PSO2 New Genesis: June 9th Update

In just a few more days, Phantasy Star Online 2 will be reborn into PSO2: New Genesis!


Players will begin anew as a "Meteorn" who descends within a drop pod onto Planet Halpha. There, they are discovered by Aina, an ARKS Trainee, and Mannon, another "Meteorn," but with memories of the past. After meeting up with Aina's father, Garoa, the three welcomes the player to a small village by the sea known as Aelio Town.


Story Characters

Aina (CV: Sumire Morohoshi)

Aina has a positive and cheerful personality. She is the first to reach out to the player after they descended from the drop pod.


Mannon (CV: Yume Miyamoto)

Mannon is a "Meteorn" with memories of the past. She's cool, yet cautious, and passionate about new and unusual things.


Garoa (CV: Kenta Miyake)

Garoa is Aina's father, and the protector of Aelio Town. He is one of the five strongest veteran ARKS on Planet Halpha.


Crawford (CV: Kappei Yamaguchi)

Crawford is the "Central Leader," who commands the ARKS on Planet Halpha. He has a calm personality and treats everyone equally. He considers it his duty to bring peace and tranquility to the inhabitants of Planet Halpha.


Bruder (CV: Tokuyoshi Kawashima)

Bruder is a skilled instructor for the ARKS. As Crawford's right hand man, he is responsible for protecting the Aelio Region while training the next generation of ARKS.




Ran (CV: Yumiri Hanamori)

Ran is a rookie ARKS operator who reports directly to Crawford. Despite being a new recruit, they work very diligently and is loved by everyone due to their honest personality.

Liu Lin (CV: Eri Inagawa)

Liu Lin is an ARKS operator who reports directly to Crawford. She has a cool and calm personality.

Oranje (CV: Risa Shimizu)

Oranje is an ARKS operator who reports directly to Crawford. She has a calm personality and does things at her own pace.

Rossa (CV: Michiko Kaiden)

Rosa is an ARKS operator who reports directly to Crawford. She has a caring personality, and is the leader of the 4.


Aelio Region

The Aelio Region is an area rich in water and lush greenery. It is comprised of several ecosystems, including mountains, plains, marshes, and caves. The region is divided into several exploration and battle sections.

Exploration Sections

Gathering sections are peaceful areas where local wildlife and fauna co-exist. Since not many enemies spawn here, you can safely gather materials by yourself or with a small group. However, do note that powerful bosses and high-level enemies can spawn in rare occasions.

North Aelio

West Aelio

Halphilia Lake


Combat Sections

Combat Sections are areas where lots of enemies spawn. Enemy locations are indicated by an E-Marker, directing everyone within the area to the spawn point. As you continue fighting enemies, sudden events known as "trials" may occur, tasking nearby players to complete a specific goal. In addition, a [PSE Burst] can also occur, increasing the rate of rare enemies appearing. Use this to your advantage to gain lots of EXP and items!

Mt. Magnus

Vanford Laboratory Ruins

Resol Forest


Ryuker Device

Sprinkled across the region are Ryuker Devices. These allow you to teleport to various locales across the world map.


Cocoons and Towers

Cocoons are a type of training facility known as "Trania." Each Cocoon has an objective which will award a Skill Point once cleared!

Towers are like Cocoons, but are larger and more difficult. Clearing these will reward you with even more Skill Points.



Within the Vanford Laboratory Ruins, you'll encounter objects called Dromes. Generally they will attack, but once they are defeated, they become a powerful support for the player.



Stella Gift Collection

Stella Gift is a Trial where a container full of items will fall from the sky. Smoke will engulf the drop site, making visibility poor while enemies spawn. Defeat all the enemies to acquire the Stella Gift.


Dolls Control Aircraft Interception

In addition to the already troublesome Dolls, a barrage of attacks will rain down from the sky. If you look closely at the attacks, you might find some clues as to how to get to the Aircraft.


Assembly Point Mop-Up

Enemies will take positions on top of turret-like structures and attack from above. In addition, "Tendars" can spawn, making the situation even more frustrating as they have the ability to heal enemies.



June 23rd Update

Gigantix are enemies that spawn in Exploration Sections, but only during certain weather conditions. Gigantix are noted for their purple auras and prefixed names. These enemies will begin appearing after the June 23rd Update.

Weapon Types


Hunter's signature weapon is the Sword. It's a well-rounded weapon able to handle various situations. The power and performance of each Photon Art changes when the attack is charged.


The rapid-striking Partizan is back in the Hunter weaponry. Take on foes with swift wide-range attacks. Learn class skills to unlock further actions and additional attacks.

Wired Lances

Wired Lances are whip-like weapons where you must keep a certain distance from the enemy to maximize the damage output. They have wide-range attacks and are great at fighting multiple enemies. Learn the class skill "Wired Anchor Advance" to change the weapon action's movement based on the directional input.

Assault Rifle

The assault rifle can be used by both Ranger and Gunner. You can maximize its damage output by keeping a certain distance from the enemy. Learn the Class Skill [Weak Bullet] to create a weakpoint on an enemy that both you and your allies can damage.


The Launcher is the Ranger's other weapon. Although it is a bit slow, you can blast at enemies with wide-range explosions. The weapon action "Sticky Bomb" can be used as a method to recover PP.


Cast powerful techniques using the Force's iconic weapon, the Rod. Even though you can't use Photon Arts, a variety of skills are available for Techniques to make the most out of this weapon type.


These CARD-like weapons can be used by Force and Techer. Utilize the Talis photon arts to change the locations that Techniques are shot from.


Fighters can utilize Knuckles, which excel in swift attacks. Sway between the enemy's attacks to launch a powerful counterattack.

Twin Daggers

Twin Daggers are Fighter weapons that specialize in aerial combat. Slash through your enemies, with high mobility, by learning the Class Skill [Axel Drive].

Double Saber

Double Saber is a Fighter weapon that can hit enemies multiple times. Photon Arts will trigger a whirlwind, and this can be consumed through a class skill to launch a powerful attack.

Twin Machine Gun

Gunner's main weapon are the Twin Machine Guns. These bad boys excel at close aerial combat and have excellent mobility in the air. You can increase the performance of attacks by learning the "Chain Boost" skill.


Wand is a versatile Techer weapon able to use both Photon Arts and Techniques. An additional attack can occur through "Tech Explosions," and the element of this explosion can be changed after learning a skill.


Preset Abilities

Preset Abilities, otherwise known as Preset Skills, are extra abilities that are attached to a weapon or unit when they drop. Preset Abilities have various effects, such as increasing damage, or increasing the critical rate, among other things.  Unfortunately, Preset Abilities cannot be transferred to other equipment.


★3 Weapons

Weapons of ★3 rarity include the white and rugged [Terseus] series and the black and sharp [Troward] series. These weapons actually appeared in the Closed Beta, but only for specific weapon types. The [Terseus] series will appear for Hunter, Ranger, and Gunner weapons, while the [Troward] series will for Force, Fighter, and Techter weapon types.



Communicate in new ways with the addition of animated illustrations called stamps! Look out for more stamps to collect, via an SG Scratch or other means.


Login Bonus

Log in once a day for fantastic rewards, courtesy of Crawford and Aina! An extra login bonus will be available for a limited time to commemorate the launch of New Genesis.


New Scratch System

Once an SG Scratch is implemented, players will be able draw one free ticket a day.


Militant Soldier (AC Scratch)

Embark on a new adventure in the military wear of Central City and Aelio Town soldiers.


PSO2 New Genesis Launches June 9th, 2021

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis launches June 9th, 2021 after maintenance on both Global and Japanese territories. An extended maintenance will occur 1~2 days in advance. Due to this, the scheduling and contents of the Countdown Login Bonus Campaign will change in response to this early maintenance. Details will be posted in the future.

PSO2: New Genesis Prologue 4 Recap

Warning! This post is updating in real time!
Please take note as the information below is subject to change.



Character Creation Benchmark

JP Version | Global Version


New Locales

West Aelio (Exploration Section)

  • A new beautiful field by the ocean.
  • Aelio Town is located here!


Halphia (Halphilia) Lake (Exploration Section)

  • No enemies appear during normal hours, so it's great for screenshots.


Vanford Laboratory Ruins (Battle Section)

  • A man-made area that was abandoned due to the Dolls attack!
  • A pod-shaped autonomous turret called a Drone will become normalized after a certain amount of attacks, and will assist the player. The key to success in this area is using the drone to your advantage in battle.


Resol Forest (Battle Section)

  • A much more challenging battle section that requires high combat power.
  • This field has an electronic design at night.


New Enemies


  • It's designed to be similar to a manta ray, swimming in the sky.
  • As you wear them down, they pull out their tentacle form.



  • It has multiple arms that shoot out.
  • It uses its arms like a shield to protect its core.




  • It can fire off attacks from its tail.
  • It stomps around like a frog.



  • It's the DRAGON EX reskin!
  • It has the ability to strengthen enemies nearby.


Story Characters

New Character: Ran

  • A rookie operator who reports directly to Crawford.
  • She is the operator who appears during Emergency Quest announcements.


New Character: Crawford

  • The Central Leader of All ARKS on Planet Halpha
  • He has a gentle and warmed personality and always seems to be in a relaxed mood.
  • He feels it's his duty to make all residents on Planet Halpha to live as peaceful as possible.


PSO2 NGS Story

  • Players will start out in Aelio Town. Afterwards they'll visit Central City to meet [Crawford], the leader of all Arks.
  • The tower in Central City has a teleporter to enter the Command Center
  • After accepting his request, you'll head over to the Vanford Laboratory Ruins.


NGS New Characters

  • Liu Lin, Oranje, and Rossa, are other operators alongside Ran.
  • They are Ran's senior operators.


New Features

Simplified Movement

  • Adding the Simplified Movement button onto your palette allows you to perform actions such as normal attacks, technics, and photon arts, based on the distance from the enemy.
  • This feature is meant for players who are not accustomed to the high button technicality of action games.


Gather Party Members

  • You can now have party members teleport to your Ryuker Device location.
  • However, if a party member can not enter your [section], they will not be teleported.
  • Party members will receive a notification giving them the option to teleport to the requester's location.


Voice Chat Functions

  • Voice Chat will be available for both the JP and Global Versions
  • Voice Chat will not be available in the Cloud versions.

Preset Abilities (Preset Skills)

  • Preset Abilities have a low chance to appear on dropped items.
  • Preset Abilities can not be transferred to other equipment.
  • Example Preset Abilities increases the weapon's power, or reduces the damage received for your armor.
  • Each Preset Ability has up to 5 levels.


New Skills


Another Arts Skip Attack: Hunter

  • Using different photon arts consecutively with the same weapon will make the next normal attack skip to the 4th combo.
  • A similar skill also exists for Fighters.

Wired Anchor Advanced

  • Changes Wired Lance's Weapon Action movement based on directional input.


Fighter Skip Arts

  • Allows you to perform the latter half of a PA immediately.

Acceleration Drive

  • Lets you charge towards the enemy at a specific timing when using Twin Dagger photon arts.



Sticky Bomb Quick Reload

  • Reduces the cooldown timer for the weapon action.

Launcher Charge Grouping

  • Holding forward during a charged normal attack, tightens the AOE of the spread.



  • Increases the amount of PP recovered when attacking Non-bosses.

Attack PP Recovery

  • Increases the amount of PP recovered when attacking.



Elemental Bullet

  • When activating a Technic after successfully guarding with a Rod, a photon bullet of the same technic element will also be released.

Force & Techer

Tricky Capacitor

  • A gauge, which increases through attacks, can be consumed to release a special Talis attack.


Deband PP Recovery Boost Main Class Only

  • Increases the natural PP recovery of [Shifta Deband]

Wand Lovers

  • Temporarily prevents you from being knocked back or launched.


New AC Scratches

JUNE AC Scratch: Militant Soldier (Soldier Line)

  • Contains Central City and Aelio Town soldier uniforms.
  • New LAs:
    • Four Pose
    • Cheer Up
  • New Mtns:
    • Idle — Hand on Hip
    • Dash — Hover



JUNE SG Scratch: Passionate Spirit

  • Aina and Garoa outfits
  • Finger Lobby Actions
  • 5 New Stamps!


SG Scratch Changes

  • The price will be 50 SG per draw.
  • You'll get 1 Prize Slip as a scratch bonus for every 40 draws.
  • You get 1 free draw per day.


JUNE AC Scratch: Chastely? Bridal (Wedding Celebration)

  • Wedding dress and modern outfits.
  • LAs: Bow and Observe
  • Mtn: Idle — Turn Neck, and Glide — Dive
  • This is the scratch to get the NGS Beard.



NGS Rocket Start Campaign (At NGS Launch) Global & Japan

Story Clear Campaign

  • Clear NGS story to receive accessories.

Level Up Campaign

  • Reach a certain class level in NGS to receive Stamps

Friend Registration Campaign

  • When you register as friends with other players, you'll receive a present at a later date.

Join a Team Campaign

  • Receive a present at a later date when you join a team that has a certain number of members by the end of the campaign period.

NGS Launch Celebration Login Bonus

  • Receive useful items for your adventure from a login campaign being held for the launch of NGS.


Rappy Packy

Start Dash Rappy Pack

  • A NEW Rappy Suit is here, the 'N-Rappy Suit [Fu]'
  • You can buy this Pack for 4,900 AC from the AC Shop! (Can only purchase 1)
  • Acquire an Idle Motion and Glide Motion that'll flap your arms as if they were rappy wings.
  • Pack Contents:
    • N-Rappy Suit [Fu]
    • MTN [Idle: Rappy]
    • MTN [Glide: Rappy]
    • ST [Rappy: Love]
    • Premium Set – 15 Days (x2)
    • Material Storage – 15 Days (x2)
    • +50% N-RDR Boost (x3)
    • +10% N-EXP Boost (x3)
    • Free Salon Pass
    • N-Half Scape Doll (x5)
    • Monotite (x30)
    • Dualomite (x30)
    • Trinite (x30)
    • Photon Chunk (x50)
    • Photon Quartz (x50)
    • (Refer to the image for the Global Names)


Future Plans

June: Official Launch

  • Aelio Region
  • Six Classes
  • Class Level Cap at 20

July: PSO2 Series 9th Anniversary Event

  • Japan / Global joint Web Link Event

August: New Class "Braver"

  • Bullet Bows and Katanas
  • Defense Quest Added
  • Mag Evolution Device Share System
    • This shares the information from PSO2's Mag Evolution device into the New Genesis Mag.
  • Remove the Appearance of Mags

Fall: New Class "Bouncer"

  • Jet Boots and Dual Blades Added
  • Trigger Quests Added
  • Title System

Winter: 1st Major NGS Update

  • New Region Added
  • Level Cap to 35
  • New Skills and Technics


Summoner Class

  • To be implemented Spring 2022 or Later
  • Summoners will use Takts as their main weapon.
  • Pets obtained in PSO2 cannot be used as Summoner abilities in NGS. However, since many are fond of their pets, they are currently considering a system to allow those pets to be utilized in the new NGS Summoner in some way. Pet growth stats, as well as their candy box status, will not be carried over.


  • Gunslashes will not be available for the 6 initial classes, nor the 3 upcoming classes of Braver, Bouncer, and Summoner.
  • Instead, there will be a new class after Summoner that will utilize the Gunslash as its main weapon.
  • I wonder what this new class will be called? 🤔