Pursue Your True Self With Persona 4 Outfits!

~ November 21st, 2018 ~


Extra Hard Coast

The Coast Free Field is the third in line to receive an Extra Hard difficulty setting. To celebrate, a week long campaign will be held that raises the EXP and Rare Drop rates for that quest!


Elzelion Spawning Campaign

For the week following the update, the MHF-Z collaboration boss will spawn with greater frequency in Coast Exploration. Starting November 28th, Elzelion’s spawn rate increase will apply to Forest, Volcanic Caverns, and Coast Free Fields.


Persona Labyrinth (AC Scratch)

The collaboration with Atlus' acclaimed role-playing game series continues with the addition of Persona 4 character cosmetics! The clothing of the female protagonist from the portable edition of Persona 3 will also be included, alongside a suit of the company's Jack Frost mascot.


鳴上悠の制服 | Yu Narukami Uniform
里中千枝の制服 | Chie Satonaka Uniform
マリーの肩掛け鞄[Ou] | Marie Shoulder Bag [Ou]
マリーの服[Ba] | Marie Attire [Ba]
月光館学園女子制服 | Gekkou High Girls Uniform
クマスーツ | Teddie Suit
ジャックフロストスーツ | Jack Frost Suit

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