PSO2 JP: Storm The Castle with Buster Quests

Buster Quest

Buster Quests will officially launch on August 9th! This new type of quest combines raid and base defense style gameplay. Initiating the quest will require 4 ~ 8 players, who must repel hordes of demons and destroy the demonic castle.


The goal of said quest is to defend the Buster Towers and annihilate the devil castle housed within a protective fortress. To aid in their efforts, the ARKS can deploy special artillery; a combination of weaponry that can obstruct foes from assaulting the Buster Tower.


At the top of the screen is the Strength Gauge, illustrating the clash between your army and the demons. This bar fluctuates based on the health of the Buster Tower on the player's side, and the health of the Devil Seal and Castle on the enemy's side. The gauge will determine your victory or defeat should you fail to crush the Devil Castle within the allotted time.


Rise in Grade for Higher Difficulty

Buster Quests will offer Buster Points (BP) that increase or decrease depending on the results of a match. These points determine the "Grade," which acts as the quest's difficulty. As you rise in "Grade," the enemies become stronger, with changes to their spawning patterns. Players will be matched up with others who share the same grade level.

Special Artillery at Grade 2 onwards permits players to deploy weapons to defend the Buster Towers.


Three Types Of Matches

Buster Quests are split into three types of matches: Free Match, Main Match, and Main Match: Advanced. Each will be explained below.

Main Match:

  • Both Main Matches are limited by a stamina system that consumes 1 unit each time you play. You can restore these units either by waiting until 5AM JST, or by playing [Free Match] Buster Quests. BP will increase/decrease based on the results of the match.

Main Match Advanced:

  • This is a highly difficult mode that requires a Main and Subclass of level 80. Consumes 1 unit of stamina for each playthrough, and reduces BP when you lose the match. This mode is available to those with high enough BP.

Free Match

  • This mode doesn't consume stamina like the Main Matches. Instead it restores 1 unit of stamina, up to a maximum of three, each time you win the game. In addition, it can apply a boost for Main Match.
  • Through this mode, you'll acquire items called Buster Medals. You can trade them in at the Buster Medal Shop for prizes.
  • BP will decrease if you lose the match, and won't increase if you win.


Three Types of Phases

Buster Quests will feature three types of phases that alternate back and forth with different goals and situations.

Defense Phases

  • Defend the Buster Towers from the assault of Demon forces.

Buster Phase

  • Escort and protect the Buster Piles as they are the only means of destroying the seals that protect the Devil Castle.

Attack Phases

  • Attack and destroy the Devil Castle.


Meet the Demons!

Demons: enemies summoned by the Ephimera flower.


Devil Castle ・ Lanzer Valace


Devil Castle ・ Ghastle Dohr


Learn More About Buster Quests


Evleda Collection Files

~ Until March 21st, 2018 ~

The Evleda Collection File covers Buster Quests. The requirements are set to allow players to progress through sheets even at lower Main Matches. Free Matches, on the other hand, will not raise this gauge.

Additionally, the Evleda series can be upgraded to Cleasis weapons at Zieg's shop.


Buster Medal Exchange Shop

Buster Medals can be gained by clearing [Free Match] Buster Quests. They can then be exchanged at the Buster Medal Exchange Shop for valuable items, including limited time Costumes, Lobby Actions, and more! Cleasis Boosters, used in upgrading Evleda weapons, can also be acquired from the shop.


New ★14 Weapons

Three new ★14 weapons will be obtainable as drops, each encompassing weapon types of the Hero class.


Omega Timed Abilities

Enhance your units for Buster Quests with Timed Abilities targeting Omega!


Chapter 1: Part 2

"Mysterious Man" (CV: Takahiro Sakurai)

Following the heroic destruction of the demon castle, Harriet proposes that there is a man you should meet. Bearing a striking resemblance to Luther, this man holds greater knowledge of the Ephimera.


Lutz (CV: Shô Hayami)

Lutz, a once brilliant man, formerly served as the Chancellor of Cuent. He ascended to the thrown, having assassinated the erstwhile king. From his new position, he deems Harriet and company to be renegades.


Alisa (CV: Sumi Shimamoto)

Alisa's demeanor causes concern in Harriet. She was at Lutz's side and bore witness to his outrage at the destruction of the Devil Castle. It seems she has ruminations on the actions of Harriet and her companions.


New Client Orders

Daily Orders and Team Orders focusing on Buster Quests will be added. Hans will also receive additional client orders.

The total number of Daily Orders offered per day will be increased to fourteen.


Magic Knight Fairy (AC Scratch)

Xiera's fairy getup and Alma's outfit will be joined by the armor of the Kingdom Cuent knights in a new AC Scratch.


シエラの妖精衣[Ou/Ba/In] | Xiera Fairy Wear
ディアルマ・ワン[Ou/Ba/In] | DeAlma One
クエンチカアンダー[In] | Cuentica Under
クエンチカスーツ[Ba] | Cuentica Suit
クエンチカアーマー[Ou] | Cuentica Armor
クエントロパンツ[In] | Cuentro Pants
クエントロスーツ[Ba] | Cuentro Suit
クエントロクロス[Ou] | Cuentro Cross
フロートブレード | Floating Blades

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