Fight the Evil Dragon Atrum by Moonlight in a New Rematch Quest

~ January 24th, 2018 ~


The Dark Demolisher

The sealed beast of legend has resurrected in the midst of moonlight as the ebon-scaled Dragon Atrum! Its strength greatly outmatches that of the Erythron Dragon. With harsher restrictions imposed on the Laconium Sword, its use must be timed wisely. The fight will be arduous, but we must prevail and quell the threat once more.


Dark Demolisher is a Rematch Quest, requiring that players first complete Crimson Castle Crusher on the Extra Hard difficulty. Only four players can participate in a single instance of the quest, all of whom must have their active main and subclass at level 80. The quest will fail once a total of three incapacitations have occurred.


Emotional Electro Voice (AC Scratch)

PSO2 is collaborating with the VOCALOID Yuzuki Yukari to introduce various cosmetic items in her image! Unite your allies in battle with her voice, and enjoy her beautiful singing through a selection of music discs.


ゆかり・レプカF[OuBa] | Yukari Repca F
ゆかり・レプカM[OuBa] | Yukari Repca M
結月ゆかりパネル | Yuzuki Yukari Panel
ファムアルミュール[OuBa] ║ Femme Armeure
ノースリーブコートF[Ou] | Sleeveless Coat F [Ou]
ダメージハーフパンツ[Ba] | Ripped Shorts [Ba]
チューブトップ[In] | Tube Top [In]
リモートソード Remote Sword
リモートナックルL | Remote Knuckle L


Makeup & Legacy Parts Selection Scratch

~ February 1st ~ February 21st ~

This revival scratch is chock full of highly popular items released earlier on in PSO2's lifespan. Take a go at the [Makeup Selection] for a glamorous assortment of maquillage for the face and body. For CAST aficionados out there, the [Legacy Parts Selection G] includes various parts released prior to the last two years.


15 thoughts to “Fight the Evil Dragon Atrum by Moonlight in a New Rematch Quest”

    1. If it's from French then it's most certainly Armeure. I'm not fluent in French but as a linguistoc studant I understand that here the "eu" phonem is like long "u" in the US.

    2. Due to the context I think "armeure" is the right term (old latin term), nevertheless "armure" also works (french term).

    3. I didn't knew armeure was from latin. What about femme though? It's the french word for woman. I thought it was a mistake because they might not knew where it was from and translated it phonetically. I'm not english native speaker (I'm french, that's why it hooked my attention), but it seems that armeure fits to the pronunciation of アルミュール.

    4. Exactly "Armeure" is old french and from latin armatura, but this old term is no longer used in everyday language (Je suis français aussi , c'est pour ça que j'ai tilté dessus 🙂 )

  1. Why is everyone so negative about this game? Can you really not just play for fun? I try to mix up all the stuff I do from EXQ's to TACO's to AQ's etc so don't get bored or wore out on the game. Do that instead of every EQ and you'll have more fun. Just sayin..

    1. You know, most of the people here who are negative have already done TACO, EX, AQ hundreds and hundreds of times (maybe more), but we are forced to see that the pso team have a game with huge potential but are only bloom in everything they do or they do things only half (we still wait Kuron adv for years) …

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