Character File: Pudding

Pudding Profile

Character Information

Role Equipment Administrator
Race Human Female
JP Name プリン
EN Name Pudding
Voice Actor Atsuko Enomoto
Location Gate Area

Pudding is the Arks Ship's Equipment Administrator, making her responsible for offering players Collection Sheets. She is also capable of distributing Extreme Passes, having formerly held the title of Extreme Quest Admin.



  Pudding Face
Outerwear フロンティアリード[Ou]
Frontier Lead [Ou]
Basewear フロンティアリード[Ba]
Frontier Lead [Ba]
Hairstyle カジュアルレイヤー
Casual Layer
Accessory 1 フロンティアキャップ
Frontier Cap
Accessory 2 フロンティアリボン
Frontier Ribbon


Client Orders

Client Order Objective
NT Weapon Upgrade Training
Grind a New-Type Weapon once.
Reward: Photon Drop

※A guide for New-Type Weapon grinding can be found here.