Weapon Extension / Technic Customization System

Some of the information in this guide is out of date.


Equipment Extension

Equipment Extend allows you to overwrite the base stats of weapons and units. Even weapons with low base stats can become quite powerful. In order to extend an item, you'll need several materials and meseta. You can obtain these materials through Item Desynthesis.

Weapon Extend

Features Affected by Equipment Extension

  • S-ATK/R-ATK/T-ATK (Weapons)
  • S-DEF/R-DEF/T-DEF (Units)
  • HP/PP (Units)
  • Equipping Conditions (including equippable classes)

Features NOT Affected

  • Rarity, Grind Value, Special Abilities
  • Attribute and values, Latent Abilities (Weapons)
  • Set Effects (Weapons/Units)

Choose one of the available crafting lines to extend your items and note the recipe information.


Recipe Details Pane

Recipe Info

The Recipe Details pane will list both the required and resulting stats for the item.

  • 対象カテゴリ: Target Category [Strike, Ranged, or Tech Weapon]
  • 対象ExLv: Qualifying Extension Level. (Initially starts at ~ LV.1)
  • 対象レアリティ: Qualifying Rarities
  • 必須[Stats]: Required Stats
  • クラス: Class
  • 実行後ExLv: Extend Level After Crafting

The stats shown at the bottom will rewrite the item's base stats.

Each of the recipes for weapon extension follow a particular nomenclature.

Weapon Recipes

[初級打撃武器Lv.#] Beginner/Striking Weapon/Lv#
[中級打撃武器Lv.#] Intermediate/Striking Weapon/Lv#
[上級打撃武器Lv.#] Advanced/Striking Weapon/Lv#
[★10打撃武器Lv.#] Ten Star Striking Weapon/Lv#

[初級射撃武器Lv.#] Beginner/Ranged Weapon/Lv#
[中級射撃武器Lv.#] Intermediate/Ranged Weapon/Lv#
[上級射撃武器Lv.#] Advanced/Ranged Weapon/Lv#
[★10射撃武器Lv.#] Ten Star Range Weapon/Lv#

[初級法撃武器Lv.#] Beginner/Tech Weapon/Lv#
[中級法撃武器Lv.#] Intermediate/Tech Weapon/Lv#
[上級法撃武器Lv.#] Advanced/Tech Weapon/Lv#
[★10法撃武器Lv.#] Ten Star Tech Weapon/Lv#

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced recipes apply to a specific range of rarities.

  • 1 ~ 3 stars: Beginner
  • 4 ~ 6 stars: Intermediate
  • 7 ~ 9 stars: Advanced

The stats on a crafted item are based on the level of the crafting recipe. Please take note of the following situations:

  • Items will lose their all-class status and other special parameters during the crafting process.
  • By achieving a Great Success (大成功), the item may gain the chance to be used by multiple classes or reduce the stat required to equip it.
  • However these parameters are lost again upon re-crafting the item.
  • Crafting items that originally had high offensive/defensive power may find their stats lowered after extension. However, the stats required to equip the item may be lowered, making it easier to equip as a result.
  • If you re-extend an item using the same level extending recipe, you have a higher chance at achieving Great Success (大成功)!
  • Once you craft an item, you will not be able to return it to its original stats.
  • In addition, the item is bound to owner after crafting.
  • Sega plans to release more crafting recipes in the future!

Great Success (大成功) Effects

  • Chance at increasing the number of classes that can equip the item.
  • Chance at creating an all-class item.
  • Chance at relaxing the required equipping stats.


Base S-ATK for Striking Weapons at Max Extend Levels

  Sword Icon Wired Lance Icon Partisan Icon Twin Dagger Icon Double Saber Icon Knuckles Icon Gunslash Icon Katana Icon
★1~3 673 580 549 440 471 644 521 570
★4~6 631 544 515 413 441 604 489 534
★7~9 577 497 471 377 404 552 447 489
★10 531 458 434 348 372 509 412 450


Base R-ATK for Range Weapons at Max Extend Levels

  Assault Rifle Icon Launcher Icon Twin Machine Gun Icon Bullet Bow Icon
★1~3 596 654 624 674
★4~6 559 613 585 632
★7~9 511 560 535 578
★10 471 516 492 532


Base T-ATK for Tech Weapons at Max Extend Levels

  Rod Icon Talis Icon Wand Icon
★1~3 664 561 597
★4~6 622 526 560
★7~9 569 481 512
★10 524 443 472


★1~3 Beginner Weapons [Ex. Lv11 Cap]
★4~6 Intermediate Weapon [Ex. Lv8 Cap]
★7~9 Advanced Weapon [Ex. Lv5 Cap]
★10 Ten Star Weapon [Ex. Lv4 Cap]


These are the highest levels discovered as of January 15th, 2014. Sega plans to add more recipes in the future. As to their effects, that remains to be seen.

Unit Extend

Unit Recipes

Striking Defense Leg Unit Recipe

Units on the other hand are separated into arms, legs, and rear, and are categorized by striking/range/tech defense. Though the final results for all recipes are the same values, you can change the required equipping stat based on the chosen defense type.

Recipe Details Pane

  • 対象カテゴリ: Target Category [Arm, Rear, or Leg Unit]
  • 対象ExLv: Qualifying Extension Level. (Initially starts at ~ LV.1)
  • 対象レアリティ: All Rarities
  • 必須[Stats]: Required Defensive Stats
  • クラス: All Class
  • 実行後ExLv: Extend Level After Crafting

The stats shown at the bottom will rewrite the item's base stats.

As previously mentioned, the unit recipes are categorized by striking/range/tech defense. This alters the stats needed to equip the item. For example, if you chose a "Rear Striking Defense" recipe on a unit that typically requires "Range Defense", it will change that unit's requirements to "Striking Defense."

Before you craft a unit, please be aware of the following:

  • Inherent elemental resistances are lost after crafting. You can compensate for this by affixing special abilities that increase them.
  • Hidden HP/PP/Resistances are lost after crafting, but you gain some back based on the defense type of the crafting recipe:
    SDEF = HP+30 PP+1
    RDEF = HP+20 PP+2
    TDEF = HP+10 PP+3
  • By achieving a Great Success (大成功), the required stats to equip the item will be lowered. However this aspect is lost again upon re-crafting the item.

Great Success (大成功) Effects

  • Relaxes the required values needed to equip the item.

Unit Extend Levels and Stats

Ex.Lv. Req Equipment S-DEF(+10) R-DEF (+10) T-DEF(+10)
1 368 174(243) 154(215) 154(215)
2 392 186(260) 166(232) 166(232)
3 416 198(277) 178(249) 178(249)
4 440 210(294) 190(266) 190(266)

Unlocking Recipes

In order to unlock new recipes you must craft an item several times. There exists a form of progression that unlocks recipes by their categories. (This is indicated below as [A] → [B]). For example, after [A] crafting a ★1-3 Striking weapon five times, you can unlock higher level beginner crafting recipes. Then you can work towards [B] crafting ★1-3 striking weapon 25 times at Extend Level 7+ to gain an achievement.

You can jump around to Tech and Range weapons and unlock recipes in their particular rarity brackets. Jumping around unlocks achievements faster which helps to increase your craft level.

Equipment Extend: Achievement Unlocking Methods [Incomplete]

General Extending

  • [A] Craft 25 times
  • [B] Craft 50 times.
  • [C] Craft 75 times.
  • [D] Craft 100 times.


  • [A] Craft 100 weapons.
  • [A] Craft Striking, Range, and Tech weapons once.
  • [A] Craft ★1-3 Striking, Range, and Tech weapons five times each.
  • [B] Craft ★1-3 (25×)Striking/(25×)Range/(25×)Tech weapons at
         Extend Lv. 7+
  • [A] Craft ★4-6 Striking, Range, and Tech weapons three times each.
  • [B] Craft ★4-6 (25×)Striking/(25×)Range/(25×)Tech weapons at
         Extend Lv.4+
  • [A] Craft ★7-9 Striking, Range, and Tech weapons two times each.
  • [B] Craft ★7-9 (25×)Striking/(25×)Range/(25×)Tech weapons at
         Extend Lv.3+
  • [A] Craft ★10 Striking, Range, and Tech weapons one time each.
  • [B] Craft ★10 (25×)Striking/(25×)Range/(25×)Tech weapons at
         Extend Lv.3+


  • [A] Craft 50 Units
  • [A] Craft one S-DEF, one R-DEF, and one T-DEF unit.
  • [A] Craft 2 Rear, 2 Leg, and 2 Arm S-DEF units
  • [B] Craft 25 Rear, 25 Leg, and 25 Arm S-DEF units at Extend Lv.3+.
  • [A] Craft 2 Rear, 2 Leg, and 2 Arm R-DEF units.
  • [B] Craft 25 Rear, 25 Leg, and 25 Arm R-DEF units at Extend Lv.3+.
  • [A] Craft 2 Rear, 2 Leg, and 2 Arm T-DEF units.
  • [B] Craft 25 Rear, 25 Leg, and 25 Arm T-DEF units at Extend Lv.3+.


  • [A] Achieve 10 Great Success!
  • [B] Achieve 50 Great Success!
  • [A] Craft someone's weapon 10 times.
  • [B] Craft someone's weapon 50 times.
  • [A] Craft someone's unit 10 times.
  • [B] Craft someone's unit 50 times.

*Note, the achievements on this list are condensed to save space. Performing Striking, Range, or Tech crafting separately will count towards its respective achievement. For example, you can [A] craft ★1-3 striking weapons five times to unlock the [B] achievement that requires you to craft twenty five ★1-3 striking weapons at Extend Level 7+. Basically the formula is: Striking weapon achievements of a particular rarity bracket will unlock other Striking weapon achievements in that same bracket. S-Def Rear Unit achievements unlocks other S-Def Rear Unit achievements, and so on and so forth.


Tech Customization

Tech Customization allows you to alter the performance of a technic. From its power and speed, to its hit number and range. When you craft a technic, it creates a "Custom Disk" giving you the option to overwrite a particular technic's performance. But there's a sinister threat lurking within customized technics…

Technic Customize

Recipe Resta

A Resta Technic Recipe


Technic Recipe Details

  • メリット Merits
  • デメリット Demerits
  • 特殊効果 Special Effects

Custom Technics have both positive and negative attributes, known as "Merits" and "Demerits." Merits can contain bonuses like increased speed or power. Demerits, on the other hand, can increase PP costs or charging times among other things. Merit and Demerit values are chosen at random, thus, it can create situations where the negative effects outweigh the positive.

Custom Technics also have special effects that may increase the status inflicting rate, increase the firing speed of technics, among other things.

Technic Customization has two outcomes; you can either Succeed (成功) or Greatly Succeed (大成功). If you achieve the latter, you'll receive better outcomes for your Merit and Demerit values.


Technic Selection

Technic Selection

To craft a technic, first select the Technic Customization menu (explained at the top of this post), select a crafting slot, and choose the available technic recipes. You can gain more recipes through crafting and unlocking achievements.


Craft Foie

Success! (成功)

Crafted technics are sent to your inventory, giving you the option to decide whether or not to apply it. But before you do that, please take note of the following:

  • Initially, when the crafting system was first introduced to the game, customized technics were not able to return to their original states. However, as of March 5th, 2014 you can trade in some items at the Recycle Shop to obtain a Reset Disk.
  • If you are unhappy with the results, you can overwrite a customized technic with another custom disk with better (or worse) values.

Technic Recipes

As of January 15th, 2014 there are two recipes for each technic. Each Technic Recipe follows the  [prefix] [technic] [recipe#] nomenclature.

Initially when you start out, you'll only be able to select some technic recipes by default, but you can unlock more by unlocking achievements. These can be unlocked by recrafting the same technic recipe over and over. In addition, you can unlock other technic recipes by crafting recipes within the same element.

For example, if you want to unlock Resta, you must first craft light technics once to unlock an achievement, then five times to unlock the next achievement, then 25 times to unlock resta and other light element recipes.

In addition, since there's two recipes for each technic, you can unlock the second recipe by crafting the first recipe 5 times. For example, lets say you want to unlock the second Gi Grants recipe "集中のギ・グランツレシピ1" Concentrating Gi Grants Recipe1. You must first craft the original
"閃光のギ・グランツレシピ1" Flashing Gi Grants Recipe1 five times to unlock it.

Recipe Achievements [Ways to Unlock Technic Recipes]

  • Craft recipes of the same element several times to unlock them.
  • Craft the same recipe 5 times to unlock its alternate.

Technic Recipe Merits and Demerits

The Recipe prefix is a fancy way of indicating what kind of merits it will have.

火焔 Fire / 氷牙 Ice / 雷迅 Lightning / 風斬 Wind / 閃光 Light / 深闇 Dark

  • Merits:  威力 [Increased Power]
  • Demerits: 消費PP [PP Consumption]

効率 Efficient

  • Merits: 消費PP [PP Consumption]
  • Demerits: 距離 [Distance]

集中 Concentrating

  • Merits: チャージ時間 [Charge Times]
  • Demerits: 状態異常発生率  [Status Inflicting Rate]

広域 Wide

  • Merits: 範囲 [Range]
  • Demerits: 威力 [Power]

数多 Multi

  • Merits: 発動間隔 [Cast Intervals]
  • Demerits: 消費PP [PP Consumption]

加速 Speed

  • Merits: 速度 [Speed]
  • Demerits: 消費PP [PP Consumption]

深刻 Severe

  • Merits: 状態異常発生率  [Status Inflicting Rate]
  • Demerits: 威力 [Power]

Unlocking Recipes

Craft an element several times to unlock new recipes of that particular element. If you craft a specific technic five times, you'll unlock an alternate version of that technic.

Technic Customization: Achievement Unlocking Methods [Incomplete]

  • [A] Craft 100 Technics.
  • [A] Craft one fire Technic.
  • [A] Craft five fire Technics.
  • [B] Craft 25 Fire technics to unlock Fire recipes.
  • [A] Craft one ice Technic.
  • [A] Craft five ice Technics.
  • [B] Craft 25 Ice Technics to unlock Ice recipes.
  • [A] Craft one Lightning Technic.
  • [A] Craft five Lightning Technics.
  • [B] Craft 25 Lightning Technics to unlock Lightning recipes.
  • [A] Craft one Wind Technic.
  • [A] Craft five Wind Technics.
  • [B] Craft 25 Wind Technics to unlock Wind recipes.
  • [A] Craft one Light Technic,
  • [A] Craft five Light Technics.
  • [B] Craft 25 Light Technics to unlock Light recipes.
  • [A] Craft one Dark Technic.
  • [A] Craft five Dark Technics.
  • [B] Craft 25 Dark Technics to unlock Dark recipes.
  • [A] Craft a specific Technic 5 times to unlock its alternate recipe.
  • [A] Achieve 5 Great Success
  • [B] Achieve 10 Great Success
  • [C] Achieve 50 Great Success
  • [A] Craft someone's Technic 5 times.
  • [B] Craft someone's Technic 10 times.

*Note, the achievements on this list are condensed to save space. As for the general formula, crafting technics of a particular element will unlock more achievements in that same element. For example, you can stick to [A] crafting technics in one element to unlock [B]'s achievement, then you must craft that element twenty five times to unlock the rest of that element's recipes.



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