Phantasy Star Portable 2: Fun Fan 3: Promo Video and PSO Forest Run

Fun Fan 3 was released today, so in our usual case, here are the videos on youtube for all to enjoy.


Video features a huge snowball, new nanoblasts, new enemies, the item trader, and more. Most of this stuff was already covered here.


Noto and Dragon Sakai play through PSO's forest. Watch as their partner characters Toro and Kuro play with them. Sakai also says that if you do a lobby action in front of a partner character, they will react to it.

The official site updated today as well, we'll go through that later on but it's basically a rehash of information. However you can see more higher resolutions of the PSO enemies, and the nanoblasts.

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PSPo2: Fun! Fan! 2 The sequel: PvP Battle Mode, PSO Enemies

fun fan 2

HAIIII! Gurhal Channel 5 PSP Special

Fun!Fan! is hosted by Producer Dragon Satoshi Sakai. He is joined by Yui Ogura, a 14 yr old idol. She previously mocap'd in another game known as Hatsune Miku Project Diva. (Your Collaboration thinking caps should be on so tight by now…)  Yui is cosplaying as Hal, and Arisa Noto, who is a part of the “Hello! Pro Egg“ is just there for the lulz.

This time the video goes over the methods of how to strafe and use a charge shot. You have to press down triangle for quite some time before charge shot can be used.

Three step Technic

triple step technic

three step technics

They briefly go over the three technic attack! The casting animation reminds me of Rogue Wikko. Your character kind of spins around as them, but they do not cast as quickly as Wikko does.

Techers seem to have a godly PP recovery rate. Even after casting 3 technics in succession, the PP bar is completely full.

Mirage Blast

mirage blast

Mirage Blast pretty much looks like an SUV. The Canna Mirage Blast acts almost exactly like Paradi Cataract except that it's lightning. It looks like Mirage Blasts can also tally up the chain combos. Chain Combo is based on the amount of successful normal attacks and the combo will finish if you attack with the triangle button.


New Field

new area2

The video also features a new never before seen area!

Opposite Element Effect

battle effect

Ground vs Lightning. Rocks scatter as you hit!

When you hit enemies with the opposite element, there will be a new animation applied to each hit. In this case, ground element saber hitting a lightning enemy causes rocks to appear!


Guess the Enemy

guess the enemy

Do you know who I am?


Battle Mode: Catapult Jump

battle fight

Catapult Jump and Fight to the death!

Dragon Sakai and Ariso Noto battle to the death with Catapult Jump Battle Mission! Players are equipped with a shield and a saber, plus they are all level 1, so this should help balance the feel of the mission. In the first  part, they seem to only fight in the circular area but once Arisa dies, Sakia continue onwards.

multi player battle mode

Phantasy Star Portable 2: Battle Mode!

The second part of the Battle Mode mission had players acquiring energy poles by standing in the round circular areas for a few seconds. You gain 100 points for each energy pole you acquire. You can also steal another team's energy pole. After you are done you will jump around and destroy a tall pillar that prominently displays the other team's color. To slow you down, the mission has extremely large enemies who can kill you and holographic walls placed conveniently in front of the bases you are to destroy. The opposing team may also kill you along the way.

 Youtube and Battle Mode Youtube

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Show Panties = 1st Place!
Blog Updates

Congratulations to Dragon Sakai! He has reached 1st place in Ameblo's game ranking because he mentioned Emilia's panties.

  • Circle Button = Urgent Evasion
  • Pushing in an Analog direction + Quickly tap Circle Button = Urgent  Evasion
  • Pick up items and keys with circle button.
  • (Note: Apparently Japan has Circle button assigned to pick up items)
    (In North America, the functions of Circle and X are switched)
  • Guarding and Just Guard is R button
  • Charge Shot is holding Triangle Button.
  • Shortcut Order is Select Button in Story Mode
  • Shortcut Message is Select Button in Multi Mode
  • Pressing L + Up Directional Pad = First Person View (2 Confirmations by Mike [pso-world] + Banken)
  • Be sure to decide who in your party will use Chain Combo Finish!