PSO2 JP: Beach Wars 2019

~ August 7th, 2019 ~


Beach Wars 2019

Yo Ho Ho! Beach Wars sails in with new enemies and trials. Voyage through the vast blue sea with yer hearties to find valuable treasure. Dress down in certain skivvies for a special PSE Costume Bonus effect.


The Nepto Cassadora and Rheo Madullard mateys will be ultralized into Ghazal Cassadora and Amphedullard.


Plunder the coast in search of new rewards such as the ★15 Gunslash [Anacates Himmel], ★15 Double Saber [Anacates Cyan], or the ★14 Talis [Eclucio Culte].


Seasonal Arks Missions

New Arks "Summer Missions" will dish out a new mag known as the [Evo. Device/Little Meduna].


Collection Files

Don't miss out on the Weapon and Egg Collection Files for +30 Weapons or ★14 Eggs during the Beach Wars event.


PSO2es Event

The girls of PSO2es will be all decked out summer wear providing new Client Orders and Partner Cards.


Gene is also opening an exchange shop that sells body pillow camos and character mats. These items can be yours by trading in [Rippled Shells 2019]!


Sparkling Resort (AC Scratch)

Gene, Annette, and Bluesy's new swimsuits will be available along with gothic-style swimwear. Show off your character's new duds by posing on the Banana Boat lobby action.


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