PSO2 JP: Beach Wars 2019

~ August 7th, 2019 ~


Beach Wars 2019

Yo Ho Ho! Beach Wars sails in with new enemies and trials. Voyage through the vast blue sea with yer hearties to find valuable treasure. Dress down in certain skivvies for a special PSE Costume Bonus effect.


The Nepto Cassadora and Rheo Madullard mateys will be ultralized into Ghazal Cassadora and Amphedullard.


Plunder the coast in search of new rewards such as the ★15 Gunslash [Anacates Himmel], ★15 Double Saber [Anacates Cyan], or the ★14 Talis [Eclucio Culte].


Seasonal Arks Missions

New Arks "Summer Missions" will dish out a new mag known as the [Evo. Device/Little Meduna].


Collection Files

Don't miss out on the Weapon and Egg Collection Files for +30 Weapons or ★14 Eggs during the Beach Wars event.


PSO2es Event

The girls of PSO2es will be all decked out summer wear providing new Client Orders and Partner Cards.


Gene is also opening an exchange shop that sells body pillow camos and character mats. These items can be yours by trading in [Rippled Shells 2019]!


Sparkling Resort (AC Scratch)

Gene, Annette, and Bluesy's new swimsuits will be available along with gothic-style swimwear. Show off your character's new duds by posing on the Banana Boat lobby action.


14 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: Beach Wars 2019”

  1. And once again the Lobby will be overrun by naked sluts. After seven years, it's really getting old. If only the real content was as well-made as all those lewd things. >_<

    1. Totally agreed. Fan service and fashion items are not actual content to run. Why was the main things folks got pissed off about with the English console release was their fashion items getting cut? Give us things to run and battle with please. This "padding" feels pointless.

    2. Seasonal filler already exist since EP1, and no, this is anything but "well made". Gene's swimsuit is mostly just a texture mesh on a base model and the EQ itself is a reused one from years ago, more like a lazily made. Speaking about "real content(lul)" usually it's more about "there's no content that i want to play" rather than actual "no content" (depth 999 anyone?). Programming new things in is not as easy as adding new model in and calls a day, it took considerable amount of time. It's okay to whine when the game isn't catering to your taste but please be smart.

  2. I mean no disrespect to you, but it really is silly of you to get so angry over that. You can absolutely just… hide other peoples' avatars. Or you could respect the fact that some people like dressing up cute girls in bikinis. It means nothing against their skill during play, and typically says something good about their play, as it likely means they have learned how to get Mesetas most efficiently.

    1. Don't have to start counting square inches to confidently state that her usual covers *much* more skin. It's just that the latter is (painfully cliché and burdened with the worst shoes ever) animu succubus fetish wear and this is a normal enough bikini is all.

  3. So on another note, anyone know what that new Gunslash's potential is? Is it anything interesting? ><

    1. Level 3 Potential is 'Increase damage by 10%. Recover HP and PP when the weapon is sheathed based on the damage dealt while unsheathed.'

  4. Haha, fools (scratch)
    Spending money on a free game (scratch)
    Who cares about fashion? (scratch)
    Lobby actions are stupid (makes whale noises)
    God help me if Japan ever bans loot crates…

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