Traverse Planet Lillipa in PSO2's Ultra Explorations!

~ May 15th, 2019 ~


Ultra Explorations

Face a brand new difficulty of foes with [Ultra Explorations]. These quests will cycle through Sub Tunnels, Desert, and Quarry, on a daily basis. Players can join in on the mayhem with a main and sub class of Lv. 85+.

Ultra Explorations comes with several characteristics, such as reduced healing effects, new enemy attachments, and a new enemy classification. The latter two will be explained in the following paragraphs.


Coinciding with the Photoner invasion is the mysterious arrival of [Ultralized Enemies]. These enemies have different color schemes and attacks.


Sometimes enemies will appear with Photoner infections that increase their health and power while the core sends out powerful attacks. Unlike regular infection cores, these Photoner cores are not considered weakpoints.


Enemies can also have barriers, severely reducing the player’s damage. The best way to attack them is to ascertain the weakpoint, such as, hitting them at close range, hitting them from the back, or hitting them from above, etc.


Clearing the Emergency Trials may reward players with a S-Class Ability Capsule.


List of S-Class Ability Capsules
S1 S2 S3
S1: Radiating Grace S2: Photon Reduction S3: Radiant Strike
S1: Guardian Armor S2: Sturdy Recovery S3: Offensive Intent
S1: Spirited Response S2: Cursed Radiance S3: Skilled Strike
S1: Skilled Brilliance S2: Flowing Grace S3: Vital Intent
S1: Radiant Strike   S3: Wise Skill
S1: Flowing Exhilaration   S3: Rupturing Intent
S1: Double-Edged Sword    
S1: Skilled Strike    
S1: Rupturing Excess    


Ultra Hard comes with new 15★ and 14★ weapons!

★15 Resonant Series (Rod, Rifle, and Katana)

  • Potential: +13% Power. When Phantom Mark is detonated, the Marker Accumulation value is increased by a set amount.
  • S-Class Ability Slots: S1, S2, S3

★15 Dyne Ombros (Twin Machineguns)

  • Potential: +7% Power. If your HP is below a certain amount for twenty seconds, recover 700 HP, gain 8% power, and reduces received damage by 30% for 120 seconds
  • S-Class Ability Slots: S1, S2, S3

★15 Serpen Blaze (Dual Blades)

  • Potential: +11% Power. Increases normal attack power by 40% and the normal attack range.
  • S-Class Ability Slots: S1, S2, S3

★14 Mirage Series

  • Potential: +6% Power. Increases natural PP recovery by 250% when sheathed, but stops natural PP recovery when unsheathed. Increases PP Recovery from attacks by 50%. When unsheathed with 100% PP, it increases the power of PAs by 12% for 14 seconds.
  • S-Class Ability Slots: S3

★14 Dim Series

  • Potential: +12% power and reduces received damage by 10%.
  • S-Class Ability Slots: S1, S2, S3
  • Takt Potential: +3% power and reduces received damage by 10%.


Wild Easter: Ultra Hard!

Wild Easter will also obtain Ultra Hard difficulty with Lv. 91+ enemies.


Descente Draal, a destructively powerful dragon, awaits players at the end of the quest.


The ★14 Awake Weapons will be able to drop from Wild Easter on Ultra Hard.

★14 Awake Series

  • Potential: +20% power when attacking a boss. In addition, regenerates 4 PP every second when near a boss
  • S-Class Ability Slots: S1, S2


Blessing World (AC Scratch)

Phantasy Star Online 2 collaborates with the anime Konosuba. Dress up in the outfits of the main cast and start your adventure!

  • Aqua
  • Megumin
  • Yunyun
  • Kazuma
  • Darkness

Additionally, lobby actions depicting scenes from the show will also be available!



46 thoughts to “Traverse Planet Lillipa in PSO2's Ultra Explorations!”

  1. Healing reduction is kinda dick move, messing over slow hitting classes like sword HU or db BO.
    I hope it's not too severe.

    1. This. I even make sure to fill the feedback portion of every survey with this but i guess they don't even read it. Healing reduction killed Hu until Charge Parrying and Counter ring came.

    2. I wonder how it will be implemented as, for example, even 90% cut wont really affect megi while making mates practically useless. Will see.

    3. I've been putting the same complaint on surveys too since it discourages one main aspect of Techer. Guess they don't know how to amp the difficulty without putting healing reduction.

    4. If you think the main aspect of Techer is healing then you're playing the class wrong.

    5. That also reminds me that Ra used to have 250% (dont remember exactly) WB, now it has +20% WB so maybe it's time for sega to adjust(nerf) healing altogether?

    6. When WB was nerfed, EQ bosses overall HP was adjusted accordingly i.e. greatly lowered. It was around ep3 I believe.
      If sega to nerf healing across the entire game, then relevant enemies' damage output should be lowered as well.

    7. Then you probably should stop charging Heavy Hammer and tend to your wounded allies. Support is, after all, the main use of Techer.

    8. Keep proving the point that you have no clue how to play Te
      Te supports party via Zanverse and using Resta gets rid of Zanverse. The only thing worth breaking your zanverse for is Anti since it gives a potent pp recovery effect on others. Not to mention most classes nowadays can easily heal themselves by tapping megiverse and those who dont probably have mate lovers and Automate halfline. Not to mention Te gets best DSP out of S-ATK and prioritizing T-ATK is very niche. Not to mention Techers Resta isnt even the strongest out of all classes.
      Sorry but in action games the Tank, Healer, DPS trinity doesnt work. Every class is a DPS class in this game. The only Support class combo thats truly support is Te/Ra and its only being used in premade groups.

    9. @PERSEONN
      Did you just..did you really just say the TE needs to stop char-……
      Who's man's is this?! You know Don't worry about it. Today he is my son. And son? I am dissapointed. Your name is no longer's James. Somebody better pass me the ball because you about to get dunked on. I don't know WHO in they right mind gave you permission to open your mouth. You out here like you raising that scrawny lookin wrist, ready to use a command seal for the phattest noble phantasm ever. I got news for you. The only phantasm YOU pullin out obviously is Unlimited Dummy Works. You NEED to go ahead and Fate/Stay/Yo/Dumb/Ideas/Off/This/Forum is what you need to do.

      But no let's get serious. You tellin out here with your "15* eyes"..your Napoleon Bonaparte level strategies in your head..sees the field..surveys it..sees that people are low health..and you automatically look at the TE?! First off let's talk about the TE. TE-Sama over there chargin heavy hammer like he's trying to contribute AT LEAST more than you in the mpa. He swing for Persona's balls like he about to homerun himself AT LEAST a profound gunslash. You though? You too busy lookin at the wrong thing. That's why when the red crystal breaks YOU not even gettin drops. It's gon be empty for you. But let's not get too crazy with the salt. Let's focus.

      So you're telling jumped straight from low health lookin at the TE like he not doin his job. Instead of talking to your allies and giving them advice on how not to be low health in the first place?? James…buddy…What..does..the X button…do. I'll wait……………okay long enough. It makes your character dodge James. When persona starts swingin his beefy arms you can press the X button..and dodge the attack. Le're still at full HP. Go figure. I don't know why i'm explain this to you but you out here acting like you skipped the tutorial that tells you all this. In fact James..pack up your stu-..Don't read this with that sideways expression like you got an attitude. I said pack up your stuff..and stand by the door. I'm callin Uncle Piccolo to come pick you up. You can stay with him for two hours every day learnin how to DODGE. …… know what. No. No James go put your stuff back. I'm not about to waste this Namekians time with your non sense. Unplug your internet and give me your phone. I'm switching your data plan from unlimited down to 2MB. Don't get all teary eye'd with me! You obviously aint got nothing important to text with comments like the one you posted earlier. In're benched for the rest of the season. Go find Yamcha's body and lay next to him in the crater until you've learned your lesson. No internet. No phone. No friends. No PSO2….No water. The only thing you get to sip on is a nice tall glass of Monomate on Ice. Cuz you out here lookin like a Genji meme. You need healin.

    10. Even in those you're better off using Zondeel/Re Zandia than f'ckin heal lmao.

    11. @Your Father @Xros

      So comments section is where all the techers that never buff or heal me are!

      Look, Dad, you have to get with the times.. Things change, context is everything! I'm not trying to say resta is the most important thing techer does. Thats probably upkeep on shifta and deband.

      If your just playing persona eq, sure, resta isnt particularly useful, I agree with your reprimanding! Not much of anything matters in there though, just beat up the red glowing stuff until he goes away, simple stuff.

      The context here is when healing is restricted or death will hinder you (example dieing on certain floors in endless quest costs time), techer has increased healing range and power, with the ability to dramatically increase pp restoration for itself and others when healing status effects. Place an important zanverse but people are still hurt or status'd? Use star atomizor or sol. Those wont remove your field and will buff your teammates — this is your job. Throw on atomizer lover ring and your even fast and invincible while throwing them– no chance at jeopardizing your own safety! If healing is super gimped, do you expect everyone to spam healing? Sounds like a recipe for low dps to me! Sometimes "jobs" are permitted, even on pso2, its rare, but its awesome when it happens!

    12. have you try to survive or nuke those bosses on ult amd stages with -80% recovery rate without using resta/megiv?

      people saying every class in this game can dodge heal themselves and resta almost useless while people doesnt realize the fact that most people in this game still dying here and there in MPAs,also it doesnt matter if you survive all the time if your "DPS" still not better than those who die a lot but manage to top 3 the MPAs

    13. lmao. First, it's not only Resta and Anti that erase Zanverse field, Shifta and Deband also erase it. Are you telling me Te's Shifta and Deband isn't worth casting? Second, Zanverse works really similar to Bo's field remain skill. When the field dissapear or if anyone leaving the field they will still contribute their damage for 1 sec. So you can safely cast Shifta, Deband, Resta, Anti and Megiverse then quickly cast Zanverse again or uncharged Zanverse followed by charged Zanverse if you're paranoid that your "muh zanverse dps" is stolen by other player's Zanverse. Also uncharged Megiverse is enough most of the time so there's no reason to not use it when your party is dying.

    14. @POS5 Just because you suck at dodging doesn't mean it's Te's Job to sacrifice their DPS in order to heal you. This isn't FF14, WoW or w/e. Also "people who die a lot but still manage to top 3 DPS" You mean like Gu/Fi players who most likely run around with S4 Vampiric strike anyway? Or how about Hero & Phantom players, who have access to Megiverse/Resta themselves and can cast it without breaking Te's Zanverse.

      @HIKOMR Are you for real? You only have to cast Shifta and Deband every 3 Minutes or during downtimes. Also the rest of your comment just proves that you never played in coordinated groups before. If you have 2 Zanverse users fighting each other why not make one use megiverse instead of Zanverse and have both up at the same time? Speaking of which, if uncharged Megiverse is more than enough then why aren't you doing it? More than half of currently viable class combos have access to techs and a lot of those who don't have it are less popular and in case of Gu/Fi you're almost always running around with S4:Vampiric Strike. In case of Fi/Hu you actually want to be low on health for your skills to proc. Hu/Fi and Br/Hu players can easily heal themselves using healing guard (Hu can even abuse it with charge parry).

      I'm sorry but in high level play having a dedicated Healer player that isn't Te/Ra is just ridiculous.

    15. It still erase Zanverse when used so my point stand. The bit about fighting using Zanverse is obviously about PUG (a proper premade would never have 2 Te on the same party anyway), the existence of damage parser make it more common than you think. Of course i have played Te in a premade group but you never said whether this is about premade or PUG. "Then why you aren't you doing it?" Of course i always use uncharged Megiverse even on PUG when a lot of players dropped to less than 50% HP and personally never cared about Zanverse unless there's no one who bothered to cast it. FiHu have LB and they shouldn't complain about getting healed or getting hit by Anti in PUG. You keep talking about premade (i assumed as of now) but in PUG lot's of player just die a lot without someone healing them, even with lifesteal S4 being common. Also you missed the point that i made, even when casting other support tech Te's won't lose Zanverse's "DPS" because the effect still remain for 1 sec which is enough time to cast Zanverse again.

    16. @XROS lmao if you think im bad at dodging you're wrong,im a GuFi main i rarely take more than 1k dmg in total and still manage to have 150k-180k dps on persona EQ for example

      if you still thinking "TE is just for buffs and zanverse mainly againts bosses",have you thinking those DPS that actually carry your MPAs have to dodge or heal from those bosses attacks by themselves can decrease their
      overall DPS,also a good FiHu wont expect someone wont heal them when they low without LB, the only class that has to dodge most of time is HR and Gunners because they can lose their multiplier when taking dmg

    17. @XROS "Not to mention most classes nowadays can easily heal themselves by tapping megiverse"
      While 6 is more then 5 out of 11 classes, I wouldn't call it most unless you run Hu/Fo, Fi/Ph, Br/Bo or smth just for Megiverse.

    18. Similar to the Odin Limited Quest, the healing reduction is probably going to make megiverse and mate almost useless and only resta coming from Fo or Te is usable. If you're saying that you would prefer dps over healing your mpa as Te, then I wish you good luck with the whole mpa die frequently which significantly affects your progress in the UH quest because you refuse to heal them. Even if you argue that every class has a counter and people need to get good at dodging, then I'm telling you that to keep that performance 100% on is never an easy task. Proof is endless quest when you have to go to lap 3 or 4.

      I'm not saying Te's main job nor sub job is about healing, true in normal quest where there is no healing reduction, but will be false with the upcoming healing reduction unless megiverse and mate are still usable.

    19. My initial opinion was that healing nerfs would be a bad thing too. I even planned about creating a post expressing how I believe artificial difficulties to be just cheap and lazy design, however I changed my mind at the last minute and decided to write this instead.

      I wont mention any major spoilers to people who haven't yet, but for anyone who has been following the story of Ep6 so far, the whole story up to this point has basically belittled ARKS and how they depend too much on photons that it becomes their main weakness. Under these circumstances, maybe situational and random nerfs offer more context this time around rather than SEGA just putting them in there because they can. That said, I hope UH doesn't become too reliant on nerfs to express its difficulty and we see some more genuinely challenging foes that don't go down without fighting back.

      I quite like the idea behind the enemy barriers too (at least it'll stop players from mowing down enemies too quickly and hopefully give more thought and planning about how to engage them). I miss the days of feeling obliged to take down Ringa's rings to stand a chance at killing it whereas nowadays its dead before the first ring is even broken. This game could really benefit from having more strategy to fix this brain-dead "kill stuff before it spawns" mentality.

      I'm not building my hopes up too much just yet, but I've not been this excited about PSO2 since Ep1-3 and I truly hope Ep6 fixes all the things that Ep5 (and Ep4 to some degree) has broken.

    20. @Hikomr so your entire argument is based around Pugs with is a garbage way of looking at it since it's the most casual way of playing the game. And in Pugs especially you can never except to be matched with a Te so what are you going to do when a "dedicated healer" is missing? Accept your death?

      @Pos5 Oh yeah because taping Megiverse for half a second after a just reversal is such a big determent to your DPS. Compared to TE having to constantly monitor other players, some of which stand very far away or are airborne and stopping everything they're doing just to try and heal them. What a great plan that is. Reminds me of how fun it was to keep up Shifta and Deband on my Ra/Hu friend prior to the level 85 skill.

      @Dito Hu/Ph and Br/Ph are a thing too.
      Br/Ph specifically, Katana counters don't act as Just Attacks so you get a lot out of that class combo. if you're not scared playing with the crutch skills known as Automate & Iron Will.

    21. No one in this whole thread said about dedicated healer. It's "use heal when needed as a Te". Even in PUG no one should expect Te or other players to heal them all the time. So when you playing Te rather than let the actual DPS class to heal by themselves, costing time and PP which lower their DPS (half a sec does matter in DPS race), why not you, a Te, heals them instead? It's not like your Zanverse DPS will drop because the effect stay for a whole second. PUG or premade it's the same thing. Since the start i just wanted to point at the flaw of your "hurrdurr muh zanverse dps" but you keep nitpicking at other thing.

    22. did you just assume everyone can cast a technique or using atomizer/mate lover ring?
      those "half sec" are so important in DPS race because most burst DPS window in this game is just less than 5 seconds
      no one says you should chase those who stand very far away or airbornes,they're less likely to attacked even if they're dying its not the TE's fault because they're the one who choose to stay away

      if you need to see those "dmg numbers" all the time using zanverse as TE,you're probally so bad at DPSing using other class that you have to think about zanverse dmg all the time,probally should start using FoTe so you can zanverse and DPSing at same time
      DPS isnt TE's role,supporting is

      maintain buffs all the time?obviously
      the boss can debuffed? try to debuff it
      someone dying or debuffed arround you? use resta or anti
      someone die? use moon asap so you dont have to rebuff them
      mobs?zondeel/re zandia
      nothing fit the descriptions above? use zanverse

      also have you tried the UH Free Field? does spamming zanverse actually useful there?

  2. UH EQ drops new 14* trash series…UH exploration – 15*…what's the logic? Higher rate at UH? Don't think so

    Katana,Rifle and Rod good for Ph only (well, yeah Demonia series analogy for Hr)…even so I'd still use 14* Quelle for it's atk spd potential and Kursed blade Gaen for additional dmg from unsealing.
    So I'd hope only for rifle from that series…unless I get that limited rifle as drop so I can get it +35 instead of farming ages those collection files >_>

    1. I agree Quelle Neigea is bonkers on Ph, with the attack speed and no hitstops, but Gaen is nearly useless, is it not?

    2. IMO Quvele rod also nearly useless because most of Ph damages come from Tech, some PA, detonation and finisher.

      20% dmg up on top of S1 and S2, even when it's only against boss that's hardly trash. Unless the base atk stat is low, it probably can beat Atra ex when vs bosses. Then there's 4PP per sec too so you'll have more dps from continous PA/tech spam.
      Easter is a seasonal EQ so it isn't surprising if it doesn't have new *15. I mean even back then *14 Ares and Lumiere didn't drop on seasonal EQ unless there's a campaign.

    3. I second that Quvelle rod isn't as useful as it seems. You're better off casting stuff with ★15 rods than Quvelle's fast Normals.

  3. i wonder how many ppl goona do XH easter now…

    it's not even worth it?

    i will still do XH then

    1. Depends on clearspeed vs rewards.
      If UH is too long to complete and returns are barely better than XH, people will stick to XH.
      I remember some event where people were running SH version instead of XH version because it was just better in terms of reward/time ratio.

    2. In addition, people even still run SH becaue you can complete CF in 1 EQ session as opposed to 2 on XH. So unless UH can fill CF quickly, SH and XH would have runners still.

    3. Assuming from screens that it has ultra ringa, then it would have general ultra hard rewards as well, such as crack affixes and 14-15stars. Only awake series is the difference.

  4. Another empty episode – just increased HP and ATK parameters with absolute copy-pasted stuff. PSO2 died already, but they who captured the project, still trying to use players as a cows by attracting them to the most primitive things with a girls characters.

    1. Give me one online game where higher difficulty doesn't involve higher stats, recolor/minimal model make over and few new patterns.

    2. To be honest "online game" is a bit vague. You can argue that most shooters like Battlefield or CS are online games.
      In PSO2 defense I say that every time new reskin comes it, it has new moveset and require different tactics to defeat it. It was the case with UQs and hopefully will be the case with UH content.
      Not to mention new classes now and then and new game modes and high skill ceiling bringing top game of PSO2 on par with DMC5 and better platinum games.
      Warframe or Destiny can't even manage half of this, and then there is Anthem lol.
      Nothing in the genre comes even close to PSO2.

    3. Well, there isn't edit button so i'd just go whatever i'll rephrase that if the guy actually answer. Personally i think that Warframe, Destiny and Anthem isn't the same genre as PSO2. Their is Shooter while PSO2 is Action. Don't get me started on how clunky is the melee on Warframe. On the other hand PSO2's TPS mode also feels clunky but when one of the clunkiness is fixed by update (EP6's bow update) there's people who said it totally no important lol.

    4. I don't recall a period since Episode 1 came out that it was any different, development cycle-wise. Heck, guys have more choices than ever when it comes to clothes, albeit still less than girls. And the new enemies have new movesets and unique gameplay mechanics that weren't seen before.

      If anything, this episode has been pretty promising in terms of what potential it has. As far as how good it will actually be is debatable, but I think the new mech enemies are cool in particular.

  5. Barring the complaints over UH. My main concern is… what about XH free fields?

    Sure, Elzelion is permanently gone forever, but what happened? SEGA ran out of contract with Capcom over MHFZ?

    That, and what will happen to the Hunting Stones? Can they still drop? Because if they can't… I might be fucked over. Still trying to upgrade some stuff.

    1. Pretty sure it's already been reiterated several times in streams and whatnots that the rocks just move into mob/area drops. And why bother with adding XH, which is just SH With Bigger Numbers, to more fields when they now have UH with some actually new ideas coming out of the pipeline?

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