PSO2 JP: Halloween 2020 Extravaganza

October 28th, 2020 Update


Worlds Beyond

Challenge foes from EP5 and beyond in a new Extreme Quest! Solo and 4-player versions of the quest will be available. Clearing a stage order will buff the enemies in the next stage, but you'll be able to claim up to eight items at the end of the quest. A new [Ligand] Special Ability may be found among the quest's various ★15 weapon and ★13 unit drops.


Trick or Treat 2020

The site of our Trick or Treat celebrations this year is crawling with low-down Luminmechs! Hop into a mounted gun and mow them down with haste. Doing so within an allotted time frame will cause rare enemies, such as Gunne Kazuchi, to appear. Make your way to the final area and send Nemes Ange to the scrapheap!


The ★15 [Satellite Starmine] Assault Rifle, as well as [*Nemesis Celica] and [*Slave Celica] multi-weapon camos, are among the new drops available in the Emergency Quest. Grind Cap +1 items for each weapon type and Dusk weapons equipped with the S1: Augment Intent ability may also drop.

Receive a PSE Bonus effect during Trick or Treat 2020 by wearing a Halloween costume! This effect slightly increases the experience and rare drop rates. A number of additional eligible outfits and color variations will be available in the new AC Scratch.


Halloween Xie 2020

Xie has returned in a Halloween eleganza look to throw a spooktacular shindig. Help her out with a few client orders and she'll reward you with Weapons Badges.


Treat or Treat 2020 Collections

Weapons from past Hallows' Eve collections have risen from their graves with a +35 grind value, alongside some ★14 Eggs.


Limited ARKS Missions

The last of the ARKS Support Missions will be available until maintenance on the 28th.


A new set of limited-time Autumn Missions will be available from Oct 28th ~ November 25th.


Additional Features

Check the market value of items directly from the Scratch Prize List!


The ★15 Liberate series will receive the [Plus] potential!


Compound PA Adjustments

The Imperial Cleave, Prominence Assail, and Tempest Raid Compound Photon Arts will have their damage output increased.


Fascination Monsters (AC Scratch)

Feeling thorny? Then check out the latest in wicked wear and accoutrements.



Dragon Raid Story (AC Scratch)

~ November 4th, 2020 ~

For some reason, the 7th Dragon collaboration items are returning! What a treat!

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