Phantasy Star Online 2es (Smartphone Version Guide)

Phantasy Star Online 2es is the smartphone version of the popular online RPG Phantasy Star Online 2! Players utilize an arsenal of chips with various effects to fight against enemy forces.


Google Play Balance does not work outside of Japan. Credit and Debit cards will still work to purchase ARKS Cash.

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July 17th Update


es scratch
Yasminkov 8000C enjoys a summer vacation! She is always waaaaaaay too pretty so avoid staring at her.

Chip Description

① Boosts attack power by 110% + 10%(x) the number of Weaponoid chips equipped.
SP: Boosts attack power by 120% + 10%(x) the number of Weaponoid chips equipped. [Q-Frame]
② All normal attacks, PAs and Techs become Just Attacks.
[Effect Duration] Long

Yasminkov 8000C [Summer Vacation]
Available until July 31st

① Increase power dramatically. [F-Frame]
② Further slightly boosts the effect of ① in boss battles and Tower Quests based on the number of Wind chips equipped.
③ Extends the effect duration when this chip is activated if a Wind chip is in this chip's link slot.
④ Reduces the chip cost of Wind Photon Arts / Technics while this chip is equipped.
[Effect Duration] Long

Flow Razor
Available until August 7th

① Increases damage based on the number of light chips equipped.
Reduces CP consumption based on the number of light chips equipped.
[Trigger Condition] Just Attacks
[Effect Duration] Long

Amnesiac Girl Matoi [TCG]
過去を失いし少女 マトイ[TCG]
Available until July 24th

① Boosts damage by 27% each time you use a PA or Tech. (Maximum boost: 135%)
② Increases lightning element value.
[Trigger Condition] Just Attacks
[Effect Duration] Long

Dream Master
Available until August 7th
▼▼ AC version of this esScratch ▼▼

① Greatly increases ATK.
② Heavily increases power for Fire, Lightning, and Light PA/Technic chips.

[Trigger Condition] Just Attacks
[Duration] Normal

Personifier of Justice Hitsugi [Premium]
正義の具現者 ヒツギ[プレミアム]
Available until August 21st


—{PSO2es Main Guide}—


PSO2es Tidbits and Information

  • PSO2es is region-locked in the Google Play Store. Please use the .apk file linked at the top of this post to install the game.
  • Everyone starts at level 1 regardless of their PC/Vita/PS4 progress.
  • The current PSO2es level cap is Lv. 85.
  • Subclasses are not available in PSO2es.
  • Accessory Slot 2 and 3 are not available in PSO2es.
  • Some accessories will not display in PSO2es.
  • You can not log into PSO2 and PSO2es at the same time.
  • PSO2es friends list is separate from the PC/Vita/PS4 version.
  • You can obtain campaign items by pressing the item bag icon in your mailbox.
    • Rewards like Rappy Medals and OP Meds can be retrieved from your mailbox.
  • PSO2es has its own exclusive Emergency Quests.
  • PSO2es has Push Notifications to alert you of PSO2 and PSO2es Emergency Quests.
  • Those with active [Premium Sets] will receive notifications 1 hour in advance for PSO2 Emergency Quests.
  • You can purchase AC with your Google Wallet directly within PSO2es.
  • Some items in PSO2es will drop with the [Soul Receptor], [Factor Receptor] and [Extreme Receptor] special abilities. When used during affixing, it greatly boosts the success rates of soul, factor and Flict/Alter type abilities.
  • Players can receive rare drops daily through the [Quick Search] button. Check the [Quick Search] toggle in this guide for more details.

pso2es options 1

Step 1: Login Menu

Select オプション (Options) at the Login menu.

Step 2: Options Menu

Select プッシュ通知設定 (Push Notification Settings) at the Options Menu.

Step 3: Push Notification Settings

Touch [ON/OFF] to toggle the notifications.


  • Receive alerts from PSO2es Administration


  • Receive [Assistance Request] alerts for PSO2es Emergency Quests.


  • Receive alerts for Emergency Quests 15 minutes before they appear in PSO2.


  • Receive alerts for Emergency Quests 1 hour in advance for PSO2.

Shop Menu

After you reach the lobby menu, tap the [Shopping Basket] icon at the bottom of the screen. This opens a menu like in the screenshot above.

Shop Menu

  • ACチャージ Buy AC
  • ACショップ AC Shop
  • プレミアムセット使用 Premium Set


An age confirmation screen may appear during your initial ARKS Cash purchase. Input your birth year and birth month and press the bottom button to continue. This birthday check limits the amount of AC a minor can purchase within a certain time period.


Arks CashIncrements

Tap the amount you wish to purchase. A Google wallet window will pop up asking you to verify your payment information.

Players who linked their PSO2 accounts will receive [EXP 15,000] tickets for each day they log in.

[Account Based Login Bonus] Rewards

  • Day 1 = 2x [EXP 15,000] Tickets or (4x tickets for premium)
  • Day 2 = 2x [EXP 15,000] Tickets or (4x tickets for premium)
  • Day 3 = 2x [EXP 15,000] Tickets or (4x tickets for premium)
  • Day 4 = 2x [EXP 15,000] Tickets or (4x tickets for premium)
  • Day 5 = 2x [EXP 15,000] Tickets or (4x tickets for premium)

EXP Tickets can not be used in PSO2es. These tickets will be sent either to your Item Pack or your Mailbox if your Item Pack is full.

Collection Search

New Feature: Collection Search

Collection Search allows you to slightly fill your Collection Sheet gauges in PSO2es! You can access this in the PSO2連動 menu in PSO2es.


Collection Search Quick Rundown

  • You can use this feature for FREE once per day.
  • Using it 2 or more times a day will cost AC.
  • Collection Search usage will reset at 5am JST each day.
  • When the gauge is maxed out, you'll need to pick up the item in PSO2.


There's also a chance for your Collection Search to be [Very Successful]. When this happens, the gauge will increase at a higher rate than normal.

PSO2es Storage

PSO2es Storage(1)

Players with linked accounts will gain access to PSO2es storage by logging into PSO2es. This storage box contains 100 item slots. Since this storage is ship based, items stored within PSO2es Storage will not transfer along with you when you change Ships.

Players who fail to log into PSO2es within 30 days will not be able to place items into PSO2es Storage. You may still take items out of PSO2es Storage even if you don't log into PSO2es within 30 days.




Keep a periodic backup of your 16-digit device transfer code.
You may not be able to log into the game if you lose this code!
Check "Device Transfer" tab in the guide for more details.


Getting Started

Hello and welcome to Phantasy Star Online 2es. Throughout the game you will be assisted by Seraphy who will be teaching you the ins and outs through various tutorials. After installing the game you will be given a menu with several choices. Click on the tabs below to see an explanation of the various functions.

Startup & Configurations

First time Player

Initial Screen

  • 初めてプレイする (First Time Players)
  • ファンタシースターオンライン2をプレイしている (PSO2 Players)
  • 端末を引き継ぐ >> (Device Transfer)

If you are a first time player, press the button on the left. If you already have an account with PSO2, select the button on the right.

Device Transfers allow you to restore your character data onto another device. This will be displayed as a 16 digit code which must be copied and kept in a safe place for future reference. During PSO2's initial startup, you may enter the code here to access your previous data. This code can be retrieved from the Lobby Menu. However, if you have forgotten your 16 digit code, there is a new button to send the code to the email address registered to the SEGA ID.

Click on the [Device Transfer] tab for more information.

Customize Character

First Time Players

After selecting First Time Players, you will be sent to the character creation interface. After selecting the race, gender, and class, you will be presented with two buttons that ask whether to:

  • ゲームをはじめる (Begin the Game)
  • キャラクターをカストマイズする (Customize the Character)

If you select the bottom option, you will have to download another patch to enable the character customization feature.


PSO2 Players

After the initial startup, you can login with your SEGA ID and Password. The checkboxes below each entry will save that content for future use. Next, select a character to start the lengthy tutorial.

Do you have A SEGA ID?

If you currently do not have a SEGA ID, press the button on the left. If you do have a SEGA ID, press the button on the right.

Login 16 Digit Code

Forgot your 16 Digit Code?

If you have forgotten your 16 digit password, you can press the button on the lower right corner to send the password to the email address registered with the SEGA ID.

16 Digit Pass Forgot

Secret Password Retrieval

Press the button on the left to send the 16 digit code to the email address registered on the SEGA ID account.

Login Menu

Login Menu

  • キャラクター切り替え : Switch Characters
  • オプション: Options
  • ゲームをはじめる: Start Game

Switch Character Menu

PSO2es Switch Character


Switch Character Menu

  • PSO2es専用キャラクター: PSO2es Exclusive Character
  • PSO2連動キャラクター: PSO2 Linked Character
  • 端末認証: Device Authentication


Device Authentication

Those without a SEGA ID push the left button, and those who have one should push the right button.

For more information on Device Authentication, please click the "Device Transfers" tab.


Login Bonus Screen

Collect stamps and receive rewards when you login each day!


Traveling Companion Rewards

Whenever someone uses your character as a traveling companion, a screen will display upon logging in showing the amount of FUN you received since you last logged in.


Recovering the Transfer Code

Login 16 Digit Code

Forgot your 16 Digit Code?

If you try to login to PSO2es on another device, you will be required to enter a 16 digit code. If you have forgotten your 16 digit password, you can press the button on the lower right corner to send the password to the email address registered with the SEGA ID.


16 Digit Pass Forgot

Secret Password Retrieval

Press the button on the left to send the 16 digit code to the email address registered on the SEGA ID account.


Preserving the Transfer Code

PSO2es offers the option of letting you save your Transfer Code for future use. In order to access this, you'll need to tap the [その他 Other] button in the Main Menu. Afterwards tap the first button with the yellow gears.


Once this menu opens up, tap the button with the little cell phone icon: Device Transfer Info [端末引き継ぎ情報].


Clicking the large button automatically copies the code to the clipboard. Save this code in a location that can be accessed off of your cellphone.


Basic Maneuver

Seraphy will teach you basic combat operations throughout the tutorial. You can swipe the screen in each direction to dash out of an oncoming attack and tap on the screen to attack each enemy. You may switch targets by tapping the arrows at the left and right side of the screen.

Main Palette

You'll obtain various chips along the way, and equip them to your chip palette. We'll talk about chips in more detail in another section. However for the sake of this tutorial, you'll need to know that some chips act as healing items, and some are photon arts that may require certain weapon types.





The Main Lobby

After completing the tutorial, you’ll be transported to the main lobby. This menu will provide access to an assortment of features.


Learn About The Main Menu


Emergency Quests

eq in progress es

Emergency Quests contain rare bosses that appear for a limited period of time. You can participate in the quest by pressing the [Depart] button that appears when an Emergency Quest is available. These quests use their own form of energy called Operation Points, indicated by the OP Bar at the top of the screen.


Learn About Emergency Quests


The Chip System

PSO2es Chip System

Chips have two major categories:

  • Active Chips have a white corner, must be activated manually, and consume CP.
  • Support Chips have a black corner, activates automatically under certain conditions.

Each chip has a certain element attached. Equip the best combination of chips to dramatically increase your elemental values.


Chip Details

Chip Details

Long press on a chip to access more detailed information.

Chip Details (From Top to Bottom, Left to Right)

  • Cost
  • Chip Lv.
  • Element
  • Max Chip Lv.
  • HP
  • Pts until Next Level
  • CP
  • Class Bonus
  • Description
  • (Ability Lv. and Activation Rate) or (CP Consumption)

There are several different styles of chips, we'll outline each of these in the following tabs:


PSO2es Chip Library

PSO2es Chip Database

Click the button below to see descriptions of chips!

View the Chip Library





PSO2es (Smartphone) Open Beta Begins

PSO2es Open Beta

Sega released Phantasy Star Online 2es on the Google Play Store. Unfortunately the game requires a VPN and Japanese Google account to bypass the Play Store's region-lock. However Synth has made his .apk file available for all to download.

PSO2es has left open beta and has now officially launched. Read the smartphone version guide to catch up on the latest information.

PSO2es V1.0.2 (April 9th)

PSO2es V1.0.1 (April 7th)

  • 4 Star Quests added
  • AC Services Enabled including AC Scratch! AC Purchases requires a Google Play account.
  • [Premium] Partial support for the Emergency Quest Advance Notice feature.
    (The mail will be sent when you log in, or return to the lobby after finishing a quest, or return to the lobby after a certain amount of time.)
    (You'll receive the notice when you push the mail button from the communication menu.)
  • Corrected the bug that allowed the Mag Photon Blast and Auto Actions to get overwritten.  Compensation will be distributed at a later date.
  • Corrected the bug wherein Cast female breasts were not displaying at the correct size.

Smartphone Guide Updates

  • Optional Patches
  • Character Chips
  • Switching Characters



PSO2es Update 1.0.1
Download link above!

PSO2es Specs [Android Version]

  • OS: Android 4.0.0+
  • Space: 300 MB+
  • Connectivity: 3G / WiFi


Official Service Notices [Last Updated 4/7 4:11 AM EDT]

  • There's currently a bug making accessories not show up properly if the character has Bask Repca outfits equipped.
  • Toro and Kuro's mag icons are currently not displaying.
  • The reindeer suit is currently bugged out making your character appear faceless, in a swimsuit.
  • The application may force quit upon pressing the back button when entering text with certain combinations of the OS keyboard and IME applications.
  • Concerning [Error Code 110], Sega identified the source of this bug and is in the process of correcting it.
  • Sega is currently investigating the [Unable to communicate to the server] error messages.
  • Sega has determined the Assault Rifle PA [One Point] is currently overpowered. They plan to nerf the offending PA in the future.
  • Since swords are prone to missing their targets, Sega will buff Sword chips in the future.



PSO2es Early Playthrough Campaign

Android Open Beta

The PSO2es Open Beta has officially begun! To commemorate the launch of the Open Beta, players will be given a prize if they created a character within PSO2es.

Campaign Period

  • Open Beta Launch ~ April 16th's Maintenance

Campaign Qualifications

(1) Create a character during the campaign period to receive an all class Katana:

  • ハリセン (Harisen)

This also includes PSO2 characters who were imported into PSO2es. If you have several PSO2 characters, they can all qualify for the prize.

(2) Play PSO2 and PSO2es linked, to receive:

  • 1000 FUN Ticket
  • EXCube
  • +100% Tribooster

Prize Distribution Date

Late April

  • (1) will be distributed through your PSO2es in-game mail service.
  • (2) will be sent to the Visiphone in PSO2

Which brings us to our next point… When you win prizes for PSO2es, they'll be sent through your in-game mail with an item bag icon to the side. In fact, if your linked PSO2 character reached level 10 or 20, you will be receiving Rappy Medals after the tutorial. And finally, Rappy Coins have changed into Rappy Medals for the Open Beta. 

PSO2es (Smartphone) Service Begins in Spring 2014!

Phantasy Star Online 2es is almost here! An open beta will start early April. Using your PC/Vita account, you can access certain shared character data across each version. 

PSO2es Specs [Android Version]

  • OS: Android 4.0.0+
  • Required Space: 300MB+
  • Internal Memory: 1GB+
  • Account: Google Play  (Sega ID required to provide interlocking features.)
  • Connection: Internet Service is Required
  • Cost: Free to Play (with Cash Items)

Sega suggests closing other applications when running PSO2es. Additional storage space is required for future updates. Since this is an online application, an internet connection is required to play.

Recommended Device List

  • SO-01E (XPERIA AX) 
  • SO-02E (Xperia Z)  
  • SO-04E (Xperia A)
  • SC-03E (GALAXY S III α)
  • SC-04E (GALAXY S4)
  • SOL22 (Xperia UL)
  • Nexus 7 (2013)




PSO2es Interlocking Features

A list of features that shares data across versions.

PSO2es Data

Your character's physical appearance, meseta, AC, FUN, and item pack data are interconnected across versions.

  • This does not apply to the storage box.
  • Weapon Camos are currently not supported in the smartphone version.
  • Some accessories are not displayed.


PSO2 es Mag Raising

PSO2 es Item Lab

You can carry over some EXP across games. In addition, you can raise your mag, and strengthen your weapons and units.

  • There's a cap on the amount of EXP that carries over based on the class level.

PSO2es AC Play

You can play AC Scratch from your smartphone!

PSO2es Premium Set

With Premium Set, you can receive alerts for Emergency Quests one hour before they're set to appear on your ship.

Sakai hinted at revealing the service launch date within the next Live Broadcast. See you soon!