PSO2 JP: RINA, Lilika, and Silva Return for Valentine's Event

~ January 25th, 2017 ~


PSO2 The Animation Characters

The ladies of PSO2 The Animation are back in the lobby for the Valentine's event! Clear all of RINA, Silva, and Lilika's client orders and something will happen during the White Day event.

RINA will also make an appearance in Emergency Trials.  Among the rewards for clearing them are [Arm / Fiogulls]; a ★12 unit that provides ranged, fire, lightning, and dark resistances, while raising the Max PP, R-ATK, and R-DEF.


RINA's Weapon Camo

*フレイフェーゲン | Frey Faegen

Impress that special someone by clearing RINA's client orders. Doing so will net you the [*Frey Faegen ], a weapon camo with both Launcher and Talis functionality.


New Story Events

After revealing his true colors, Ardem's relationship with the ARKS has become estranged.  Even with Al's return, Ardem's next move remains unknown, with Enga regretting his inability to stop his former leader. What sort of events will transpire under Ardem's ambition for a "Paradigm Shift?"


Valentine's 2017 Bingo

進化デバイス/ポーラー | Evo. Device / Polar

The Valentine's 2017 Bingo will see players chatting up the ladies around the ARKS Lobby. One reward of note is the [Evo. Device / Polar], a Mag fashioned after a lovin' teddy bear.


The Chocolate Way 2017

The annual Valentine's [Chocolate Way] Emergency Quest is back with a time-based evaluation! The faster you clear the quest, the higher your ranking will be. On difficulties of Hard or above, the number of Weapons Badge 2017 you receive at the end hinges on your ranking.


The Volcanic Caverns are filled with Darkers and Ultimate Amduscia enemies. Girls galore will pop up throughout the quest during Emergency Trials to help out. The Drago Deadleon with a prefixed name serves as the final boss. Defeat this deadly foe with the help of your friends and hope for a lucky rare drop!



Chocolate 2017 Collection

The Chocolate 2017 Collection includes Sarah's signature "Flow Razor" Wired Lance. Apart from that, the collection features weapons from the Fornis series, such as the [Fornis Beset] Twin Daggers and [Fornis Physis] Twin Machine Guns. To top it off, you'll find ★13 Viola and Synchro pet eggs among the selection.


Sweet Love Passion (AC Scratch)

スウィートショコラ[Ou・Ba・In] | Sweet Chocolat

Woooo! In this corner we have the wrestling layered wear of a true champ of the ring. And in the other corner we have a cute apron and bondage gear. Sweet and sexy, these outfits are sure to attract your Valentine.


セクシースタイル | Sexy Style
リングチャンプ[Ou・Ba・In] | Ring Champ
ツェルハトゥール[Ba・In] | Zell Hatoule
タイガーリボン 黃 | Yellow Tiger Ribbon
タイガーマフラー 黃 | Yellow Tiger Scarf
タイガースカート 黃 | Yellow Tiger Skirt

132 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: RINA, Lilika, and Silva Return for Valentine's Event”

  1. Aah, I should really try to fix my SB. Next events seems interesting… But I still have no clue of what's wrong.

    And I hope the lady Cast will still have her previous CO in stock, I want her weapon… x)

    1. If memory serves they actually used the term "hentai" when discussing the former in the broadcast. ( ͡¬ ͜ʖ ͡¬)

    2. I'm not. The price is a joke, but I can sense this kind of LA can have a high price. What can it be in Ship 2?

    3. Erf, well, I've already seen a Dance at that price sometimes too here. But in general manner, things with pants/cleage have growing costs really fast… If you want the main color anyway 'cause there's always blue or red colors that can be so cheaper sometimes.

    4. Dear God will you stop with the "Hurr ship2 prices suck" bullshit. If you actually compare prices between ships, on all but a select handful of items, ship2 is hardly any more expensive than ship4, and isn't even the most expensive most of the time.

  2. This is why we don't want PSO2 to be realeased in the west.
    Repressed prudes would whine and moan non stop about half-naked fictional polygonal people.

    1. *looks at Blade and Soul*
      *Western release is censored*
      *looks at TERA*
      *Western release is censored*
      *looks at Scarlet Blade*
      *Shut down entirely*

      I stand by my initial claim tbh.

    2. >censored

      pls. Have you even *looked* at what's merrily in them?

      And SB most certainly didn't fail due to any Moral Guardians silliness. Having actually played (and dropped) the thing I can make a few guesses for the reasons even leaving aside the publisher. (Tired old tab-target gameplay, pointlessly obtuse mechanics…)

    3. lmao tera was slightly censored for elin costumes in the default game, everything else from then on has been unaltered. Honestly elin are trash anyways.

    4. Yeah, the "censorship" on Elin outfits is one of those "…what was even then point?" things. Especially when everything else was left as is and duly eg. I have a Castanic Lancer whose "heavy armour" probably shows more skin than that ribbon outfit…

    5. Uh… "That's pretty revealing" (To quote Emilia Percival talking about Shizuru or Wynarl). But if you compare to the "Crazy Kitten", it's still soft.

      … So sometimes I guess we're better not searching to understand.

    6. Considering the reception of the game by current western players (look up "dead game", "ep4 was a mistake", "I wish I was on Ragol right now"), it makes little difference.

    7. The less such western players there are, the better.
      I think EP4 is the best episode so far, in both gameplay and story content.
      I only don't like Summoner, but compared to the rest it is a minor problem. And it's not like I'm forced to play SU either.

    8. In terms of content and everything I've found ep4 a little stale. Yet I'm not dumb enough of a person to be like HUR HUR EP4 SUX GAME SUX SEGA RUIN GAME. It's still fun, just waiting for a bit of fresher content.

      SU got really boring after how brokenly powerful Marron Strike is. Before that it was a lot of fun.

    9. I agree but will go further – I think Ep4 and setting things on Earth was a huge mistake – made worse by drawing it out wayyyy too long. The initial idea was interesting and it picked up towards the end but wow everything else dragged on and on and picking Earth for a "Phantasy" setting – not the best idea IMO – kinda pulled me out of the worlds they had set up in eps 1-3. Oh well – count me among those who will be glad to see Ep4 gone.

    10. I won't say a MISTAKE because a lot of people DO like it, especially in Japan. It's just not for me storywise either.

    11. The main problem with Ep 4 story is that the writing goes balls-up stupid the second we set foot in Vegas and starts relying on gratuitous Idiot Balling to keep things moving. (And unlike the Tokyo arc it's not even the amusing kind of stupid.) Hasn't really improved much since then either from what I can tell.

    12. The story didn't get to me the way it has in ep1-3, and that's still not the problem.
      Su is rather lame in comparison with other classes in PSO2. I think Elsworld's Eve is a better example of how to do summoned classes in action games. But still, if i don't like Su, i simply don't pick it ever, and have little to no problem with that.
      The biggest itch about ep4 to me (thus the main reasons i and many people i know quit the game) is the lack of any truly fresh and interesting content. I was amazed by Elder EQ in ep 1, Loser and the MBD series in ep 2, and you may have some ideas of how much we hyped for and enjoyed Magatsu. Ep 4 doesn't have any of that.
      Yamato EQ is tedious in nature – no matter how bad the MPA is, you complete it anyway, there's no losing condition like MBDs and Magatsu, nor the need to finish it as quickly as possible (2-run limit, seriously?), so no real challenge, which takes away the fun in PSO2 that is about overcoming challenges that we have been so used to since earlier times. BossEQs became much less challenging and relevant in ep 4 thanks to Collection Files and easy *13s, so Mother EQ isn't enough to get me back into the game. There's no motivation to try in MPAs with friends at all, and soloing kinda defeats the purpose of an online game like PSO2. That's the bore factor that made us quit ep4 and never bother picking up again. I sometimes come back for the fashion, but always see little purpose whenever i do so.

    13. Uh. Eve doesn't actually summon shit, her attacks are just visually themed to use the drones (and junk pulled outta thin air but same diff). You'd want to compare to something like BnS's Summoner or similar that *actually* makes use of a Mon…

    14. Its fair judgement. Someone new usually takes lead of every new episode, so you get a more fresh experience. Unfortunately this one hasn't had much new for veteran players. Rings were a genius thing to add however, they add so much to gameplay.

    15. @OCTO
      Uhh, i don't think elder, loser or magatsu is all that chalenging bar the first few run till i can memorize all the pattern. Sure it does feel a bit 'challenging' when i late to the party then joined random mpa with all the undergeared ppl prolonging the battle with their pathetic dps. As for MBD sure it need a bit more tactic but if all the players is properly geared you can just memorize the spawn point and camp there most of the time. IMO PSO2 is never all that challenging since the start unless you purposedly gimping yourself. And yes, playing solo or joining random MPA is in a way also gimping yourself. Sorry if i'm wrong, but from your post it feels like the 'challenge' you speak of is a false sense of 'challenge' being born from carrying undergeared players in your mpa.
      As for your other complaint:
      1. Limited times EQ= This one caused by the gap between hardcore player's organized MPA and random MPA. It start with MBD when organized mpa can clear 4-5 times where random MPA struggle to even clear 3 times and there's high chance of failing the quest. Things get cooldown after they buffed the rare drop and then Magatsu happen. The really hardcore player's MPA can clear it under 1 minute and hoard a lot of cube making the gap between player even more wide. A lot of player complained on twitter or directly to sega and the result is as you know, limited times eq and nerfed chain trigger + banish arrow combo (the nerf maybe after the loser duet video on nnd, i don't remember which goes first). They need to do it to keep the game's atmosphere as healthy as possible.
      2. Collection File= This one is easy. Veteran(?) player complained that random MPA is full of undergeared ppl and dragging them down. The undergeared ppl complained that rare stuff never dropped for them, and sometimes called as a parasite even when using easily accessible weapon (stone exchange/craft/etc, not counting orbit/austere). *13 won't magically drop the more time you invested the game, it's all on RNG and CF alleviated that problem.

      And if you think that clearing EQ faster isn't important then you probably never used AC/SG booster.

    16. I can't say I don't want improved graphics, layering wear, NT grinding or ring skills. But its all more like QoL rather than progression stuff.
      As the whole episode was aimed at introducing new players, they took a huge pause for usual progression that was already quite slow during 2015. I hope that announcing 80cap means that most of new players catched up with the stuff, but with collection files around, I wouldn't expect much.

    17. @HIKOMR: I don't disagree with most of the points you said, what I wanted to say is that in the past, every new EQ came with a learning curve that fit the game's status and took time to overcome. I started in SEA when it first launched 3 years ago so in that specific perspective, Elder and Loser are not difficult NOW, but they made sense when they first came out years ago with 40-50 level cap and 10 star weapons at best. Magatsu came out when the only 13 star were Anga series (if I remember correctly, CQs and Ideals came out much later than that) and it took a while for the common player base to learn, adapt and do it right. That is what I don't see in the new EQs in Ep4 – everything is solved right on day 1, as if you don't even have to try.
      1. I only mentioned limited time EQs as an example as to why people aren't pushed to try. Not that I say limiting EQ runs are good or bad – there are logical reasons behind that, and I'm not to dispute over it.
      2. I'm NOT complaining about CFs; in fact I'm glad it happens (I don't really like the idea of RNG deciding who gets the better gear, tbh). What I complain, however, is that the new EQs don't keep up with the game's equipment status. I don't want to abolish CFs, I want new EQs that are challenging to players even when they've got the best equipment from CFs, ones that require doing a little experiment every now and then and working together to solve. PSO2 has never been very difficult, that I understand, but Ep4 is much more relaxed compared to the other episodes that preceded it. That, and no actual new/fresh content like when Magatsu/CQ were introduced. Even Nab UQ and Anga were valid when they first came out.

      – not complaining limiting EQ runs
      – not complaining CFs
      – main concern being new content not actually new, fresh nor engaging enough. Waiting for PvP mode to fix this and hoping SEGA do the next EQs right.

      Hope that clears up the confusion.

    18. More like you could stop trying to put words in my mouth. Sound good?

      I mean that's a pretty bad habit to have in general.

  3. You all forgot that the term 'hentai' in nipponland has different meaning than it's gaijin counterpart.
    Gaijin's loanword= NSFW chinese cartoon/mango/animu/game.
    Nipponland= Pervert, someone with abnormal fetish (bondage in this case). Well, actually there's other meaning too depending on the context.

    *psst i know you guys just jokin around 🙂

    1. Psst, hentai means "transformation" at the beginning.

      I don't think it's the meaning of hentai here anyway but if you call someone "hentai" or "ecchi" or even "sukebe", you'll mean he's a pervert, obsessed with sex or things like that.

      So… Can't we just think it's a way to make the waifu wave go upper again? 😀


    2. Can confirm, Henshin is transform, Gattai is combine. Someone else's logic here is looking pretty dumb.

    3. 変態 Hentai = Transformation, metamorphosis, pervert.

      At least, from what I found… But once more I don't think this "hentai scratch" will be meaning some metamorphosis x)

    4. Anyway, I don't mean to tell you're wrong, "henshin" also refers to transformation too (Have you played Viewtiful Joe games? ^^). (Sorry to post it in an other comment, I thought of that after the first message)

    5. *shrug* Not like the English word "gay" had the same meaning in everyday use it had a hundred years back, either.

    6. Heh, that's why I was saying that.

      Anyway, liking the Scratch or not, I feel like this one will be… Priceless. Highly priceless. (Thing that I never really understand for some actual or ancient Costumes. I mean… Why is Ol'Blink series still so expensive?)

  4. I kinda read the comments on this from bottom to top (I just woke up), and it actually took me till the first couple of posts to understand this was actually about the nudity.
    Guy outfit doesn't have enough nudity. I think for the sake of political correctness and an absence of sexism, the male outfit should be as naked as the female one (probably even more since male nipples are acceptable). Also… I love to watch non admitted homophobic males get all itchy and uncomfortable around the "less dressed" naked male form.

  5. @HIKOMR

    When the content first came out, Elder, Loser and Magatsu as well as MBD were all suitably hard in that Elder/Loser could take very long times and Magatsu/the MBD missions were able to be failed. He doesn't mean they were impossible but the content was a challenge when it first came out. Over time people got better at them, thats obvious.

    EP4 had nothing of that sort, everything has been very easy even from the first day its released. Yamato, Ultimate Amduscia and Mother are all extremely void of challenge. Necky's Challenge was a good level of difficulty but that of course was only a limited event.

    I think you're trying too hard to turn this into "I'm good and you're not" when his topic had nothing to do with that sort of conversation. As long as content makes you use your brain to clear it, there is some form of challenge involved. EP4 content has been quite brainless,.

    1. Except i'm not trying to get this into "i'm good and you're not" but i can understand if you take it that way. It's not like i'm trying to defend EP4 contents, i just kinda don't like how he complained there's no challenge but refuse to create the challenge by himself. Because in this game any challenge is reduced to almost nothing by memorizing the pattern and how high the dps is dissed out by your MPA. Maybe this decrease in 'challenge' is the result of decreasing player with undergeared stuff thanks to the CF? But i gotta agree that attack pattern in Mother EQ is way easier compared to Elder/Loser when it first released. Probably we will get a buffed up Mother EQ somewhere along the line just like Elder/Loser/PD. And uhh almost forgot about Yamato, that one is piss easy even with a lot of undergeared player.

    2. Its really pleasant to discuss challenge when you're so above it, isn't it. Its hard to stop.

      MPA practice goes for four years, and its obvious that it was never designed for punishment (you cant fail), and no one appreciated its skill cap (clear times, everyone already soloed ult amd in under a minute).
      Yet people complain every single day about how UNFAILABLE quests are too slow (over five minutes!), that they have to "carry shitters" (good thing parser tells us who did less than 10% of contribution), how WRONG classes do WRONG things with terrible gear (has less than 5slotted 120 attack), and that we need more conditions to for expert blocks as our community of ACTUAL expert players suffers in unfailable streamlined quests that aren't difficult at all!

      What difficulty. What are you DOING.

      No one is going to admit that they had difficult times with something, they just use different euphemisms for that (my favorite is "annoying"). Neither you, nor anyone, play to experience difficulties, its an instrument of competition, to feel better at the expense of others.

    3. it seems to be players who have been playing a long time tend to blame them getting bored with the game on other people being bad at it or the game being too easy.

      The reality is, it's FINE to get bored of a game. They don't need excuses to do so. There's never any reason to look down on everyone who plays still just because you yourself have grown bored.

    4. If we're going to be fair here, some people who are under-contribute must realized at some point that their stuff are shitty and start to working on improving things. The problem is, sometimes the people who complain forgot that fixing things are not something that can be done overnight (unless they dedicated themselves to be a shut-in while fixing their PSO2 stuff). They need time to get their CF completed, mesetas to grind and affix things, and materials to do the affix. Unfortunately, most of the time when on the way to fixing things they would met with people that silently(or openly) said "Under 10% contribution? Go kys" and killing their motivation.

      You know, classical "the nut that forgets its skin" case.

      Of course, there's also people that refused to fix their things, and the fact that Expert Block's requirement is still too lenient…….but that's a different problem.

    5. I mean it is true, new players who are bad don't stay bad and new lol but it does take them playing the game awhile to improve of course.

    6. Even with CF, the road to contribute better in MPA are not as easy as flipping coins. Easy for one does not meant easy for everyone. Not to add differences in playing time. You cannot force people that only play 3 to 4 hours a week to perform the same as people who play 30 to 40 hours a week. There are people who could do that, and not everyone.

      You cannot force hardcore way of playing to everyone. If you do that, they would quit mid-way (most of the time). And that's not counting social life and real life stuff.

      After all, there's a difference between 'being an apologists' and 'being reasonable'.

    7. Thats definitely true. If you're so concerned over doing well in the game thats what teams are for. Theres no reason for anyone to ever have to apologize for not doing as well as someone else in a game like this.

      It's comical to see people who talk so big go "how do you expect me to find a team!?" so often.

    8. Ungrinded 10* weapons and Luxe units in XH EQ content are not a case of "being new", they're a case of *plain not trying at all*. Nevermind now the occasions of blatant leeching.

      I don't much care about affixing because that shit's pointlessly obscure PITA, but there's literally no valid excuse for not grinding your shit (and not having passable "placeholder" gear in the first place) by the time you reach XH.

    9. That's why I brought up the point of teams. If other's matters are able to disturb your own experience this much for you personally, find a team where you can more easily check who you're going with beforehand. That is literally what they are for.

    10. The thing is, "lenient" or not, expert block requirements will never "train" random players for you. Even if people CAN play, even if they HAVE gear, you can't enforce them to use weapons "good enough" and try "well enough" in a quest right now.
      Absolutely no one owes you any sort of "trying" in a random matchmaking. Expecting people to be ready for a gearchecking fruitcake that tries to condition humans into doing 5 minute runs instead of 15minute runs, this is never going to happen. Again, this is such an elementary thing to realize, that I'm absolutely sure people use disparage of performance and downplay of their own skills as an injection of feelgood serum.

      People are trying to remove light bulb by rotating the room around it, when they discuss how game should be changed to accommodate to their own standards.

    11. It's something of a bare minimum of good manners to at least try and carry your own weight in group content you know.

    12. @RANDOM

      you're really kind of just ignoring every point people are making at this point on this topic lol

      Like stated several times, if your own personal concerns over other people's performance is so paramount, join a team, that way you can directly address your problems with other people's performances as they'll always be in one place for you to do so. Hopefully you grasp enough to see they'd be doing the same towards you as well in that scenario. It goes both ways.

    13. This is the typical "elitist" syndrome, and I am also guilty of it when I was younger and could spend 12 hours per day on MMOs.

      A couple of facts:
      1) The game allows you to form closed groups
      2) In multiplayer environments it's "Every man for himself" first and foremost
      3) PSO2 greatest challenge isn't clearing an objective but doing it with as little time spent as possible.

      When you enter a non-premade MPA, you should be prepared for the worst outcome which is failure and waste of your consumables/boosts. If you want to blame the game/Sega, you should blame them for:
      a) a bad and non-intuitive grinding/crafting system, where failure is too easy, where failure also means a good chance of worsening your equipment instead of leaving it as is, and where even success in a few cases is still worsening your equipment!
      b) Having hidden properties/stats that noone who is not using wiki can find without going out of their way to find.

      When you see a player entering XH with ungrinded 10* equipment, how do you know that it is indeed a player who simply doesn't care and just wants to leech, and not someone who just didn't have anyone show him the ropes? Also good equipment doesn't always mean great performance. A race driver in a Lada will beat a regular driver in a Lambo. I for example have 13* weapon grinded to +35, Brisa units grinded to +10, but I am never in any XH EQ higher than 8th position. And I'm fine with that because I have fun.

    14. I'm not going to spend time and energy on irrelevant strawmen and red herrings. Anyone joining group content has the fundamental responsibility to not be a dead weight who needs to be carried by others, simple as that, and there's *no* legitimate excuse for that kind of ineptitude at level 70+. By that point you've had ample time time and opportunity to learn the damn game, and have several times over the means to be running at least tolerable placeholder gear.
      It only requires you to *care* enough to put in a minimum of effort.

      I like how you're trying to argue this is too much to ask for.

    15. Alright. Gotcha. So everyone else needs to do more work and you refuse to do any towards an action in which this monumental problem for you would be remedied.

      Point clear. You're the true MVP. You can make a lot of sense sometimes, but you're making an ass out of yourself on this subject.

    16. It is the personal responsibility of everyone to get to the point where in group content they are not so useless that someone else needs to do their part too; conversely it most empathically is *not* the responsibility of others to bend over backwards to accommodate and/or avoid such millstones. And when the amount of deadweight in an MPA is in excess to the carrying capacity, ie. too many leeches who've gotten that far on the backs of their MPAs get thrown together by the matchmaker, you then get utter bullshit like 2 towers down by W2 of Demise.

      Nor is it some kind of elitism to expect such minimal common courtesy from other players in group content or get annoyed when they fail to meet even that, frankly *very* low, threshold.

      Also nice ad-hominem strawman you have there.

    17. You forgot to announce your view on "bare minimum of good manners" to everyone around. This is where you keep missing the point.

    18. @RANDOM

      I'm not responding to your main concerns because it has simply never troubled me. I've never encountered your situations you seem to be running into on a near constant basis, apparently. It's like you're playing a totally different game I guess.

      If people are leeching its not excusable behavior. I've seen this happen below double digits. If people do far worse than me? Whatever, it simply doesn't bother me, I'm not going to judge them for it and it isn't ruining my experience for the past 4 years of the games life. They wouldn't be playing the game if they weren't trying. Why would I assume their reason for it? Bad connection? Computer troubles? Something happen during the middle of the MPA? Maybe they actually just aren't very good at the game and that is entirely fine.

      When I want to do MPA runs as fast as possible, I go with people I know that I can count on as being good or even much better than myself from my friends list or my team. I find it absurdly simple to never be bothered by the situations that apparently plague your game and ruin your fun.

    19. So what I mean is, you're supposed to get on the platform in quick matchmaking (not premade room with conditions written, not even lobby assembled party) and announce "Okay everyone listen up we are going to do the G O O D run so now please ensure you are a G O O D player with G O O D gear or get out of my sight before I reported you for misbehavior".
      But of course we both realize this is utterly inane and also inefficient, to say the least. So you will stay docile because you need this cursed quest, and after your oh-so-BAD 45% Demise you will get back on psublog and mumble something about how everyone around you is such a moron that they don't realize they are supposed to work with you at no less than 99% Demise run, because everyone didn't know they launched a quest in a "I'm well informed in that guy's standards to realize that sub-100% demise is pretty much quest failure" block.

      I need to write it again, to make clearer:
      No one in random matchmaking gives a single heck. They're particularly in this mode BECAUSE they will leech off other 11 people, as they can't do it alone. If you join quest this way, then its either you are consent with carrying people below you, or you're simply one of the leeches. There is no possibility for any other option.

    20. My favorite part is how he's completely oblivious to the fact that he's saying he's entirely ok if other people comment about how useless and ineffective he is as long as he's below them.

      He forgets that he's played the game with countless people who are far better than he is.

      "It's fine because I put in work and tried to be effective for the party" remember theres NO EXCUSE to be dead weight.

    21. That it happens does not mean you're obliged to like it, nor that it *should* keep happening.

      Not Being A Burden is also a consideration that should not be needed to be pointed out to *anyone* in the first place, where group content is concerned. It is quite specifically the people who do not grasp this by default who are the problem – not that they were likely to change were it pointed out to them of course.
      The world has no shortage of self-absorbed little jackasses after all; I think it safe to assume we've all met a few.

      And you guys sure keep showing those strawmen who's boss. Well done.

    22. I mean when it comes down to it, by your own logic, you suck at the game and theres no excuse for there to be so many people so much better than you. Literally no excuse for you to be dead weight to them.

      So he hit the nail right on the head.

    23. No.

      What he did was pull a colossal strawman that had nothing whatsoever to do with the actual argument out of his ass and proceed to beat on it like that proved something.

      Your agreement with it only demonstrates your equal failure to grasp what is being said.

    24. You love that word "strawman" I think you should marry it.

      Your whole schtick is that you're mad people aren't as good as you (or good enough to carry you) but yet you're not good enough to make the effort to get into the kind of groups you want (or even be good since you said you don't bother with affixing). And you're just running in circles saying the same things over and over.

      So you're the one who sucks and you're the only one to blame here.

    25. Tl;dr;

      you complain but never help

      all you can do is complain, leech RNG, being lazy.
      someone who never suffer hardship won't understand anyway, lucky bastard

    26. This is like the ending of The Sixth Sense.

      He just found out that the whole time he's been playing, he's been a Random. The same kind as the Randoms he's been talking about the entire time.

      "No….. No!!! I can't be a Random!! This is all just strawman bullshit!!!"

      then the camera pans away with him in the corner silently chanting "strawman" over and over.

    27. ugh being done is such a strawman, literally has nothing to do with anything the six other people said :/

      literally ZERO excuse for being done. EVER.

    28. ʅ ( • ε • ) ʃ
      You guys have for some time now been arguing solely with figments of your own imaginations rather than anything *I* have written so I'm kind of surplus to the script now.

      And ofc such wholesale descent into purely fallacious argumentation basically means I've won the debate by default anyway… :^)

    29. The only response you'd have accepted was "you're right". You said so yourself. It just so happens no one thought you were correct even remotely.

      I already told you before, you win, you're the best. You the real MVP. On behalf of everyone who spoke on this topic, as well as all of Japan, we bow to you.

    30. Your attempts at being snarky do a lousy job concealing your apparent utter inability to refute the actual content of my argument.

      After all, why else would you be reduced to attacking arguments you dreamed up yourself? (Which you're *still* doing BTW as not once have I made *any* claims regarding my "player level", or lack thereof, in the course of this discussion.) And when that is the sum total of what you have to put on the table you might as well call it quits and go dig a hole.
      Or just admit you can't actually refute the other guy's point, but who the Hell does THAT on teh Intarnets?

    31. Actually Random, everyone did refute your points already, and you ignored them, creating the "Strawman" of an alternate individual who did not refute it.

      You said it was "a pile of apologist excuses" and were immediately refuted, and that there was "no excuse to not give the bare minimum" while also stating that there was no point to affixing, just grinding, showing your own lack of understanding of what a "bare minimum" would be.

      You got checkmated immediately on everything that you said, and the only things you could come up with in your defense were to completely ignore what people said to counter your arguments, bring up "Strawman arguments" to try to invalidate other peoples actual facts, and then countering with "ad hominem" when people told you directly you were wrong.

      Basically…shut the hell up, you troll.

    32. Your reading comprehension is no better than the previous guys' I see.

      You also appear to be equally ignorant of the elementary taxonomy of informal fallacies and their meaning.

    33. I took a while but you finally made the "I've won!" post I've been waiting for.

      Now you can proudly wallow in your own delusions and sleep better at night. You have deflected and avoided any criticism of your opinions and yourself at every turn. So no one has any reason to take you seriously and just make you dance this predictable dance.

      Strawman Strawman Strawman always up to somethin.

      For my next prediction, you'll either not reply, or deflect even more and continue to attempt to turn this around on others.

    34. You're *quite* welcome to stop trying to argue your case with compound fallacies. But until you do I can actually legitimately consider myself to have come out on top by default, as *you have no valid arguments*.

      Just checking but do you even remember what my ACTUAL argument was anymore?

    35. And here you are again.

      Your argument was complaining that people need to pull their weight. The replies you have received were along the lines of, you cannot expect this from everyone who plays and if you want quality groups, go to where those groups are. Join a team. If I want a really good run of something that isn't already super easy at this time, I get involved in team runs. Average random MPA Mother runs can be 10+ minutes easy. While with my team it's under 10 (thanks Su/Gu and Maron you busted little potato).

      But you yourself don't seem to make the effort or feel you shouldn't. In which case, that's your own problem. Don't shove your problems onto others if you yourself don't seek to find solutions.

      So when's the wedding between you and Strawman?

    36. Seriously if you still don't understand what the concept of "strawman" actually MEANS stop making yourself look seriously stupid by boorishly misusing the term like that.

      And I've yet to hear a single even remotely legit, or for that matter *topical*, argument WHY it should be unreasonable to expect people to have gotten their shit together by the time they reach XH diff and look askance at those who haven't.

      They've had ample time to get used to the controls, mechanics, classes, enemies and whatever else you might name so inexperience certainly cannot be used to excuse it. (Inability and/or unwillingness to *learn* along the way certainly would EXPLAIN it but most definitely NOT excuse.)

      They've also had quite some time to actually accumulate funds and other resources; eg. Klotho's main moneymaker COs become available at VH (as does the big-money Bal Rodos DO) and the basic 60k ones at *Normal*, and the kind of stuff you use as a placeholder while working towards actual endgame gear is hardly prohibitively expensive to grind and pot.
      So, again, no legitimate reason to have trash gear by that point. (Nevermind now blatant leech kit a la Axeon + Luckyrise units…)

      So again: on what grounds is it too much to ask for that by XH they know their arses from their elbows, and aren't running around in random ungrinded junk, to the degree that they aren't mere dead weight in group content? And why should anyone *else* have to accommodate without complaint the idiots, slackers and leeches who fail to meet even that minimal requirement?

      As for that last bit, welcome to Fallacy City again. You DO realise you're arbitrarily making up all of that shit as you go as a convenient rhetorical blunt instrument, right? Because none of it can be plausibly traced back to *anything* I've written here.
      You're making shit up to have something more convenient to direct your arguments at, which is more or less the *literal textbook definition* of the strawman fallacy – and compound this by combining it with a quite gratuitous personal attack, *another* elementary and very readily identifiable informal fallacy.
      Which pretty much sinks the legitimacy and credibility of your whole post (such as it now was) wholesale, just so you know.

      Having to rely on fallacious argumentation, and nothing *but* that, is tantamount to admitting inability to address the *actual* argument of the other party and basically disqualifies you from the debate.

    37. You said you don't affix my guy. End of your entire conversation right there. You're one of the people you're talking about.


    38. Mans is really out here criticizing everyone but themselves. I'm purposely being stupid because you're being a child.

      1. It's unreasonable because everyone is not the same
      2. it's super easy to level. You can get so much exp for free it's absurd. Keys, tickets, AQs. And the game never teaches or trains you to improve your gear.
      3. Consider switching ships. Cause you're either over inflating the issue or it's really that bad where you are. I see bad gear where I am but I don't see starter gear, and even when it's bad, it's workable.
      4. Unless time is that big of a deal, it only really matters in Mining Base EQs, the only things with fail conditions. Everything else has long time limits and allows you to return to campship and restock should you die.
      5. Again, if it's that big of a deal, coordinate with other quality players.

      And now to set the timer.

    39. It's funny because I've even agreed with some of the points he made in my posts and he completely blew over them because all he wanted to do is argue. I agreed that there's never any excuse for someone to join an MPA and then go AFK to just leech. That's factually correct and factually bad manners to everyone involved.

      But nah that was all just strawman strawman strawman strawman and he continued to ignore literally every single word said by going on almost 10 other people now.

    40. I think he's from SEA

      since there's an idiot that acts like him every time he loses to arguments. + exact same style of arguments

    41. Honestly that'd make sense because it sounds like he's playing an entirely different game from everyone else.

      and SEA sure is an entirely different game :poop:

    42. The sheer volume of tendentious bullshit you guys invent would be hilarious in its total disconnect from reality were it not so annoying.

      You're literally seeing what you want to see for your own convenience rather than what is actually being said.

    43. @Random
      Dude, you're actually just talking about yourself right now.
      It's funny to read. Need a mirror?

    44. tbh I understand. I'd be annoyed too. It must be hard trying to argue with people who actually enjoy the game and have good experiences in it.

      We simply have no level in which to relate with you, so lets agree to disagree on the subject. Sound good?

    45. As I was saying above, you could also consider *not* trying to put words in my mouth. That's just terrible manners.

    46. We don't agree with you. That's as simple as it gets really. We've all given countless reasons why we don't. That's seriously all there is to the discussion. You have a viewpoint and no one on this blog agrees with it.

      Get over yourself, guy. If you don't enjoy the game? That's fine. If you think other people are below you and bringing you down? Cool. Your opinions belong to you and in that regard they're true because the only one your opinions are affecting is you.

      It doesn't affect any of us that have responded. We do not share your experiences you've had in the game. The end.

    47. And pray tell where did I ever even *hint* anything about not enjoying the game?

      And you rather seem to be disagreeing with whatever you prefer to fancy, at any moment, *imagining* my opinion to be rather than what I actually write so, yeah.

    48. So when actually put on spot over your long-running practice of arguing against words you put in the other party's mouth rather than what *they* said you opt to hastily bail out.

      Good show old chap.

    49. To be fair, no one really bailed out on it, or backed down. You are in a corner, scared, unable to cope with the idea that you could have lost. Its impossible, you think, you've read all of those posts on fallacious arguments! You know what words to say when to insinuate that your opponents are the delusional, that they couldn't possibly have figured out how to refute everything you say or do!

      But, that's what happened. That's what everyone sees. And your "alternative facts" do you no good here. Using increasingly difficult words that you feel others can barely grasp does nothing to increase the validity of your arguments, and instead only makes it more obvious that you know that you are in the wrong.

      As your final response, let me confirm what everyone can see.

      You have lost.

    50. Your can make such arbitrary declarations all you want; they do not change the essential fact that none of you have been even *trying* to refute my actual argument.
      Instead you invent out of whole cloth things I *supposedly* said or meant to argue against as more convenient alternatives and plain evade the issue.

      You know something? If I actually challenged any of you guys to cite the actual sources from which you derive all of these lurid accusations of hilarious elitism you keep throwing at me – you wouldn't be able to.
      Because none of them are things *I* have actually said.

      Prove me wrong?

      Also, "increasingly difficult words" MY ASS. I'm using terminology that gets taught in like middle to high school level mandatory philosophy classes, at least where I come from.
      Apparently not the case where you guys are from given your gross unfamiliarity with the most elementary principles of debate though. For example I'm honestly perplexed by your apparent unfamiliarity with well-known basic and everyday fallacies.

    51. >insults someone for posting in the wrong chain, proceeds to do the exact same thing

      >calls debate needlessly excessive, proceeds to call people out and tell them to talk more

      >calls everyone elitists, whole argument is based on how no one has an excuse to be so far below them

      hoo boy

    52. Hoo boy. Care to show me the exact point where I supposedly called *anyone* elitist? A link to the post in question will do nicely, thank you. (Also you'll have to refresh my memory on that whole wrong chain thing, I don't exactly archive random exchanges from God know how long ago…)

      Also that "moving on" of yours sure didn't last long. Now you're down to plain old cherry-picking I see.

    53. forget this nose/sheep, he has been living like that since other forums era
      (somehow i'm so sure these 3 accounts i've seen in different forums are the same delusional person who afraid to lose after losing his money to scammer publisher)

    54. An expert player does not need their weapons at 5 slots 120 attack to be good. So many deluded players

    55. Good point. And there is a portion of people with good affix but lame skills too.

    56. I mean I see what you're trying to say but the reality is you can strip ANY game down to that. If you strip down most people's standard of action games in the DmC series you get a game where you do the same things over and over and over again with little to no challenge anymore.

      Obviously people still find a ton of value in that, considering the games are still played constantly. People find new ways to challenge themselves.

      Any content that comes out in PSO2 is going to become easy. Any game people play a ton is going to become easy. That's how games work.

    57. While I agree with what you said about content becomes easy over time, I also see that Ep4's content is easy right on day one, which shouldn't be encouraged. Perhaps the dev team wants to cater to new players? I can't say for sure, but this kind of practice takes away the fun of learning how the new content works and getting over it.

    58. Yeah I definitely agree with that. I've said previously I think ep4 content has been actually brainless, which is a shame.

      Necky's Challenge was great but it was only a limited quest so boo. Mother is fun as a damage check but thats about it.

    59. The best way to make one's own challenge is stripping away your best equips
      that's why there is challenge mode

      agree for the mother part, the moves and mechanic already analyzable from the 1st run including the hidden limiter for the stuns.

      Necky challenge proves how the mpa brain works (which you can see by looking at map), and it's clearly a true challenge. We should have more of this. Or maybe they should make normalisation of equips in new EQ so those with 'OP' gears and undergeared guys standarised. because high-geared people will see it as 'boringly easy' and undergeared as 'boringly hard'. standarisation will put it to 'interestingly challenging' because you'll not rely on equips, but skills and brain power.

    60. "Talk about an obviously terrible idea."

      It's everything you could want. Bad players will be truly bad and shown as truly bad, great players (like yourself, riiiight?) will be shown as truly great.

      The only reason you hate that idea is you suck ass and know it, but want to bitch and moan about undergeared players anyway to stroke your ego.

    61. no, i think he afraid because if all gears are normalized in EQ, he will be shown as no-skill person

      that's usually the issue of people who got too much luck in gearing up. all they want is to justify that they're born lucky. but well, newbie's luck.

    62. Please at least keep your gratuitous ad hominems and strawmen to the relevant comment chain.

      Sheesh. Kids these days…

    63. Normalizing gear will outright invalidate any form of character progression, that's why it's a bad idea.

      You can't have more challenge with the current state of the game. XH EQs are already chock full of instakill enemy abilities that require sub-second reactions. If you want more challenge, you have to persuade Sega to nerf ALL forms of selfhealing (for example Monomate = 100hp, Dimate = 200hp, Trimate = 300hp, Star Atomizer = 250 to everyone, Hunter Absorption to 3hp per point instead of 1%, etc.), add diminishing effects to Resta depending on number of targets hit (so 1000hp ticks would be 200hp ticks if they hit 5 players, or 87hp ticks if it hits all 12), nerf Anti and Sol Atomizer to simply reduce the duration of debuffs by 5 second per tick instead of outright removing them, etc.

    64. Hey, your ideas sounds good since it's all about challenge

      as you see, necky's challenge is indeed a challenge since you can't purify corrupted sockets and can't use AIS

      the reason of suggesting equip normalization is due to peeps that complain tend to be the overgeared ones. Good thing they made CM and PVP normalized or there will be bashings around gaijins (kudos SEGA)

      there was a topic of making challenge in Extreme Quest such as limiting/banning skill/PA effect in certain floors (thus, forcing you to try non-meta or unorthodox method).
      Oh, wait. they should make this limitation for expert requirement instead (oops, seems derailed)

    65. You're welcome to trudge through the excessively long back-and-forth above if you want the context and are feeling masochistic. I'm just pointing out to the good fellows that it's a rather poor form to deliberately and gratuitously go and spill it over into unrelated discussion chains.

    66. All VR barriers will have a terminal with logarithmic riddles that you have to solve to bring it down. But after a few riddles solved they're replaced by trolley dilemmas (either Exoda kills you and your score, or one of the tower). The quest would also last for 15 hours without wave breaks. Quest will also feature invisible traps at far part of the map that drain your SG and, in case theres none, steal your storage stuff, ignoring item locks. People on 10-12 rank places will have their gear down for about 1-2 stars during the next wave. Those who get to the end of the quest on the last place will have their account permanently limited to Vita blocks.

      Only then PSO2 will be finally a game for a thinking man, with bravery and endurance to match.

  6. *takes a quick look*

    *sees people actually defending arrogant laziness when it comes to grinding weapons and gear to any reasonable level*

    Things sure don't change around here, do they? Seriously, I started last year and managed to get stuff together to do decent damage and actually contribute. I've been in organized MPAs where a lot of people had less than stellar gear and the group took the boss down in legit half the time.

    No one needs to have 13*'s all plussed and +150 atk on all units+armor with 12 PP etc. They just need decent ones :U And when you can't even get a decent 10* weapon that, FYI, they drop in SH Magatsu commonly, you should probably stop playing the game. Of course when you argue with common sense and try to speak against how players should be expected to bring proper gear into a difficulty intended for said gear… you should probably quit too. I don't need my mother EQ runs taking 20+ minutes because you're in my MPA.

    1. The key phrase you said there is "I've been in organized MPAs".

      That's the purpose teams are in the game for and you were smart enough to use said features such as a friends list or team.

      Random matchmaking in any game is for when you don't have other options. No ones been saying "its good if people have bad gear' they've been saying "if they have bad gear its of no concern to me, I've found ways around it."

    2. the latest pub mother MPA (do note this, 'pub') i'm in is almost 20 minutes. But i learned one thing from there, mother has 5 sub phases in total (usually said 'OP' people too lenient to notice the whole thing since 'it is useless').

      the actual problem is people who born with *13 OP affix from the moment the start playing complaining people with ok gears (at least the ones that can help for self sustenance in XH EQ) for being a burden in pub MPA.

      just started playing for 2 months and thanks to CF i can catch up. but again, the same people complain the existence of CF for the same reason which is very contradictive.

    3. If its a "YOUR mother run" and "YOUR EQ", then I suggest soloing your own quest, to prevent arrogant shitters from extending your runs to 20 minutes.

      Fantastic community guys, you sure walked a long road there.

  7. well what i can say just talk less do more and be usefull.and if you are tired of leecher try to reach expert block b-17. at least they can run those new EQ faster if you dont have team MPA.even a person who have default affix fresh from "NPC" can beat someone who have 200 atk gear if you can play your class properly.

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