even your mag.
  • All 12 Players start Challenge Quests barehanded at level 1.
  • Advance through the quest without running out of VR Energy.
  • Let's Clear the 5 Missions!



March 11th Update

  • Interval Area (Recycle Shop)
    • A rest area with a recycle shop where you can trade for weapons and equipment.
    • Trade in a number of weapons to receive better weapons.
    • Trade in a number of Grinders to receive Units.
    • Trade in a number of Disks to receive PAs or Skills.
    • Trade in a number of Grinders to receive Consumable Items.
  • Earn Challenge Miles by playing Challenge Quests.
  • Trade in Challenge Miles for 13 star weapons!
    • These weapons allow you to change the color of the blade for free at the Item Lab.
  • Tablets on the field will display your "Personal Best Record" for the Challenge Quest.


Nagisa Deluxe

March 18th Update (March 19th DX Package)

  • Nagisa appears in PSO2. You can obtain her partner card.
  • Added items to Zieg's Emblem Exchange Shop
  • Create weapon camos of PSO2 Package weapons at Zieg's Emblem Exchange Shop.
    • Example: *Wing Spada (Weapon Camo)
      • 10x Craftsman Seal
      • 1x Wing Spada



Sakura Lobby

Late March Update

  • Sakura Lobby (~ 4/8)
  • PSO2es 1-Year Anniversary
  • Seraphy (CV: Eri Kitamura) appears in the lobby with Client Orders.


School Daze Graffiti

Late March Update

  • School Days Graffiti (AC Scratch)
  • Retro School Uniforms and Dressing Gowns
  • Cool hero style costumes
  • School themed Room Items


Emergency Quest Magatsu

Late March Update

  • Magatsu's Emergency Quest Updated.
    • You'll be allowed to clear it four times per ship.
    • Increased Shooting and Ice Resistances applied to specific areas.
    • All Skill Tree Reset Pass distributed.
    • ★10 and ★11 Rare Drop rate increased on XH.
  • Fight in a series of battles against 3 types of Magatsu.
    • Board the A.I.S and Battle Magatsu
    • (Striking Type and Ranged Type Magatsu)
    • Magatsu Shigan and Magatsu Higan.


 Magatsu Sai

Late March Update

  • "Magatsu Sai," the golden colored Magatsu type.
  • A.I.S powered up with new abilities! (High Jumps, WB, Healing)
  • New Rare Items


Easter Update

Early April Update

  • Easter Event (~ 5/13)
  • Emergency Quest: Wild Easter 2 (~5/13)


 Zestiria Collection Scratch

Early April Update

  • Zestiria Collection AC Scratch
  • Sorey, Lailah, Rosé, Dezel Costumes, Hairstyles, and Accessories
  • Sorey and Dezel female costumes.
  • Weapon Camos from each character.


 Chelsea Hyuga

Early April Update

  • Hyuga and Chelsea costumes and voice tickets.



PSO2 Roadmap Spring to Summer

PSO2 Spring to Summer Roadmap


  • Challenge Quests
  • Challenge Lobby
  • Limited-time NPC "Nagisa"
  • Magatsu Update
  • Episode 3: Chapter 4
  • Tales of Zestiria


  • New Ultimate Quest
  • More PA/Technics/Skills
  • Mag Feature Update
  • Limited-time Emergency Quest
  • New Collaboration Scratch
  • Limited-time "Creator Collaboration" NPC
  • Advance Quest Update

Early Summer ~ Summer

  • Interlocking Web event
  • New Casino Game
  • Limited-time Collaboration Nyau
  • Lobby System Update
  • New Limited Quest
  • New Collab Scratch
  • Limited-time Creator Collaboration NPC
  • PSO 15th Anniversary Boss
  • PSO 15th Anniversary Team Room


~ Ultimate Quest Lillipa ~
~ Coming Late April ~
13 Stars Aren't Only For Anga


PSO2es Chips

PSO2es 1 Year Anniversary Event

  • March 25th ~ April 22nd.
  • Seraphy will appear in the lobby.
  • Clear Seraphy's Client Orders to receive Chip Fragments (Bronze / Silver / Gold)
  • Collect those Chip Fragments to receive items that are available for a limited time.
  • You can also obtain Chip Fragments in PSO2es.


Infinity Es

PSO2es March Update

  • PSpo2 Infinity and PSO2 -ON STAGE- Chips
  • EQ Improvements: Increase your score by assisting other players.


Nova 105

 Phantasy Star Nova: Version 1.05

  • Level Cap 200
  • Extra Hard difficulty
  • New Quests
  • New Skills
  • Higher Gran Arts Level Cap
  • New ★13, ★14, and ★15 weapons.
  • New Cold Sleep Crew Members
  • New Operators
  • Kisara and Rietheia as Party Members
  • Weapon Extensions
  • Character Re-Creation.
  • Available in March

Nova DLC Schedule

  • Feb 26th
    • Sunshout's Story Episode 2
    • Garnet's Story: Episode 2
  • Mar 5th
    • Memory Fragment Recovery
    • Super Rappy Time
  • Mar 12th
    • Time Attack (Fire Highgrounds)
    • Point Attack (Gigantic Spire)


 Nova Drama CD

Phantasy Star Nova Drama CD

  • Releases March 25th
  • Product Codes for EXP Boosts


 APSY Plastic Model PSO2

Kotobukiya x PSO2

  • Plastic-model Casts designed by Masaki Asai.
  • They'll appear in-game around May



PSNOVA DLC: Version 1.03

Phantasy Star Nova: Version 1.03

Level Cap Update

Player Level Cap Update

  • Raised the level cap to 150.


Super Hard Difficulty

Super Hard Quests

New Difficulty [Super Hard]

  • Added Super Hard difficulty to existing quests.
  • Added new quests that support Super Hard difficulty.
  • The Promise Order section below contains details on unlocking this difficulty.


Time Attack Quest


New Time Attack Quest

  • Added Time Attack Quest [Point Attack: Gran Water Source]


New Lv. 101+ Skills

Skill Board Update


Skill Name Skill Descriptions
(Element Weak Power)
(Hu: 101)
Boosts striking damage towards the elemental weakness.
(Just Attack Bonus)
(Hu: 150)
Just Attacks achieve bonus damage.
(Element Weak Shoot)
(Ra: 101)
Boosts shooting damage towards the elemental weakness.
(R-ATK UP 4)
(Ra: 107)
Increases R-ATK by 150.
(R-DEF UP 4)
(Ra: 113)
Increases R-DEF by 150.
(Ra: 120)
Increases DEX by 40.
(R-ATK Conversion)
(Ra: 127) (Active Skill)
A percentage of your S-ATK and T-ATK is temporarily converted into R-ATK.
(Tech Arts JA Bonus)
(Bu: 101)
Boosts damage when Just Attacking with different Gran Arts or Technics.
(Flame Weapon)
(Fo: 101) (Active Skill)
Temporarily imbues the weapon with the Fire element. During that time, the weapon achieves bonus damage.
(Ice Weapon)
(Fo: 105) (Active Skill)
Temporarily imbues the weapon with the Ice element. During that time, the weapon achieves bonus damage.
(Thunder Weapon)
(Fo: 109) (Active Skill)
Temporarily imbues the weapon with the Lightning element. During that time, the weapon achieves bonus damage.
(Wind Weapon)
(Fo: 113) (Active Skill)
Temporarily imbues the weapon with the Wind element. During that time, the weapon achieves bonus damage.
(Dark Weapon)
(Fo: 116) (Active Skill)
Temporarily imbues the weapon with the Dark element. During that time, the weapon achieves bonus damage.
(Light Weapon)
(Fo: 120) (Active Skill)
Temporarily imbues the weapon with the element of Light. During that time, the weapon achieves bonus damage.
(T-ATK UP 4)
(Fo: 130)
Increases T-ATK by 150.

※More skills will be added to the guide in the future.


Gran Arts Level Cap up

Gran Arts Level Cap Update

  • Increased the level cap for Gran Arts.


New Promise Orders

Orcus SH Promise Order

New Promise Orders

  • Added new Promise Orders to each character.
Orcus' Orders Objective Reward
Unlocking Super Hard
Defeat the Gigantes:
[アルテイオス LV: 90]
[グラヴディオン LV 90]
[リベルゲンテ LV 90]

+3200 Gran Energy
32000 EXP
Memory Fragment J x1

※ More Promise Orders will be added to the guide in the future.


New Weapons

Nova 11 and 12 Star

New Weapons

  • Added new ★11 and ★12 weapons.


Core Refinery

Core Refinery

New Facility: Core Refinery

  • Core Refinery: Convert several unwanted cores into a different core.
  • Explanations on how to use this facility will be added to the guide in the future.



 New Cold Sleep Characters


New Cold Sleep Characters

  • Added the [Phantom Crew] category to the Cold Sleep Counter.


Esthetic Counter Level 5

Esthetic Counter Lv. 5

  • Added hairstyles, accessories, and even new voices!

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected a bug which prevented characters from playing Multiplayer if they equipped certain Cast Head Parts.
  • Corrected a bug that under certain conditions, caused bases with the [Expedition Party HQ] facility to slow down the game.

PSNova Planned Guide Updates

As it will take time to assemble some information from the latest update, we plan to update the guide with the following:

  • Provide information about skills not listed in this patch note.
  • Explain in detail how the Core Refinery works.
  • Add Promise Orders included with this update.

You can help make updates to the guide go faster by commenting with imgur albums of the new content.

PSNova Future Updates

  • Phantasy Star Nova isn't over just yet. The development team is currently working on even more updates for the future. Aside from raising the level cap again, they're planning on adding a "character re-creation" feature. See you soon!