Head To Space To Fight Space Magatsu In Space

~ January 8th, 2020 ~


Cosmic Calamity

Cooperate with Sukunahime to save Harukotan from the impending onfall of the evil god Magatsu! Start the operation in Shironia, now embroiled in chaos. Chrome Dragon stalks the streets, seeking to feast on the rampant Darker and Kuronite forces littered about. A toxic miasma has been sighted, damaging friend and foe alike, that could prove advantageous.


Once the bedlam in Shironia has been put to rest, it's time to board an A.I.S Vega and begin phase two. The evil god has accumulated an immense amount of power and size, becoming Magatsu Letharga. You'll have to rely on the enhanced mobility of the Vega model to avoid its screen wiping attacks.


Try the Trigger version with a limit of four players for an even greater challenge. The [Liberate Unlocker], one of many items needed to upgrade Novel weapons into the Liberate series, can drop in this version of the quest.


Among Cosmic Calamilty's drops are a new multi-weapon camo and the ★15 Floatea series.



Introducing a new event centered around the Cosmic Calamity quest! In addition to WEB Panels, players can participate in individual and ship-based point rankings for prizes.


New Year Festival 2020

Xie has come out of hiding to welcome the New Year Festival 2020! Dispose of some pesky enemies disturbing the event and she'll reward you with currency for her Weapons Badge 2020 Exchange Shop.



Luminous Bloom (AC Scratch)

Start the new year in style with distinguished military uniforms, floral kimonos, and a charming Mori Girl dress!



8 thoughts to “Head To Space To Fight Space Magatsu In Space”

  1. Is there any info yet on how powerful Thundering Pursuit is? All the sources I've seen mark its power as ??? but I'm curious to know if it's better than going with Mysterious Intent to further power up the effects of Liberated Fang.

    1. Many thanks. 🙂
      It looks like the descriptions for Thundering Pursuit both online and in-game have been adjusted so that they match now. It used to say "Lightning Charged Photon Blades". Now it says "Lightning Bolts are formed from Photons" just like the Jupiter Tullus potential, so they are one and the same. Even assuming the S5 matches the Non-Plus version of Thundering Blades, the values still appear to be higher.

  2. Space Magatsu!
    Sounds stupid but it seems fun

    "Chrome Dragon stalks the streets"
    I'm tired of fighting Hadred, i don't know who in SEGA loves to spam that enemy but now is annoying every time i see it

    1. They've already mentioned it.
      "Among Cosmic Calamilty’s drops are … the ★15 Floatea series."

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