PSO2 Station! Plus #6 Recap

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Secret Phrase

  • Say the secret phrase below using the in-game chat to receive several prizes
  • おうち時間はPSO2で
  • You have until May 27th's Maintenance to complete this task.
  • Prizes include a [Rappy Bib] and one [PusoNi Comic Memory 3]


Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Wild Easter 2020
  • May 19th @ 23:00 JST (Quna Concert First)
  • +300% Rare Drop Rate and EXP
  • +25% Live Boost (RDR & EXP) by attending concert.


Spend AC, Get Items Campaign

  • Uh oh! The Sonic Suit is no longer an NA exclusive.
  • The Campaign runs from June 10th ~ June 24th.
  • Spend 2000+ AC for Sonic Hair 1 and 2
  • Spend 5000+ AC for Sonic Suit M and F
  • Spend 10,000+ AC for EX Tri Boost +150% and Sonic / Tails Lobby Action


Early June Update

  • Sonic Lobby and Sonic Nyau (~6/24)


Early June Update

  • Winners Design 7 Side A (AC Scratch)
  • Item Design Contest #7 Winner Outfits


Early June Update

  • Item Design Contest Accessories, Hairstyles, Camos.


Early June Update

  • Item Design Contest Winners
  • Knuckles Lobby Action
  • Terminal Operation 3 Lobby Action


Early June Update

  • New Bullet Bow PA: Cerulean Ballista
    • Stock Consumed: 1
    • A powerful attack for both single and area targets.
  • New Pet: Glass
    • Its style has double meaning of its grassy looks and the glasses it wears.
    • Advanced Pet for Redran
    • The fast charging Glass Burst is useful against bosses.


Early June Update

  • Successor Class Adjustments

Hero Twin Machine Gun Adjustments

  • Brand New Star
    • Relaxed Distance Decay, and Improved Power
  • Final Storm
    • Buffed Power, Adjusted Power Distribution
  • Second of Edge
    • Buffed Power
  • Moment of Trick
    • Relaxed Distance Decay.
    • Added Movement and Evasion when activated.
    • Buffed Power
  • TMG Hero Time Finish
    • Expanded Attack Area
  • TMG Step Attack
    • Buffed Power
  • TMG Hero Counter
    • Buffed Power
  • TMG Attack PP Save
    • Consumption 80% → 60%


Phantom Katana Adjustments

  • Step Attack
  • Schmetterling (Normal)
  • Rose Schwert (Normal)

Quick Cut Activation Timing Relaxed


Etoile Dual Blade Adjustments

  • Gear Accumulation Amount: 1.2x
  • Normal Attack
    • PP Recovery Amount: 1.5x
    • Added Mobility
  • Radiant Sting
    • Reduced PP Consumption
    • Improved mobility when not locked on
  • Particle Flow
    • Reduced PP Consumption and Reduced Power
    • Power Distribution Adjusted
    • Hitstop relaxed
  • Light Wave
    • Improved Mobility
    • Extended Distance
    • Expanded Attack Range
    • (Edge Receives No Changes)
  • Parry
    • Extended Invincibility upon activation


Early June Update

  • Increased Zoom on Preview Windows
  • Added a setting to the Launcher if you want the gamepad to work when the window is not active.
  • Changed Story Quest Difficulty selection to say Casual / Hardcore
  • Team Point Week Cap is now 50,000
  • EP6 Lisa's Partner Card
  • Added ★13 upgrades to Austere Units
  • Added potentials to Austere-NT and Atlas Ex series.
  • Added Special Ability Factors to ★13 Units


Early June Update

  • Added Tokyo [Rainbow] Bonus Quest
  • The EXP and Rewards are even more wonderful!
  • You can acquire the Ability Transplant Pass and Sage Crests


Early June Update

  • Omega Falz Luther gets Ultra Hard
  • Both Triggers will also receive Ultra Hard
  • The Atlas Unit series will drop


Early June Update

  • Puso Ni Comic Collaboration
  • Dolce, Zekt, and Nekonomiya will appear in the lobby.
  • Clear the Client Orders and receive Partner Cards
  • Other characters from the comic are at Franca's Cafe
  • You can also get their partner cards
  • Various Characters will appear in E-Trials

Series of Campaigns From June 10th

  • Login Campaign: Boost Items, 1mil EXP tickets, and Ability Transplant Pass
  • Item Campaign: Bonus Key Tokyo [Rainbow]
  • Emergency Quest Rush: +100% EXP and Rare Drop to certain EQs.
  • Level Up Boost Event: +150% EXP and Rare Drop for Level Up Quests
  • Twitter Screenshot Contest for Real-Life presents.


Early June Update

  • The Photoners' evil clutches have reached Omega
  • There's no time for celebrations with reacquainting with Margareta
  • Added Chapter 5 Main Missions and Limited Missions.



Late June Update

  • Winners Design 7 Side B (AC Scratch)
  • Outfits designed by players.


Late June Update

  • Accessories, Hairstyles, Camos, and lobby actions designed by players.
  • Teacup Lobby Action. Gunslash Pose Lobby Action


Late June Update

  • In the Driving Rain comes to Corrupted Naberius.
  • Ultralized Enemies and Luminmechs will appear.
  • Acquire SSA capsules of [Anthesis Cultivation] and [Raising Pursuit]
  • Equipment with [Soul Catalyst] will also drop.


Late June Update

  • Driving Rain 2020 Limited Arks Missions
  • Mission Reward: Evo Device / Kaerun
  • Quest Drop: Quelle Vesper (Bow)
  • Special Collection:
    • Glass Egg
    • Quelle Vesper


Puso Ni Comic Events

  • Midsummer! SG Support Item Selection Scratch (July 1st ~ July 29th)
    • Add Ability (Divine Transfer), Add Ability (Mark Transfer), etc.
    • Scratch Bonus: Ability Success Rate +60%, Ability Transplant Pass
  • Grind Campaign (July 1st ~ July 15th)
    • Grind Boost and Zero Grind Cost Campaign
    • +5% Item Grind Success and +5% Special Ability Success
    • NT EXP +15%
    • NT Great Success +25%


PSO2 8th Anniversary Event: ARKS CONNECT MEMORIES

  • Real Life Merchandise Contest
  • Art Contest with EP6 as the theme
  • Interlocking Web Panel Event. (Acquire 8th Anniversary Badges)
  • Character Contest with [Summer] and [Romantic | Classic] style outfits.
  • 8th Anniversary Raffle
  • Individual Point and Ship Point Ranking Events


May 27th ~ June 10th Campaigns

  • Free Field Super Boost
    • +300% EXP, +250% RDR, +100% Fever Rate for ALL free fields
  • Get Sage Crest Campaign
    • Clear objectives to get Sage Crests
    • If you clear ALL the objectives, you get a total of 1000 Sage Crests
  • Create a ★15 Weapon Campaign
    • Acquire materials to create a 15 weapon such as [Rare-grain Erebos Stone] etc.
  • Clear Highly Difficult Quests Campaign
    • Get an Ability Transplant Pass if you S-Rank Clear certain quests.
  • Arks League
    • Get presents such as Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold] and Star Gems based on the ranking.

We'll talk about these campaigns in detail during May 27th's maintenance.


IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga Episode 2

  • Release Date May 21st, 2020!


IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga

  • New Protagonist introduced for Episode 2
  • Players will be able to choose the name, element, and appearance.


IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga

  • Both new and old players can start with Episode 2!
  • Completing EP2's first chapter will enable you to play Episode 1.



  • Introducing the new heroine for Episode 2!
  • Giselle mainly focuses on kicking maneuvers under her [Striker] class.



  • Stella once again enters the battlefield
  • Stella utilizes the updated [Arch Aries] IDOLA.



  • Rockingham, the prince of Canceed, and commander of the nation's army.
  • Holder of the Zodiart [Cancer]



  • Lindsey, the lieutenant commander of the Canceed army.
  • Has fervent hatred towards Giselle and seeks to end her life.
  • Holder of the [Capricorn] Zodiart



  • Farley, the first lieutenant of the Canceed army who serves as Lindsey's adjutant.
  • Wields a launcher under the new [Soldier] class.



  • Serves as a bodyguard at the aide of Rockingham.



  • All character's will be set with a [Type] which raises certain stats.
  • Type List: Attack / Defense / Speed / Weak Damage / S.E. Resistance / Critical
  • For example: Giselle is a Defense Type. When she switches to Law, she'll be a [Critical] type with increased Critical Rate. If she switches to Chaos, she'll be a [Weak Damage Up] type which boosts the weak power.



  • Battle sprites are now in 3D, utilizing smoother animations!



  • Descent (of a god) [Descent Quests]
  • Features Dark Falz subspecies: Theater Delusion and Theater Remnant


More Details Here


New Puso Ni Comic Chips

  • Makino (6/10)
  • Dolce (6/10)
  • Nekonomiya (6/24)
  • Zekt (6/24)


New Weaponoid Chips/TCG Chip

  • Ignis [Bridal] (7/1)
  • Alceras (6/10)
  • One Who Knows The Past, Maria [TCG] (6/10)
  • Hitogata (6/10)


New Side Stories

  • Rose Server: "A 'Unique' Duty" (6/10)
  • Ignis [Bridal]: "To The Battlefield Of A Lifetime!?"


PSO2es Event Information (6/10 – 6/24)

  • New young Akhtar and Khorshid chips
  • Nathleen and Falzahd chips
  • Obtain new 14* weapons exclusive to PSO2es in the Nightmare Tower
  • "Aculd Gulz" (Wired Lance) and "Aculd Lugia" (Launcher)


PSO2es Campaign Information (5/13 – 6/10)

  • 6 New Campaigns to celebrate PSO2es' 6th anniversary
  • Arkuma Chip login bonus (5/13 – 6/10) Earn a 13* Arkuma Chip for logging in for 15 days!
  • Side Story, Season 3 Story play campaign. All side and season 3 story quests will only cost 1 action point to access.
  • Tower Quest Clear Campaign (Late May)
  • es Order Campaign (Late May)
  • Emergency Quest Campaign (Early June)
  • x2 EXP Boost Campaign (Early June)

PSO2 Episode 6 Deluxe Package

  • Each store will deliver bonus merchandise along with the Deluxe Package.


PSO2 Episode Oracle Delays

  • Vol 7 Release Date is Now: August 19th
  • Vol 8 Release Date is Now: September 16th
  • Vol 9 Release Date is Now: October 21st


PSO2 Episode Oracle Blu-ray DVD Vol 7

  • Release Date: August 19th
  • First Limited Edition: 7,500 Yen (BR) / 6,500 Yen (DVD)
  • Normal Edition: 5,500 Yen (BR) / 4,500 Yen (DVD)
  • Episodes 16m 17, 18
  • Also contains Item Codes


PSO2 Episode Oracle Blu-ray DVD Vol 7

  • Item Codes Include
    • Innocent Zero [Ba[
    • Innocent Zero Collar
    • 2nd Gen KK Extensions
    • Innocent Loop Tail GV
    • Void Recorder [Ou] and [Ba]
    • Luther Tattoo
    • EP Oracle 4 [Lobby Action]
    • EP Oracle Mat F and G
    • EP Oracle 7 Poster
    • Episode 0 Memory x7


A.I.S Vega Plastic Model

  • A.I.S Vega Plastic Model Announced
  • Sales and Release Date To Be Announced
  • Size: 1/72 Scale
  • Seller: Kotobukiya

IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga Out Now!


Download IDOLA
 ~ Provided by Synth ~

Virtual YouTuber, "Popona," has announced the release date for IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga! The game is expected to launch on iOS and Android devices on November 27th, 2018!

To celebrate the game's release, Popona will be giving out some IDOLA swag to those who follow and retweet specific messages on Twitter. Since these are physical items, we recommend not participating in the campaign unless you live in Japan.


Five lucky winners will each win one of the prizes listed below:

  • IDOLA Umbrella (1 Winner)
  • IDOLA Skateboard (1 Winner)
  • IDOLA Refrigerator (1 Winner)
  • IDOLA Rice Cooker (1 Winner)
  • IDOLA Cushion (1 Winner)

In addition to this announcement marks the official closing date of the Idola Pre-Registration Campaign. If you are a Phantasy Star Online 2 player and wish to receive the pre-registration rewards of 100 Star Gems, 50 King's Crests, and 100 Conqueror's Crests, you have until November 26th @ 12:00 JST to complete the registration form.

Players who have pre-registered for IDOLA (regardless of having a PSO2 account or not) will still receive 3,600 Star Diamonds. 1 Drive Med (L), 4 EXP Books, 30,000 Meseta, ★5 Character [Quna], and the ★5 Weapon Symbol [Elysion]!


V-Tuber Popona!

ポッポ~♪ Popona is the official spokesperson of IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga. You can learn more about her and the game at the Idola Channel.


Previous IDOLA Coverage

We have covered several different aspects of the game already on this site.


Races and Classes in IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga


IDOLA features six major races in the world of Vandore. While Phantasy Star fans might be able to instantly recognize who they are, IDOLA switches things up a bit by using a more traditional naming scheme.


Human Race

The race with the highest population. They engage in various classes.


Elf Race

The next highest population after humans, and known for their pointy ears.


Lycan Race

A human-animal hybrid of various species, such as wolves, rabbits and cats, etc.
Visually, men are closer to animals while women appear more human-like.


Gnome Race

While they may be diminutive in size, many of them are skilled in magic.


Demonic Race

This race is known for their distinctive horns and skin color.
They tend to be persecuted often due to their unusual appearance.


Machina Race

A rare race whose bodies are machines.
You may encounter them as enemies at the ruins.


IDOLA Class Outline

IDOLA classes are split into three categories: Law, Neutral, and Chaos.

  • Law: Knight / Archer / Saint / Elementor / Paladin
  • Neutral: Brave / Grappler / Bard
  • Chaos: Berserk / Wizard / Assassin / Dancer


Law Classes

Archer Deals heavy damage with skills that shoot at the enemy.
Knight Plays the role of the party's shield thanks to its high defense.



Saint A rare class that cures status effects and heals.
Elementor A good energy source for the party that increases elemental values.


Chaos Classes

Berserk A hyper offensive class that deals heavy damage by putting their bodies on the line.
Wizard Excels at magic that can attack several enemies together.


Assassin Seizes the first move in battle with rapid strikes and are also skilled in followup attacks.
Dancer Bolsters allies through dancing and provides support effects.


Neutral Classes

Grappler They fight with their own fists and are skilled in using their energy to strengthen themselves.
Bard A musically trained class with a skill that naturally heals allies.


Special Classes

Brave Can raise his own ability after an attack
Paladin Stella's native class that heals, defends, and attacks.


Fate Divergence

Your party's composition changes with the Fate Divergence system. Nadia, who's normally [Law], can switch alignments and be the healer for the [Chaos] side. Melissa, the [Chaos] Wizard, can switch alignments and strengthen attack power on the [Law] side.