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PSO2 Gathering Guide

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Gathering is a new system introduced on March 9th that allows players to mine or fish for materials in Free-Field Quests. With these materials, they can create Cuisines that provide various effects, or a Skill Ring capable of mimicking or altering a skill or weapon's behavior.

This guide is a work in progress and is currently being updated.

April 21st: 3:00 PM

  • Added April 20th's Client Order
  • Updated the Recovering Stamina section.
  • Added Skill Rings
  • Added Cuisines and their requirements.

March 10th: 10:00 PM

  • Added entire list of achievements.
  • Added images to Cuisine list.
  • Added hovers displaying which achievement unlocks what recipe.

March 10th: 6:00 AM

  • Added partial list of achievements.

March 9th: 12:33 PM

  • Added Cuisine List

March 9th: 11:00 AM

  • Added Skill Ring List
  • Added Grinding Cap Information to Skill Rings

Gathering Spots

Gathering Spots

Players are able to gather materials from the Free Exploration quests of the Forest, Coast, Desert, Quarry, Ruins, and Tokyo fields. Accessing the green or blue gathering spots on the field allows the player to select from three tools at their disposal.

Action Tool Stamina Usage Item Uses
(Stamina Usage:10)
Master Harvesting
Master Pickaxe

(Stamina Usage:10)

One-time Usage
Good Harvesting
Good Pickaxe

(Stamina Usage:10)

One-time Usage
Action Tool Stamina Usage Item Uses
Fishing Rod
(Stamina Usage:10)
Master Fishing
Master Fishing Rod

(Stamina Usage:10)

One-time Usage
Good Fishing
Good Fishing Rod

(Stamina Usage:10)

One-time Usage

Master Tools can be obtained through AC.
Good Tools can be obtained from clearing Gathering Achievements.

Master Tools can be purchased in bundles of seven for 950 AC at the AC Shop.

  • 【極み】ピッケル(7個) Master Pickaxe (x7)
  • 【極み】釣り竿(7個) Master Fishing Rod (x7)

Alternatively, you can purchase a single tool for 150 AC by selecting it from a gathering spot's menu.


Recovering Stamina

Recover Stamina

The player is given two stamina bars: one for harvesting, and another for fishing.. If the player runs out of stamina, they can either wait for it to fill over time, or they can purchase stamina drinks with Star Gems (SG).

Stamina Drinks typically cost 150 SG; however, the first 9 drinks you buy each day are available at a discounted rate. This discount decreases with each drink you buy, until finally wearing off upon your 10th drink and onward. Your drink count resets at 5AM in Japan, allowing you to take advantage of the discount each day.

Stamina Drink Costs

  • 1st Drink = 10 SG
  • 2nd Drink = 10 SG
  • 3rd Drink = 20 SG
  • 4th Drink = 20 SG
  • 5th Drink = 30 SG
  • 6th Drink = 40 SG
  • 7th Drink = 50 SG
  • 8th Drink = 50 SG
  • 9th Drink = ?? SG
  • 10th Drink and Above = 150 SG

The discount reapplies after 5:00 JST each day, putting you back on the 1st drink.

Combos and Fevers

Combo Gathering

Combos will rack up each time you use a Gathering Spot. You can earn bonus combos after draining a spot of all its resources. Once the countdown timer ends, you'll earn EXP based on your combo score.


Fever Gathering

Utilize the Gathering Spots for a chance for a Fever to occur. Once activated, the following effects are applied:

  • Increases the number of materials you could acquire.
  • Makes it easier to obtain rare materials.
  • Allows unlimited usage on a Gathering Spot.
    • This will still consume Stamina.

You can also get a Fever by achieving 25 combos. 

Gathering Level And Achievements

Achievements List

You can increase your Harvesting and Fishing levels by clearing Gathering achievements. Increasing these levels nets you bonus Fever time, and upon leveling up, it refills your stamina bar.

You can access your achievement list from the Visiphone by clicking on


Achievements List

Cuisine Shop

Cuisine Shop

The Cuisine Shop is available from Ida in Franca's Café. Initially, only a few dishes are available, but you'll unlock more by clearing Gathering achievements. A quick way of unlocking new recipes is to go around each field, gathering up as many materials as you can.

Each cuisine requires specific materials.

Details can be found in the Cuisine Shop List.

Cuisine Shop List


Skill Ring Shop

Skill Ring Shop

The Skill Ring Shop is accessible from Franca's Cafe. Skill Rings are a new Equipment category that will either modify a weapon's behavior or mimic the effects of a skill. Skill Rings must be equipped from the [Equip Armors] button in the Main Menu.

L-Rings will either alter a weapon's behavior or provide some support for a skill. R-Rings copy the effects of skills for use on other classes. For R-Ring's, the skill's originating class is barred from equipping the ring if the class is set as the main or sub-class.


 Skill Ring Grind

The ring will earn EXP as long as it is equipped to the player as they earn EXP.  After it reaches a certain value, you can head to the Item Lab to grind the ring.


Skill Ring Grind Cap

The Ring EXP determines the number of possible grinds you can perform on the ring. As you gain more EXP, this grind cap is raised allowing for even more grinds.

強化値 (Grind Value) / (#まで強化可) Current Grind Cap

For example, in the screenshot above, the grind value is 1, and the current grind cap is 2. You can raise this cap by having the ring gain EXP.


Grinding the ring improves the skill's performance. With L-Rings you may also select which stats you want to increase.

Skill Ring Shop List


Client Orders

Sophia's Client Orders

Sofia Client Orders

  • ギャザリングをしてみましょー
    • Go Fishing and Harvesting on any Free-Field Quest.
  • 料理を作ってみましょー
    • Show Forest Tomato Salad to Sophia.
    • To clear this Client Order, you'll need to head to the Cuisine Shop, and on the first entry, hand in 10 Forest Tomatoes.
    • Afterwards, head back to Sophia and show her the Tomato Salad.
  • リングを作ってみましょー
    • Show your R / Boost Slayer Ring to Sophia
    • To clear this Client Order, you'll need to head to the Skill Ring Shop, and on the bottom-most entry, hand in the Earth Rocks Sophia gave you in her first Client Order. Head back to Sophia, and by not equipping the Ring, you can turn in the Client Order.
  • リングを強化してみましょー
    • Grind a Skill Ring
    • You can use the R / Boost Slayer ring you recently acquired and grind the ring at the Item Lab.


Yerkes Client Orders

Yerkes Client orders

Name Objective Recommended Meal
Supplying Naberius Mushrooms
Bring 5 Naberius Mushrooms
※This item can be collected from [Forest] or [Ruins]
[Ruins Shrimp Kakiage]
Supplying Wopal Shells
Bring 5 Wopal Shells
※This item can be collected from the [Coast]
[Ruins Shrimp Kakiage]
Supplying Empty Bottles

Bring 5 Empty Bottles
※This item can be collected from [Tokyo]

[Coast Moule With Oil]
Supplying Lillipa Vests

Bring 5 Lillipa Vests
※This item can be collected from the [Desert] or [Quarry].

[Coast Moule With Oil]

27 thoughts to “PSO2 Gathering Mini Guide”

    1. Out of hand I'd vote for R/ Katana Guard and L/ Killing Bonus or Perfect Keeper Strike, but YMMV.

    2. Short combat might be good if you're using hatou rindou, or simply dislike the gapcloser effect of combat.

    3. I'm 100% sure it'd be the Critical Strike (Striking) and Katana Gear Guard R, because if you miss the timming for the parry, the gear will still get activated because of the left ring, and the other ring will boost your Crit rate and damage by a good percentage, so, as the ring grows it might give the same damage boost as an Austere weapon, It'd stack quite well with some potentials IMO, like the critical damage from the Tokyo 13*s or Austere series, but so far I'm not sure of how much crit damage boost will the ring give when fully leveled.

    4. Criticals, as a rule of thumb, are *quite useless* if you're not a Fi or Gu main you know. (And yes, this means many of the Tokyo melee 13*s kinda majorly suck; that the pot thereof is weakpoint-specific doesn't exactly help.) And the damage boost is mere 3% at lv 20 (to wit: – might as well get Perfect Keeper instead to get the same damage add far more consistently.

      Also wouldn't really recommend relying too much on GGR for your Gear activation needs (gitgud and learn to JG, 'k?) for reasons that ought to be fairly obvious from the numbers listed. It's really more that there's *nothing better* for katana Bravers to put in the left-hand slot. (Bows have it even worse.)

    5. Actually I can see a bouncer, ranger/hunter, melee braver, a gunner/hunter, and even a techer getting consistent benefits from critical bonus rings. + from what i see in multiparties i dont think the PK rings give as much consistent damage as you say it does. Players especially ones that go melee tend not to heal if they dont think there's a reason to and given how easy most quests are to get through, they dont heal that often. Aside from that the devs really aren't doing a good job giving players a reason to boost crit hit rate no matter what class they're playing. 3% more dmg on either ring … what a joke …

    6. Uh. You are aware that crit builds are pointless unless you have the Fi or Gu mainclass skills to actually *meaningfully* increase the damage crits do, right? Which makes PK the better and more reliably active option of the two pretty much by default for about all builds.

      Anyway, at lv 20 the PK ring health threshold is 75%. Staying above that should be a trivial exercise in 'mate pacing – and if you have Automate Halfline at work will probabably happen near automatically anyway.

    7. Wow that was quick. Do you wait for some1 just to reply? Pointless or not, it doesnt take away the fact that someone can make consistent use of the crit ring. And what i said was with the 75% hp condition in mind. PK might be easier for you sure, but i feel like it really depends on what class your playing and what your skill tree build is to start with. In my case as a ra/hu i hav lv10 fury crit (because i had that many spare SP left over) so i can definitely make consistent use of the crit ring.

    8. Opened the site to look up the gathering booster foods actually.

      And while it may be true that some non-Fi/Gu-main builds may be able to use the crit rings gainfully in practice far more will not, or at the very least have much better uses for the slot and invested resources. Reminder: for most practical intents and purposes crit is worthless, ergo most builds will not be wasting SP on any related skills.
      And the crit rings certainly aren't a weighty argument against that principle. They most *definitely* are not "100% sure" a particularly good option for, well, about ANY Braver main unlike the guy I originally answered to claimed.

    9. You clearly missed my second to last sentence in my first reply. "Aside from that the devs really aren’t doing a good job giving players a reason to boost crit hit rate no matter what class they’re playing." When i said that i was trying to convey that as things stand now players have no good reason or incentive to get critical rate bonuses. You said that some classes will be able to get a benefit from the rings and far more will not. Aside from fighter and gunner there are 7 other classes. In my first reply I listed 5 of those 7 other classes that can make easy consistent use of the crit rings, if the skill tree is built that way. And im not arguing against crit bonuses being worthless, I'm arguing that PK rings arent ALWAYS easier to get consistent damage out of compared to crit rings.

    10. Any class beside Fi or Gu main will benefit marginally *at best* from the crit rings. And any skilltree thereof that has crit skills is basically *doing something wrong*, or at the very least wasting SP.

      These are closely related matters.

      Given the above, crit rings are a very poor investement for the vast majority of builds for the very simple reason *those have lousy crit rate to begin with* and very much should not do anything about it either due to abysmal returns of investement.

      PK rings, conversely, are just a matter of health management to keep active. No SP considerations and no relying on the ever-unreliable RNG to deign to actually give you crits.

      If that's not "easier to get consistent damage out of" I don't know what is. And for just about all even remotely sensible pre-existing builds it's not even a multiple-choice question.

    11. At least try to read between the lines … I said i put SP on fury crit because i had all the other skills i needed and didnt know where else to put what i had left. As i said might be easier for you but i wouldnt say easier as a whole.

      P.S. Dont even get the idea that idk what im doing with my skill trees; i get bored using the same skill build sometimes. I have most if not all of the skills other sub-Hu players would go after anyway.

    12. No, you should not. Because I've yet to utter a word about *my* builds; I'm talking about what are *on the whole* effective and worthwhile investements of time and resources.

      However much fun you have derping around with your builds is quite irrelevant to the topic at hand – though I'd point out that even as someone who's yet to touch Ra with a 11' pole I have no problems finding more worthwhile point sinks in a dedicated Hu sub tree than Fury Crit.

    13. Ik. i only said that to see which one of us cares more about this wall of text. I still don't agree with you about PK vs crit rings. I do agree that its more or less pointless. I could ask what u would do w. extra sp after getting lv10 JA 1 and 2, max fury stance, lv5 Fury 1 and 2, max fury combo, max massive hunter, max automate, and max (i think i maxed it) iron will but im losing interest on this wall of text now. This will more than likely be my last reply on this wall.

    14. You're basically just refusing to admit you can't actually argue your point now.

      Anyway, if you really have excess points and no other obvious use for them just drop the lot into Flash Guard(s). Not exactly a high-priority skill obv, but at least of *some* actual use. Fury Critical conversely literally serves no practical purpose here; might as well have left those points unused.

    15. Hmm, I play games to have fun. Things like damage amounts, and win-rates are just one of many factors that can affect that highly personalized feeling.
      I'm sure we all have our reasons to play games though.

      All in all, VERY Entertaining E-pen contest, though. I'd call it a draw, but 'Random' wasted far more effort in attempting to assert dogmatic posturing. Too bad so sad 🙁
      You win, spaceX!

  1. yo so i got my PF(photon flare)ring to +8…i wish sega would let people sell at least 7* rarity materials i need them vopar rocks 3x every grind:/

  2. Where on earth can I get the items Yerkel requests? I've been harvesting and fishing day in and day out now without any luck on these 5 100k items. Am I doing something wrong here or is it entirely RNG based??

    1. First one you need to collect on Planet Naberius. It's RNG but you can increase your chances by eating foods which boost vegetables or Medium-sized materials. Try eating Tokyo Shrimp Kakiage.

      Second one is collecting and needs to be done in the coast. You can try the Tokyo Shrimp Kakiage again.

      Third is Collecting in Tokyo and you can eat the Coast Moule cuisine.

      I'll add this to the guide later.

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