Phantasy Star Portable 2 Japanese Demo Details

Sakai released a long blog post covering the Demo. Here are the details.

English Demo HERE!

Instructions on how to Download the Demo

Internet Multi Mode Lottery

Internet multi mode

Before even thinking about applying for the Internet Multimode lottery, you need a JP PSN account. Aside from that let's start the whole process…

Sakai will be testing out the server, and will only allow a limited amount of players. Each week he will add more and more players to assess server load. Even though 200,000 people sounds like a low number, this amount is subject to change if he feels the server can handle the stress of more players.


  • Applying for Internet Multimode
    • Registration Begins October 28th until 1PM November 20th.
    • You can register on PC, PS3, or PSP.
    • Access the Playstation Store and sign in.
    • PC users can Access the Playstation Store through the Media Go application.
    • Access the Phantasy Star Portable 2 category to register your application.
    • You will receive a limited edition Emilia Version custom theme for your PSP.
  • Internet Multi Mode Lottery
    • Internet Multimode will run from November 9th, 2009 to November 30th, 2009
    • Players will be selected Nov 5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th
    • 50,000 people will be selected each week.
    • A total of 200,000 people will be able to play!
    • These numbers may change based on the server load.
    • You will be notified by email with a trial "product code" if you have been selected.
  • Obtaining Trial License
    • Access the Playstation Store
    • At the top right corner of the screen, access the password code section.
    • Select "Playstation Network Account Management" and input your product code.

psn access

Once you're in you can access the party list or even your simple mail!


emilia version

Don't miss out! This Emilia theme is in limited supply!
As long as you sign up for Internet Multimode you will get it.


  • Rules and Information
    • One application per person
    • You may not transfer your right to play to a third party.
    • The Product code in the trial version may not be used in the retail.


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Demo Release Date and Details


The Phantasy Star Portable 2 Demo will be released in Japan among various places. Here are the official dates with where you can obtain them.

November 1st, 2009, you can download the demo  for free at the official website! November 2nd, 2009, you can download the demo for free at the Playstation Store! The demo needs more than 370MB of space in order to play.

November 9th, 2009, you can obtain the UMD version of the demo with the purchase of any items related to Playstation Portable. I really suggest downloading it on the official website if you want to avoid this hassle. The only major difference between the UMD demo, is that it can distribute a digital copy of the game to your friend's PSP. Sakai wants you to use this feature with your classmates so you can play cooperation and battle missions.

In order to play this demo, you will need Playstation Firmware 6.00. I am not well versed in Playstation Firmware usage so please consult Playstation Network for details on how you can upgrade your firmware. For those using custom firmware, I do not have any information on if you can play this game. As for Internet Multimode, Sakai requires you use the Latest Playstation Firmware.  He says that it's best to use the latest firmware available to play games online.


Character And Shop Details


The demo will allow you 2 characters to play with. The retail version will allow 8 characters to play with. You can either create your own from scratch or transfer them from Phantasy Star Portable 1 and Phantasy Star Portable "The Best" and Phantasy Star Universe Ambition of Illuminus!

The level cap is 15, and the type level cap is 5. Sakai says it will take a longer time to achieve type level 5 than it did in PSP1's demo. As with customization, you will be restricted from using the following locations and options:

  • Restricted Areas and features in the Demo.***
    • Shrine Maiden Sayo Yuhki
    • Makeup Counter's Proportion Sizes option.
    • Costume Shop
    • My Room Shop
    • A Cafe (10/28/2009: Item Trader is located here)
    • Multi Mode And Internet Multi Mode's My Room.
    • Changing your Type at the Type Counter.

It appears story mode's my room will be available to customize. Extend points and ability customize would also be possible. Accessing the common storage box is possible in all shops.
*(It's weird because of how his post is formatted and that he switches from what you can't do to what you can do under the same bullet point.. Even though his header says you can't do any of the following. Yes, confuse me more!  If the JP wiki changes this, I'll change this part of the post too.)

Story Mode


You are allowed to play Chapter 1: Awakening of an Angel, in the demo. This mission will take place in Seabed Relics. At the end you will meet Mika who will reveal a shocking detail. After you complete story mode, Emilia and your Partner Machinery can be invited to Free Missions. You can also talk to NPCs in the city who will reveal gossip and information (tutorial) to you in speaking voices.

Sakai talks about the previous demo, if you were to play Multi Mode first and level up too high, the story mode mission would have been too easy. This time he has implemented a new "system" which he will not reveal at this time. (I'm speculating that story mode's monster will become harder based on your level, this should improve game balancing…)


Multi Mode


You can play with up to 4 players in a party. There will be 3 types of missions available to you, Free Mission, Battle  Mission, and Extra Mission (Co-op) Time Attack.

  • Free Missions Available
    • Seabed Relics
    • Sleeping Warriors?
    • Plains Overlord
    • Destroy the Multi Legged Weapon!
  • Battle Mission
    • Catapult Jump ( Both multi modes only.)
  • Extra Mission Time Attack
    • Bruce's Dungeon (Both multi modes only.)

There will be some changes to old missions in the game. This may include new monsters that were not previously there like the Svaltas in the relics mission. Yes, this is a jam packed demo, should keep you busy until the retail version comes out. Speaking of which, the retail version and the demo version can play together. In order for this to happen, a trial version player must be a party leader. A retail version player can then join their party and play with them. However, a trial version player will not be able to play any mission that was not included in their demo.


The challenge mission will not be included in the PSP2 demo. Now you may be wondering what's the difference between a co-op mission and a challenge mission. In this case, a Challenge mission will restrict your level and equipment whereas an Extra Co-Op mission does not.  Sakai says it's pretty fun writing on the gravesite.


Bruce's Dungeon Extra Mode Mission

bruces dungeon 1

If you have played Phantasy Star Universe, you'll easily remember this mission! In PSU, Bruce's Dungeon was a mission where 4 players and Bruce himself have to solve simple puzzles and avoid traps as they make their way through the end. If anyone died (including Bruce mind you..) the mission was automatically over.

bruce 2

In PSp2, the mission is back but with some changes. First major one is that Bruce is now gone, and the focus is more towards time attacking it. (Although in PSU JP they now have a leader board for those who beat this mission quickly…) There are also changes in regards to the monsters who appear.


So in addition to this you'll be able to input your Pizza Hut and Fanta item codes. See you next time!


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Phantasy Star Portable 2: Details about Shizuru, Braver Class, Customization, PM, and Demo

Sakai wants to clear up some details regarding the Phantasy Star Portable 2: Famitsu Article. It was previously analyzed at this site, so now we'll look into more details!

Mika and Shizuru


Both Mika and Shizuru appear to be somehow connected by fate to an old civilization. You'll meet Mika at the end of chapter 1. Mika's voice actor is Sayaka Ohara, who provides a motherly gentle voice. 

sizzle scan

Shizuru on the other hand can be seen in the earlier stages blocking Emilia's path. He has silvery hair and with a very gaudy outfit. He has many secrets, in fact all main characters have secrets. Did you know Shizuru's nanotranser holds his swords?

cool nanotranser

Emilia can't get passed me!


Customize your battle type!

So, Sakai has reduced the amount of classes the game has to four. The newest class, braver, appears to be a mixture of hunter, ranger, and force, as can be seen by it's photon art cap. 

This time you'll be able to customize each type as you see fit with "Type Extend" and "Ability Customize." In PSP1 and PSU, when you cleared a mission, you would gain mission points… Well in PSP2, the name has been changed to type points. As you amass these type points, they increase your type level. Based on your "type level" you gain "extend points" which customizes your class even further.

type extend

The "Type Extend" system will use your "extend points" to add additional weapon categories to your class. When you apply these points to your weapon category, you can either increase or decrease the grade. For instance you can upgrade a C rank claw to B rank or downgrade it back to C rank. So with this mix and match system, you could essentially apply an S rank sword weapon category to the Force class. However, keep in mind you are still limited by your photon art cap. In addition to this it is highly impossible to apply S rank to all weapon categories.

ability customize 3

"Abilities" allow you to customize your character even further by equipping special features. For example you can apply the HP boost or PP boost ability. There are about 100 different kinds of abilities. Abilities are limited by the slot system, since each ability costs a certain amount of slot points. You can only apply a limited amount. Some abilities will cost 1 slot as others may cost 3. As your type level goes up, there will be more ability slots available to you.


My Room Customize

my room

You'll be able to customize your room just like in Phantasy Star Universe. All the room items from Ambition of the Illuminus will be included in addition to some brand new ones. You'll be able to invite players into your rooms in Multi Mode and Internet Multi mode so you can show off your designer skills!


Partner Machinery

In addition to the 8 kinds of partner machinery in PSP1, PSP2 will increase this amount by adding two types, "Retro" and "Dragon".

Retro type

The Retro version is like a little retro robot guy who runs on the ground and attacks enemies.

dragon type

The Dragon version is like a dragon who floats and attacks enemies in a mysterious motion.


Tales of Dragon

Dragon Tails

PSO Dragon has a new battle strategy. If you are a hunter and braver, you focus on the tail… I heard the dragon loses it's balance and….



The demo will be available November 1st, at the JP PSN store. You can download it for free and play ad hoc or infrastructure mode. The demo needs PSP FIRMWARE 6.00 in order to play it! Please note that infrastructure mode (internet multi mode) will be available for a LIMITED TIME, the date it will end is December 3rd, 2009.

Infrastructure mode is by invitation only. Each individual who wants to play will receive a ticket, and Sega will hold a drawing and randomly select players . The announcement of who shall play internet multi mode will be provided at the official website.

You'll be able to import your character from PSU:AoI and Phantasy Star Portable 1. You must allow 370MB of space on your PSP memory stick. There will also be a special menu on the main screen which will differ if your demo was downloaded online, or you obtained the UMD version.


Collaboration Domination!


Evangelion; Rei, Shinji, and Asuka's Plug Suit!
Lance of Longinus


fate stay night

Fate Stay Night; Saber, and Archer's costume.
Excalibur: Sword of Promised Victory 


vocaloid 2

Hatsune Miku: Costume and Twin Leek!


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