PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Fearful Tempest

Fearful Tempest
(Until 8.21.2019)



エヴィルアマルティ[Ou] | Evil Amalty [Ou]


エヴィルアマルティ[Ba] | Evil Amalty [Ba]
エヴィルアマルティ海[Ba] | Evil Amalty Sea [Ba]
エヴィルアマルティ空[Ba] | Evil Amalty Sky [Ba]
エヴィルアマルティ影[Ba] | Evil Amalty Shadow [Ba]
エヴィルアマルティ雪[Ba] | Evil Amalty Snow [Ba]
エヴィルアマルティ栗[Ba] | Evil Amalty Chestnut [Ba]


エヴィルアマルティ[In] | Evil Amalty [In]
エヴィルアマルティ夜[In] | Evil Amalty Night [In]
エヴィルアマルティ月[In] | Evil Amalty Moon [In]
エヴィルアマルティ影[In] | Evil Amalty Shadow [In]
エヴィルアマルティ雪[In] | Evil Amalty Snow [In]
エヴィルアマルティ栗[In] | Evil Amalty Chestnut [In]



ゴシックミニドレス[Ba] | Gothic Mini Dress [Ba]
ゴシックミニドレス雪[Ba] | Gothic Mini Dress Snow [Ba]
ゴシックミニドレス影[Ba] | Gothic Mini Dress Shadow [Ba]
ゴシックミニドレス紅[Ba] | Gothic Mini Dress Crimson [Ba]
ゴシックミニドレス雅[Ba] | Gothic Mini Dress Elegant [Ba]
ゴシックミニドレス栗[Ba] | Gothic Mini Dress Chestnut [Ba]



テールカットドレス[Ba] | Tail Cut Dress [Ba]
テールカットドレス雪[Ba] | Tail Cut Dress Snow [Ba]
テールカットドレス紅[Ba] | Tail Cut Dress Crimson [Ba]
テールカットドレス海[Ba] | Tail Cut Dress Sea [Ba]
テールカットドレス栗[Ba] | Tail Cut Dress Chestnut [Ba]
テールカットドレス雅[Ba] | Tail Cut Dress Elegant [Ba]



ヘンネスドロム[Ba] | Hennes Drom [Ba]
ヘンネスドロム雪[Ba] | Hennes Drom Snow [Ba]
ヘンネスドロム影[Ba] | Hennes Drom Shadow [Ba]
ヘンネスドロム紅[Ba] | Hennes Drom Crimson [Ba]


ヘンネスドロム2[Ba] | Hennes Drom 2 [Ba]
ヘンネスドロム2雪[Ba] | Hennes Drom 2 Snow [Ba]
ヘンネスドロム2影[Ba] | Hennes Drom 2 Shadow [Ba]
ヘンネスドロム2紅[Ba] | Hennes Drom 2 Crimson [Ba]



エヴィルイクシーダ[Ou] | Evil Exceeder [Ou]


エヴィルイクシーダ[Ba] | Evil Exceeder [Ba]
エヴィルイクシーダ海[Ba] | Evil Exceeder Sea [Ba]
エヴィルイクシーダ空[Ba] | Evil Exceeder Sky [Ba]
エヴィルイクシーダ影[Ba] | Evil Exceeder Shadow [Ba]
エヴィルイクシーダ雪[Ba] | Evil Exceeder Snow [Ba]
エヴィルイクシーダ栗[Ba] | Evil Exceeder Chestnut [Ba]


エヴィルイクシーダ[In] | Evil Exceeder [In]
エヴィルイクシーダ夜[In] | Evil Exceeder Night [In]
エヴィルイクシーダ雅[In] | Evil Exceeder Elegant [In]
エヴィルイクシーダ紅[In] | Evil Exceeder Crimson [In]
エヴィルイクシーダ雪[In] | Evil Exceeder Snow [In]
エヴィルイクシーダ栗[In] | Evil Exceeder Chestnut [In]


エグザリア・ヘッド | Exalia Head
エグザリア・ボディ | Exalia Body
エグザリア・アーム | Exalia Arms
エグザリア・レッグ | Exalia Legs


エグザギア・ヘッド | Exagia Head
エグザギア・ボディ | Exagia Body
エグザギア・アーム | Exagia Arms
エグザギア・レッグ | Exagia Legs


Female Recolors

  • ダウスタラニス雪[Ou] | Daustarnis Snow [Ou]
  • ダウスタラニス空[Ba] | Daustarnis Sky [Ba]
  • ダウスタラニス冬[Ba] | Daustarnis Winter [Ba]
  • カシミヤカーディガン雪[Ou] | Cashmere Cardigan Snow [Ou]
  • フリルワンピース空[Ba] | Frill One-piece Sky [Ba]
  • フリルワンピース涼[Ba] | Frill One-piece Cool [Ba]
  • セーラーワンピ茜[Ba] | Sailor One-piece Madder [Ba]
  • セーラーワンピ雪[Ba] | Sailor One-piece Snow [Ba]
  • セーラーワンピ玄[Ba] | Sailor One-piece Mysterious [Ba]

Male Recolors

  • シュレッガーの戦鎧 月[Ou] | Schlegger Armor Moon [Ou]
  • シュレッガーの戦鎧 鋼[Ba] | Schlegger Armor Steel [Ba]
  • シュレッガーの戦鎧 玄[Ba] | Schlegger Armor Mysterious [Ba]
  • エルミルの正礼装 月[Ou] | Elmir Formals Moon [Ou]
  • エルミルの正礼装 藤[Ba] | Elmir Formals Wisteria [Ba]
  • エルミルの正礼装 曜[Ba] | Elmir Formals Day [Ba]
  • エスクリダオン雪[Ou] | Escuridaon Snow [Ou]
  • エスクリダオン空[Ba] | Escuridaon Sky [Ba]
  • エスクリダオン冬[Ba] | Escuridaon Winter [Ba]

Female Voice #196 (CV: Yuka Iguchi)

  • 女性追加ボイス196
  • 女性C追加ボイス196

Male Voice #162 (CV: Takuma Terashima)

  • 男性追加ボイス162
  • 男性C追加ボイス162

Lobby Actions

  • 535「Tマシンガンポーズ」 | T Machine Gun Pose
  • 536「ダンス58」 | Dance 58



  • シュレッガーヘアー | Schlegger Hair
  • エルミルヘアー | Elmir Hair
  • エスクリダオンヘアー | Escuridaon Hair
  • サイド編みこみボブ | Side Braid Bob

Mag Devices

  • フードデバイス/射撃 | Food Device / R-ATK

Grind Support

  • 特殊能力(打撃&PP/2) | Add Ability (S-ATK & PP/2)
  • 強化大成功(100%) | Great Grind Success (100%)
  • 属性強化+5% | +5% Attribute Enhance


Scratch Bonus

Play this AC Scratch a specific amount of times for exclusive bonus items!

Normal AC Tickets
Frequency Rewards
5 times Free Salon Pass
10 times Bonus Key Tokyo [Silver]
15 times Bonus Key Kazuchi Assault
30 times Fearful Tempest Ticket
40 times Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold]
50 times EX Tri-Boost +200%
60 times Fearful Tempest Ticket
120 times Fearful Tempest Ticket
Gold AC Tickets
Frequency Rewards
2 times PSZERO Memory
4 times Bonus Key Magatsu [Silver]
6 times Tri-Boost +150%
12 times Fearful Tempest Ticket

※Players can receive each item only once.
※All of these items are untradeable.

※Alternative S Ticket allows you to choose 1 item from this AC Scratch.
※EX Tri-Boost can be used together with other boost items. Duration effect is 360 minutes.


FUN Scratch


  • ストレートツインドリル | Straight Twin Drill

Face Aesthetics

  • シュレッガーまゆ | Schlegger Eyebrows


  • くわえアイス オレンジ | Bitten Orange Popsicle
  • 蚊取り線香 | Mosquito Coil Holder
  • 手持ち花火 | Handheld Fireworks
  • デビルホーン 黒 | Black Devil Horns
  • ゴシックレースポーチ | Gothic Lace Pouch
  • ブラックフラワーリストR | Black Flower Wrist R
  • バタフライヘソピアス 赤 | Butterfly Navel Piercing Red
  • リップピアス 銀 | Lip Piercing Silver
  • クロススラスター | Cross Thrusters


  • エスクリダオンステッカー | Escuridaon Sticker

Lobby Action

  • 56「暑い」 |  Hot

Room Goods

  • センプーキ | Electric Fan
  • カ・ヤリブタ | Mosquito Fumigator
  • フーリン | Wind Chime
  • アサガオの鉢 | Morning Glory Pot
  • ヒヤシ・ショクザイ | Chilled Foods
  • ツマラ・ナイモノ | A Little Something
  • アオゾラパネル | Blue Sky Panel

8 thoughts to “PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Fearful Tempest”

    1. That's not "gothic", that's a surprisingly accurate rendition of late Baroque/early-to-mid Rococo upper-class male dress (the odd embellishement like that ludicrous collar nonwithstanding, though something not too dissimilar had been all the rage in the early and mid 1600s). Compare for example this 1839 depiction of Marshal Villars at the Battle of Denain (1712) – tall riding boots were for quite a while associated with cavalrymen, officers and aristocrats which groups always had heavy overlap –
      or this contemporary 1764 portrait of John Hancock

      The Goth subculture tends to raid more the Elizabethian (late 1500s) and Victorian (late 1800s) eras for fashion ideas, with varying amounts of carryover from the punk subculture it originally spun off of.

    2. Under what clothing category/fashion Tail Cut Dress (テールカットドレス) from this scratch falls then? Because it looks feasible, not over-designed but still distinctly stylish, and what would male counterpart of it be called?
      Searching "gothic lolita fashion" returns somewhat more gaudy results, similar to Hennes Drom minus armored boots.

    3. Looks mostly like some revivalist/neo-somethingorother design without specifically "modern" additions to me; quick parse suggests it was probably inspired by the close-fitting, long-trained dresses of the mid-late 1870s:–79

      Fashion is nothing if not heavy on recycling ideas. (I'm idly curious to see when those ridiculous bell-bottoms of the Sixties and Seventies next become mainstream *again*…)

      Male dress, alas, got fairly conservative during the 1800s and never really got over that (blame uptight Victorian bourgeoise and the continued comparative hegemony of the middle class) so anything more colourful and elaborate than working-class "street clothes" tends to be the purview of assorted niche subcultures and performance artists. And of course male and female fashions ebb and flow independently of each other anyway – the Napoleonic revival of Classical Antique influences in women's dresses ("Empire") was not matched by the toga suddenly becoming chic again, so to speak.

    4. If only. Well there was a while back some really nice gothic male outfits, but really wish they made more. Heck, even if they just made the female ones unisex, let males wear the gothic dresses, I'd be happy, probably happier even, cause they tend to make male suits be boring regular suits. I think the more interesting male outfits so far were player designs, actually, including the sorta gothic lolita inspired butterfly suit (but that is more for younger boys style), and the hanayui ougi with beautiful platform heel shoes. Otherwise, there is so much missed potential with PSO2, I thought they'd add more nice male outfits after the survey revealed so many people wanted more male outfits. >.<

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