PSPo2: Challenge II-5 and Rewards!

Quickie update for today, but first! Guess what was added to the U.S. Playstation Network today? That's right, the Phantasy Star Portable 2.…. announcement trailer. Yay! Well at least it's something. Still waiting of news of a demo. Believe me I check almost every day…


Today Sakai posted more details about the Challenge II stage 5 and its rewards. Challenge II-5 will feature a "medley" of story mode missions throughout each block. The first three blocks will start with Chapter 1, Chapter 2-1 2-2, and Chapter 3-2, and the rest you'll just have to see for yourselves.  The mission will feature 10 blocks in all and must be cleared within 25:00 minutes to receive the grand prize.


Clear within 25:00 minutes to receive a ダークメテオ Dark Meteor (Grenade).

Dark Meteor is actually from the previous item design contest and has made it's way into the game. If your team isn't really fast on it's feet, you can still obtain a prize from Bruce himself.


Challenge II Exchange

Bruce will give everyone an extend code just by clearing all Challenge II missions. You do not have to clear them within the "clear time"  to get this prize. This makes around 8 Extend Codes available within the game.  Extend Codes are used to grind a weapon past it's final grind. This will allow you to embed a status effect as well as greatly increase the attack power and accuracy of said weapon.


But that's not all, if your total clear time for Challenge II is under 60:00 minutes you will also receive a brand new ウェポンズバッヂ・白金 Weapons Badge Platinum! This badge can be used to trade for the 40%  テンイムソウ Tenimuso weapon shown above.

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  • The Item Design Contest is over!
  • Sega of America plans to release some news about PSPo2 soon including the news of our localized collaboration items (most likely the magazine based ones.).



Phantasy Star Portable 2: Challenge II Season Finale; Item Design Favorites

Challenge II is coming to an end as of the 5th mission. Will this be the last challenge mission ever? Though if you look inside your room's player records, you can see there's a Challenge III section that mysteriously appeared during an update. Hmm I wonder what this means?

Challenge II Stage 5

チャレンジⅡ ステージ5・流星 Challenge II Stage 5: Falling Star. In this mission you will revisit areas from Story Mode. The Clear Time is 25:00 minutes. 8/11/2010


Challenge II Exchange

Bruce is back and wants to give you a special item. However, the only way to obtain it is if you clear ALL challenge II missions! You can access this mission in Story Mode > Exchange Mission. 8/11/2010

Challenge II Rewards Recap

Each Challenge mission allows players to receive rewards based on their "Battle Type" if you clear them on time.

  • Challenge II Stage 1
    • Clear Time: 10:00
    • ALL: ナイツドゥーグ NightsDoog (TCSM)
  • Challenge II Stage 2
    • Clear Time: 15:00
    • ALL:  お祓い棒 Exorcism Wand (Wand)
  • Challenge II Stage 3
    • Clear Time: 20:00
    • Hu: エッジ・クオリア Edge Quolia (Twin Dagger)
    • Ra: カノン・クオリアKanon Quolia (Twin Handgun)
    • Fo: エル・クアーレ El Quaale (Handgun)
    • Va: アル・クアーレ Al Quaale (Dagger)
  • Challenge II Stage 4
    • Clear Time:  20:00
    • ALL:  ビル・デ・ビアロッド Bil De Vear Rod (Rod)
  • Challenge II Stage 5
    • Clear Time: 25:00
    • ALL:  Dark Meteor
  • Challenge II ALL 
    • Clear Time: 60:00
    • ALL: Ten'imuso (Double Saber)

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Our Favorites from the Item Design Contest

Sega of Japan is currently holding an Item Design contest. The items that contestants submit may appear in both Phantasy Star Portable 2 and Phantasy Star Universe: AOTI. From the last item design contest, we got to see items like  Grand Orca, the Qualia weapons, and the lovely bath towel. Since the contest is still ongoing, we'll choose our 5 favorite designs for clothes and weapons. Please keep in mind that our results have nothing to do with who Sega will chose as winners.

Comment to this post to add your own commentary or suggestions as to which items should win the contest.

Clothes and Parts


The name suggests it references snow, flowers, and the moon. The  Line Shield will be the outer lines of the outfit shown in light blue.

Ricardo says, "One of my favorites, it really brings out the Neudaiz flavor."

Zorin says, "Perfect and elegant for a Newman."

Anonymous says, "…looks like the Female Newmans Starter Costume."

Ghosting says, "This has a striking resemblance to Yoshino Tefura."

Burial Coat

Zorin says, "The Burial coat has a cool and dark look, kind of like the punishment coat. I like how it has a matching female version"


Gothic Dress

The Line Shield for this dress will appear as the diamond patterns on top of the skirt.

Zorin says, "Cute but all the Newman lolis will rush over to this outfit."

Ricardo says, "…including  all those G.I.R.L.s"


Nomad Nafud

A desert inspired outfit, the Shield Line will appear as diamonds on the thin shawl.

Ricardo says, "I wouldn't mind seeing more designs like this, it might attract players from other MMORPGS"

Zorin says, "This screams Kingdom Hearts!"

Ghosting says, "Sleek dark look that shows some skin, and hides your gender quite well. This gets my vote."


Jungle King Set

This outfit features battle scars as well as a plush lion on the back. A censorship leaf is there for those who don't want to be exposed…

Ricardo says, "Yes I can see myself wearing this but I'm not a fan of scars."

Zorin says, "Airy and sexy."

Anonymous says ,"would have been better if the hide hanging off your shoulder would have been a creature from the PS series…"

Honorable Mention
Guilty Shock

Guilty Shock is the ultimate Ms. Fanservice outfit. The Line Shield is the actual bracelet.

Ricardo says, "Sega announces PSPo2 will be rated M for Mature."

Zorin says, "Borat!?"

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Phantasy Star Portable 2 OST: Wings of Universe on iTunes

Sega announced today; the Phantasy Star Portable 2's OST "Wings Of Universe" can now be purchased from iTunes. The soundtrack contains 42 tracks including some tracks by PSO composer Hideaki Kobayashi. The soundtrack is available today 8/4/10.


Toys DLC

Two toys will be appearing on the Japanese Playstation Store on August 6th, 2010. The first is a toy shotgun. The second is like a yoyo with a strange lightwave made of photon wrapped around a disk.

フレイムガトラス Flame Gatlas
50% Fire Shotgun
200 Yen


ハリケーンスピナー Hurricane Spinner
50% Lightning Whip
200 Yen


  • Phantasy Star Universe Available for Xbox Games on Demand for $19.99