PSO2 JP: 3/7 Emergency Maintenance

Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance Details

  • Sega has confirmed cases of certain blocks not showing up.
  • Under certain conditions high server loads have been detected.
  • Since this issue affects the game's playability for many users, they have decided to perform an emergency maintenance on the game servers.
  • The White Day Emergency Quest affected by this maintenance has been rescheduled for March 8 @ 13:00 JST.
  • The Rare Enemy Boost affected by this maintenance has been extended until March 8 @ 14:00 JST.

Maintenance Compensation

Users with active premium sets when maintenance began will receive:

  • プレミアムセット1日 (1 Day Premium Set)

All users will receive:

  • +100% Tribooster (x1)
  • Advance Capsule d (x10)
  • Advance Capsule e (x10)
  • Advance Capsule f (x10)

These items will be distributed at a later date.

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