PSO2: The AC Store and AC / FUN Scratch Guide

What is the AC Store?

  • The AC Store allows you to purchase extra features to expand your enjoyability of the game. This includes items like extra Mags, extra skill trees, expanded storage, and more! You need to purchase Arks Cash to use this store.

What is included in the Premium Set?

  • You can purchase a Premium Set (プレミアムセット) in 30/60/90 day rentals. Features of the Premium Set include:
    • Layouts A and B of the My Room.
    • Item Trading with other players.
    • Twice the earned FUN Points.
    • Twice the earned Login Stamps.
    • Access to the My Shop, allowing you to sell items from your inventory or storage to other players.
    • Access to Premium-only Blocks and the exclusive premium space on all blocks.
    • Access to Premium Storage and Team Storage
    • Increased Client Order limit from 20 to 40
    • Improves certain drinks from the Drink Vendor, and access to Premium Drinks
    • Increased from 10 to 40 Symbol Arts allowed to be saved.
    • Access to the premium craft line (04-06).
    • Increased amount of Collection Files obtainable by 2.

What is AC Scratch?

  • The AC Scratch is a "gacha," which is essentially a lottery in which you draw a scratch card to win a prize. The items included in the AC Scratch are changed throughout the course of the year. These items can include boosters, outfits, voices, lobby actions, and more! The more expensive "AC Scratch GOLD" contains bundles of cosmetics from the main scratch. To see the ongoing AC Scratches, consult the official AC Catalog page. Check out our coverage for information on the latest and past scratches.

What is FUN Scratch?

  • The FUN Scratch is a free version of the "gacha." The contents of the FUN Scratch change along with the AC Scratch, but the items contained differ. The FUN Scratch contains mostly accessories, lobby actions, and room goods. You'll need to earn FUN points in order to draw a FUN Scratch card.

What are FUN points?

  • FUN points can be obtained through sending Good Jobs, logging in consecutively each day, using the NPC partners of your friends in quests, and reviving incapacitated players. They're used to play the FUN Scratch and to purchase items at the FUN Shop.


The AC Shop

Press [ESC] to open the main menu, the second to last icon is the AC Menu. Choose the top option to go to the AC Shop.


The AC Shop!

There will be 4 icons at the top, horizontally going left to right:

  • アイテムパックに買う ║ Purchase items into the Item Pack
  • 倉庫に買う ║ Purchase items into the Storage Box
  • 購入履歴 ║ Purchase History
  • ACチャージ ║ AC Charge

If you push any of the first two buttons you'll reach the AC Shop page.

AC Shop Page

Select from the list of items you wish to purchase, once you are done, press the bottom left button "購入" and press "はい" in the popup window to purchase the items.

Icon Item Price
Ticket プレミアムセット30日
Premium Set 30 Days
1,300 AC
Ticket プレミアムセット60日
Premium Set 60 Days
2,300 AC
Ticket プレミアムセット90日
Premium Set 90 Days
3,300 AC
Item Pass ACスクラッチ券(12個)
AC Scratch Ticket (x12)
2,200 AC
Item Pass ACスクラッチゴールド券(11個)
AC Scratch Gold Ticket (x11)
5,000 AC
EXP Booster Max 獲得経験値+150%(3個)
+150% EXP Booster (x3)
800 AC
EXP Booster Max 獲得経験値+150%(10個)
+150% EXP Booster (x10)
2,200 AC
Rare Drop Booster 3 レアドロップ倍率+300%(3個)
+300% Rare Drop Booster (x3)
1,000 AC
Scape Doll スケープドール
Scape Doll
150 AC
Scape Doll スケープドール(3個)
Scape Doll (x3)
400 AC
Scape Doll スケープドール(5個)
Scape Doll (x5)
600 AC
Cosmo Atomizer コスモアトマイザー(3個)
Cosmo Atomizer (x3)
400 AC
Ticket オーダー受注上限拡張30日
Max Client Order Expansion 30 Days
300 AC
Ticket オーダー受注上限拡張90日
Max Client Order Expansion 90 Days
800 AC
Ticket CC持ち出し上限解除30日
Casino Coin Carry Limit Expansion 30 Days
500 AC
Ticket CC持ち出し上限解除90日
Casino Coin Carry Limit Expansion 90 Days
1,200 AC
Ticket 拡張倉庫2利用30日
Expanded Storage 2 30 Days
500 AC
Ticket 拡張倉庫2利用90日
Expanded Storage 2 90 Days
1,200 AC
Ticket 拡張倉庫3利用30日
Expanded Storage 3 30 Days
500 AC
Ticket 拡張倉庫3利用90日
Expanded Storage 3 90 Days
1,200 AC
Ticket 拡張倉庫4利用30日
Expanded Storage 4 30 Days
500 AC
Ticket 拡張倉庫4利用90日
Expanded Storage 4 90 Days
1,200 AC
Ticket 拡張倉庫5利用30日
Expanded Storage 5 30 Days
500 AC
Ticket 拡張倉庫5利用90日
Expanded Storage 5 90 Days
1,200 AC
Ticket マイルーム利用30日
My Room 30 Days
700 AC
Ticket マイショップ出店30日
My Shop 30 Days
700 AC
Ticket キャラ倉庫拡張50
Character Storage Expansion 50
800 AC
Ticket マグ獲得チケット
Additional Mag Ticket
300 AC
Mag Reset Device マグリセットデバイス
Mag Reset Device
500 AC
Item Pass エステ利用パス
Salon Pass
500 AC
Liliparium Max リリパリウムオール(極大)
Liliparium All (Max)
600 AC
Liliparium Max リリパリウムオール(極大)(5個)
Liliparium All (Max) x5
2,700 AC
Liliparium Max リリパリウム(極大)
Liliparium (Max)
150 AC
[Master] Pickaxe (x7)
950 AC
[Master] Rod (x7)
950 AC
Ticket アイテムパック拡張10
Item Pack Expansion +10
350 AC
Ticket サブパレット拡張チケット
Sub-palette Expansion Ticket
800 AC



Drawing a Scratch Card

Press [ESC] to open the main menu, the second to last icon is the AC Menu. Choose the second option to go to pull a scratch card.


The Scratch menu lists the currently available scratch cards you can play. You can check to see whether something needs Arks Cash or FUN points by checking the icons. (Blue for FUN Points and Red for Arks Cash)

  • _ _ _  スクラッチ (AC Scratch) ║ 200 AC
  • _ _ _  スクラッチG (AC Scratch Gold) ║ 500 AC
  • FUNスクラッチ (FUN Scratch) ║ 100 FUN points
  • ACスクラッチ券(12個) (AC Scratch Ticket x12) ║ 2000 AC
  • ACスクラッチゴールド券(11個) (AC Scratch Gold Ticket x11) ║ 5000 AC

When you click the menu a mini popup will display a list of entries:

  • _ _ _ でスクラッチを引く ║ (Draw a _ _ _  Scratch Card)
  • _ _ _スクラッチ券で引く(所持数:0) ║ (Draw Scratch Cards from the Scratch Ticket) (Currently Holding: 0)
  • 品リスト (Prize List)

The _ _ _  would either be AC or FUN based on what you selected. The AC Scratch ticket is only if you purchased it in this menu for 2000 or 5000 AC, or from the AC Shop Menu as listed above in the previous section.



11 thoughts to “PSO2: The AC Store and AC / FUN Scratch Guide”

  1. I actually have an issue with the scratch tickets post-Episode 4 update. I can't seem to use any scratch tickets (AC) or do the FUN scratch. Whenever I try to do any one of the scratches, my PSO2 will just load infinitely, with the loading circle being on my screen forever until I restart the client. Is this a bug or is there someway to solve this?

  2. I bought a second mag pass, but I can't find the ticket nor the additional mag? Where do I go to claim the items I've purchased?

  3. I am trying to find the Item Pack Expansion Max Set in the AC shop, but I can't seem to find it. Did they remove it?

    1. No, the xbox version will release its own scratches which is a mix of several scratches in the JP version. You'll have to wait until the xbox version releases a scratch for the clothing you want or hope they show up in other areas of the game.

  4. i got 12 free ac tickets today. can’t use ‘em ‘cause i need ac. that’s a rip off and completely unfair to people who can’t afford to put money a game that’s pretty much all about micro transactions

    1. If i'm understanding this correctly you're complaining that a free game is funding itself via micro-transactions? Think about what you're saying. Should everybody involved in maintaining and developing the game be working for free? Now that would be unfair

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