The Phantoms Strike Back Hits PSO2 January 22nd!

~ January 22nd, 2020 ~


Guides of Creation (Ultra Hard)

ESCA Falz Mother and Deus ESCA Gracia are back at level 96! The Ultra Hard difficulty applies both to the Emergency Quest and the Trigger Quest, including the solo variant. Defeating the bosses under this difficulty will give you a chance to receive the [Liberate Unlocker]. This is one of the many items required to upgrade the Novel weapon series.


IDOLA Chaos Creed (AC Scratch)

Diverge your fate with the newest IDOLA collaboration costumes. Dress as Chaos Uly, Chaos Roaslinde, as well as Zola, Melissa, and Abeille.

SG Support Item Scratch (February 1st)

The SG Support Item Scratch has new support items sprinkled among its list of contents. Grab the [Special Ability Success Rate +55%], [Add Ability (Catalyst Receptor)], [Add Ability (Spirita VI)], and more!

6 thoughts to “The Phantoms Strike Back Hits PSO2 January 22nd!”

    1. @Perseonn – Are referring to the sweep just before the 2:00 mark in the video? If I recall, this move happens on all difficulty levels if you fail the DPS check near the end. I think it also leads to an instant quest fail though I honestly cant remember.

    2. Oh now you mention it, I do remember he has a certain kill attack if you didn't do enough when he falls at the end.

      … but why would they show that obscure attack on a trailer is now beyond me *scratches head*

  1. The more I think about it, the more I believe there are actually two different attacks that I'm getting mixed up with here. The first was the one that Deus did if you failed to kill him before the time limit was up near the end (this resulted in an instant quest fail and I think this is the one we also see in the video). I think they might have relaxed this time limit over time as well.

    The second was if you failed to kill Deus after downing him right at the end when Xiera (?) starts going crazy at us to finish him. I think I've only ever witnessed this once in a very bad MPA, but I recall him getting back up and doing a huge AOE attack that deals lots of damage but doesnt result in a quest fail. He just returns to doing his usual move set after this until he eventually dies.

    As for why SEGA chose to showcase this attack… I guess its just because it looks cool! Its a shame that the average player will rarely if ever see Deus use this attack.

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