Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation DVD / Blu-ray + Crunchyroll Premiere

DVD / Blu-Ray Vol. 1 Announcement

Itsuki Seiga Academy Uniform

A Blu-ray / DVD release of the first volume of the anime is coming to Japan on March 16th, 2016. Aside from the standard release, there will also be a limited first edition. While both versions include item codes for several in-game goodies, the limited edition is packaged with extra bonuses like a visual book, bonus disc, and a special outer case.

First-Press Limited Edition

  • Price: ¥6,500 (Blu-ray) / ¥5,600 (DVD)
  • Details: 2 Episodes, Illustrated Outer Case, Visual Book, Bonus DISC

Standard Edition

  • Price: ¥4,700 (Blu-ray) / ¥3,800 (DVD)
  • Details: 2 Episodes

Item Codes

Itsuki and Rina

Name Type
清雅学園冬制服F [Ba]
Seiga Academy Winter Uniform F [Ba]
Female Basewear
清雅学園冬制服M [Ba]
Seiga Academy Winter Uniform M [Ba]
Male Basewear
清雅学園制服リボン 青
Blue Seiga Academy Uniform Ribbon
Itsuki Hair
Rina Hair
PSO2アニメ瞳 A 大
PSO2 Anime Eyes A Large
Eye Pattern
PSO2アニメ瞳 A 小
PSO2 Anime Eyes A Small
Eye Pattern
PSO2アニメまつげ A 黒
PSO2 Anime Eyelashes A Black
PSO2アニメまつげ B 黒
PSO2 Anime Eyelashes B Black
PSO2アニメまゆ A
PSO2 Anime Eyebrows A
Seiga Academy Uniform Tights
Female Body Paint
Male Voice – Itsuki
Female Voice – Rina
PSO2アニメ 1巻ポスター
PSO2 Anime Volume 1 Poster
Room Item

※Both editions will release with Item Codes.

The subsequent volumes are reportedly scheduled for release at the following dates:

  • Volume 2: April 20th
  • Volume 3: May 18th
  • Volume 4: June 15th
  • Volume 5: July 20th
  • Volume 6: August 17th

※Details, release dates, and bonuses for these titles may be subject to change.
※ The Crunchyroll announcement is unrelated to the DVD/Blu-ray announcement.

Crunchyroll Announcement

PSO2 Animation Logo

Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation has officially began airing in Japan. We previously reported that Sentai Filmworks had licensed the series for North American release. Now streaming site Crunchyroll has picked it up for their early 2016 lineup. The show will be available to the site's members and will broadcast every Saturday, starting January 9th @ 1:00 AM EST.




25 thoughts to “Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation DVD / Blu-ray + Crunchyroll Premiere”

  1. *face palms* PSO2 the animation (like the game sadly) is soooo girly, even Soro the male Cast is controlled a girl, also this anime is so cliche it hurts! And the 3d effects…so bad…God, I hate it. They should've just made it about Zeno, Afin and Echo and the rest of the characters, wtf SEGA. Clearly this anime cost them a penny to make and it shows. If they had made it actually about the PSO2 world it would've cost a lot more to make!

    1. I didn't look the first episode yet, but it's true I think I'd appreciate it most if it was more about the game. Making new characters and story is nice but as a "side story" seems more logic.
      Well, I say that but maybe I'll really like it after seeing it so I won't make critics. I just saw there's Quna in it (Well she appears in visuals and trailers, so I guess), so as a fan of her I'm glad there's at least one important character like her in the story.

      Gotta move to Crunchyroll now ~

    2. So go back to Gears of War or smth then? Pretty sure nobody's ever accused THOSE games of being "girly"…
      Sure is an odd thing to get your knickers in a knot about.

    3. Please be sarcastic..

      I've seen girls make manlier rants.

      The anime already set itself out to be somewhat horrible, PSO2 being a game even in an anime world, when we actually have a few animes with PSO2 being parodied or actually being included.

      The game is nothing like the anime. If it is, either stay away from people, or find a new group. Avoid like-minded individuals and you'll be fine. It's sheep that make the game "girlY', anyways.

      If only Earth was actually Coral… 2028 probably won't have any relevancy either…if it did, that'd be a whole new stage. As if.

      Summary : It's an anime about people playing a game that we all currently play. Don't expect ANYTHING.

    4. By girly I meant they prioritize stuff to appeal to females or weabos I dunno. Enjoy it if u like everyone I dont care, I do admit its funny they use music, scenes and rigs from the game! I like seeing the ship ect in anime form, I just wish it didn't have a done to DEATH cliche japan high school scenes.

      If you like it, good for you. Its my opinion that I hate it, dont get your panties in a bunch guys.

    5. Even the game the girls get the most items ect, come on now dont act stupid people, you know exactly what I mean!

      The king is naked and you all know it!

    6. "weabos"
      you should not use words you neither know nor know the meaning of. it's "weeaboo", and seeing as this is a japanese made thing aimed at japanese people, and a "weeaboo" is a westerner who takes being japanophilic to the point of obnoxiousness… uh yeah. take the /b/ wordfilter and shove it.

  2. mmmm…..i see it as a lure to attract males into playing pso2 who havent, making them think their is actual female players within the ranks of pso2…lol

    1. Nah those males would play other MMOs who have more revealing clothes and better or realistic graphics.

    2. As if ANYONE would have any delusions about the actual gender distribution of MMO players…

  3. I thought the anime was great! i appreciate them making one, all you complainers could you do better? no so shut it

    1. All of you complainers? It's just me, you can attack me directly, I am not a coward and I confess that I do not like the anime, is that so wrong?

  4. just give the anime a chance. of course there isnt anything wrong with having your own opinions on this, but i'm sure more than half the people reading all of this wouldnt wanna see negative criticism such as "bad 3D effects". its just the first episode, and who knows how the story will turn in the long run. Could it link to something more serious like how phantoms came to be? *possibly*. Maybe some ARKS ship crashes into the town? *who knows*. Or maybe it all could be some complicated Illusion in making us think its set in some random academy? *ehh idk*. All i know is its still the beginning of the series, so anything's possible. Just try to view it from a different perspective and i'm sure you "may" enjoy it better.

    1. Given the importance of first episodes at "hooking" potential viewers those kind of tend to get rather more effort and attention when it comes to production values you know. If the effects manage to be bad *anyway*… well, yeah. Kind of doesn't inspire confidence in the execution of the rest, knowhatImeen?

    2. *Could it link to something more serious like how phantoms came to be? *possibly*. Maybe some ARKS ship crashes into the town? *who knows*. Or maybe it all could be some complicated Illusion in making us think its set in some random academy?*
      i wish this going to happen like you say
      1: ARKS ship crashes into the town and you end up become one of them for plot
      2: is not some random academy but a place to look for potential people for photon art user find them and tell him/her the true this is just Illusion and the game is war / training simulator or something
      well this is just a theory hope #2 come true XD

    3. #1 smacks of terribly unlikely, given what we know of ARKS tech. Telepipes, remember? "Beam me down/up Scotty" is the *default* means to ingress and egress operatives dirtside so getting stranded isn't terribly plausible. And while those small gunships used for reconnaissance and support seem to suffer from alarmingly unreliable engines they can apparently also be field-repaired in minutes so eh.
      And aside from the fact it has no reason to even take up planetary orbit to begin with, one of those kilometers-long cityships crashlanding would be a total extinction event for everyone concerned nevermind now leveling quite a bit of real estate…

      #2 is SUCH an "Ender's Game" (and any number of other works with similar theme) ripoff. Also rather implausible unless it's a (typically for anime pointlessly dumb and convoluted) homespun Earthling project on the topic, as there's no indication the ARKS have any problems recruiting quite enough qualified volunteers from the Fleet population base – and in extremis they could always just introduce conscription like everybody else if numbers became an issue anyway.

    4. Or the ARKS can simply decide to show up several episodes in, when they have the opportunity to time skip forward a few months.

  5. I will say this about the anime: The lobby wasn't accurate enough. (Besides the random person dancing in the background)

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