PSO2 Collection File Guide

Collection File

Collection File

The Collection File system serves as a way for players to get new rare weapons by collecting other items. You'll first need to pick up a Collection Sheet, which contains all of the information needed to acquire a particular reward. At the top of a Collection Sheet, you will see the [Reward Item] itself. Below it are all of the [Required Items] that you'll need to collect before receiving said reward.


Collection File Menu

Main Menu → Inventory → Collection File

You can access your Collection File from the Inventory section of the Main Menu. From here you can view the sheets in your possession and check your progress towards completing them.

  • シートを確認 ║ Check Sheet
  • シートを破棄 ║ Remove Sheet
  • シートを再入手 ║ Re-obtain Sheet (SG)

The system is ship-based, meaning all of your characters on a single ship will share the same file and sheets. It's important to note that Bonus Quests and Story Quests will not fill the gauge. Finding the required items within PSO2es will not count towards completing the sheets.


Obtaining Collection Sheets

Pudding Revolucio Sheets

Collection Sheets can be obtained from Equipment Administrator Pudding, located at the east Quest Counter in the main lobby. Players can select up to three sheets from the collections she has available.

These collections may only be available for a limited time. The Revolucio Collection introduced in the initial update, for example, will only be available from April 20th until August 10th, 2016.


Collection Sheet Advancement

Collection File PSO2

By moving your cursor over a required item in the sheet details, you can see information pertaining to its drop conditions. This drop information lists a specific target enemy and a recommended quest where it can be located. If there is no picture of the enemy included, it usually means that any enemy will suffice as long as it meets the specified level requirement.


Required items can be obtained through raising the percentage value of their gauges. To raise an item's gauge, you will need to repeatedly defeat the item's target enemy. By raising the gauge to 100%, you guarantee that the required item will drop upon defeating the next qualified enemy. The amount that the gauge increased will be displayed in the quest clear results.

※Having an active rare drop boost increases the gauge accumulation rate.
※The item gauge will rise only when you clear the quest.
※If the target features a boss, please be sure to destroy its red crystal following its defeat.


Collection Sheet Complete

A required item may also drop spontaneously prior to the gauge reaching its maximum value. When a required item has been obtained, its gauge will be replaced by a [COMPLETE!] graphic.


Required Item Drop

Required items can be distinguished from other drops on the field by their silver coloring.


Reaping the Rewards

Collection Sheet Reward

Once you've collected all of the required items, the reward is yours! It will immediately be sent to your inventory. With the sheet completed, it will now enter a 48-hour cooldown phase. During this period, you will not be able to accept that sheet from Pudding again.

However, you can manually reset the cooldown timer by spending Star Gems. Otherwise, you can simply toss the sheet away and choose another to work on for the time being.