PSO2 JP: No Maintenance For The Next Two Weeks

The following Maintenances have been cancelled:

  • May 27th's Maintenance
  • June 3rd's Maintenance

For their hardwork, the hamsters will be fed the freshest fruits picked by Sakai himself.

Campaign End Time Changes

Ending at May 27th @ 11:00 JST:

  • Divide Quest Campaign
  • Quest Linked Boost
  • Emergency Quest Rush Event

Ending at May 27th @ 12:00 JST:

  • Collection File Support Campaign
  • AC Shop Bargains
  • Sage's Crest Campaign (5/20 ~ 5/27)
  • Premium Set SPECIAL PRICE

New Campaigns / Events Sneakpeak

The following Campaigns / Events will occur during the two weeks:

  • Free Field Super Boost
  • Get up to 1000! Sage's Crest Campaign
  • ★15 Weapon Creation Support Campaign
  • High Difficulty Quest Clear Campaign
  • Arks League
  • Super Lag

More details will be provided in separate posts on the 27th and the 3rd.

4 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: No Maintenance For The Next Two Weeks”

  1. another 2 weeks of divide…hmmm…sounds interesting..can farm more…to sell more materials later 😀

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