Oct 5th 2016 – Balance Adjustments

Here's a rough draft of the balance adjustments scheduled for October 5th, 2016.

Hunter Adjustments

  • Instead of having a duration timer, Fury Stance/Guard Stance will have its effect continue until it's turned OFF.
  • Relaxed the Guard cancellation timing for Rising Edge.
  • Expanded Nova Strike's area of effect and relaxed its timing of descent.
  • Relaxed the Just Attack timing, reduced its PP cost, and increased the animation speed for Stun Concido.
  • Relaxed the cancellation timing of Guilty Break .
  • Relaxed the Just Attack timing for Ignite Parrying.
  • Relaxed the JA timing and cancellation timing of [Kaiser Rise] and adjusted the timing its attack occurs.

Fighter Adjustments

  • Instead of having a duration timer, Brave Stance/Wise Stance will change so that its effect continues until it's turned OFF.
  • Buffed the animation speed for [Surprise Dunk].
  • The effect for L / Knuckle Chase will now apply to [Quake Howling] when that PA is used in the air.

Ranger Adjustments

  • Relaxed the cancellation timing and applied invincibility frames to a portion of [Impact Slider's] attack.

Gunner Adjustments

  • Relaxed the JA timing & stylish roll cancellation timing for [Dive Roll Shoot] with TMGs.
  • Relaxed the cancellation timing of Stylish Rolls for [Dead Approach].

Braver adjustments.

  • Instead of having a duration timer, Average Stance/Weak Stance will have its effect continue until it's turned OFF.
  • Reduced the hitstop for the Counter Attack that occurs during Katana Gear.

Bouncer Adjustments

  • Instead of having a duration timer, Elemental Stance/Break Stance will have its effect continue until it's turned OFF.

Summoner Adjustment

  • Adjusted [Cery Chaser] to have a quicker attack timing.
  • Adjusted [Cery Fall] to have a quicker attack timing. Extended the duration the enemies are stopped once they get hit by the attack.

Gunslash Balance Adjustments

  • Relaxed the Just Attack timing for Step Attacks.
  • Relaxed the JA timing and cancellation timing for [Tri Impact Type-0]
  • Thrillsplosion will now have invincibility frames to a portion of its animation.
  • [Slash Rave] will have buffed animation speeds and reduced hit stop.
  • [Kreisenschlag] will have relaxed cancellation timing.

Due to the above changes, an [All Skill Tree Reset Pass] will be distributed.

Pet Adjustment

  • ★12 Pet's level cap can now reach Lv. 110.

Recycle Shop Adjustments

You can now trade in qualifying items of different rarities together in one transaction.

Target Item Trade-In Item Quantity

★10 Weapons
★11 Weapons

Photon Sphere

★10 Units
★11 Units

Lambda Grinder

★10 Pet Egg
★11 Pet Egg


Class EXCube


25 thoughts to “Oct 5th 2016 – Balance Adjustments”

  1. Can we please have a Class Excube for class excube?
    Some of us don't like having to level our subclasses 19 times if we don't like that subclass in general.

    1. but i've cap all my class.. and it's 21, not 19..
      .anyway. you should email SEGA dev, not comment on this page..
      bumped only translate and deliver the update news. they cant do anything about sega's update..

    2. I find it interesting this particular trait of pso crowd that makes them refer to themselves in plural.

  2. 'Bout time they got rid of the pointless time limits on the Stances. Those usually aren't terribly relevant but have little reason to be there in the first place.

    1. I don't see what random's comment has to do with defense or dodging at all. I agree that there's really is no purpose for duration on stances.

    1. Ra isn't in need of defense buffs. Plus why would you need any going as Ra/Hu, Hu sub makes every class invincible basically.

    2. Because I want to (multiclass) be both Ra and a guren lord! While RaHu is great, forcing class to have Hu sub to stay alive because it has no innate defense is a poor class design.

      Look at any other class, all of them have defensive abilities, even the "mage archetype" Fo has one of best defenses in the game. Ra has almost nothing and the only PAs that actually do reasonable damage not only force you to stay immobile but also have huge aftershot delay that in some cases guarantee that you get hit. Dodge roll also has that delay that gets you hit in some cases.

      About popularity – its the least discussed class on pso-w and I haven't met one during todays TD1, and I think I've seen Ra once or twice in 10 or so LQ runs. Bravers and Forces? Tons.

    3. B-but RaBr have J.rev Heal and Quickmate! P. Slider and Sneakshot spam have decent dps and not requiring you to stand still for 1-2 secs. Only noob spam Satcan/End Attract all day erryday. Also, Ra is supposed to dish high dps from long range while Hu with maxed WarCry take all the hate…sadly there's no Hu with maxed WarCry outside of UQ. Even then, it's hard to find them when playing with random ppl *sigh

    4. J.rec heal is waste of points and Quickmate, while good, still means that you get hit (and might die) and will waste time using that mate. P.Slider loses standing snipe which is 25% of your damage while having less DPS even not counting SS, sneakshot is a bit better but is still subpar DPS compared to most other classes that don't have problems defending themselves. So only by using risky errydays PAs you can do reasonable damage.
      Btw Ra is "medium" range and doesn't have unlimited range attacks like FOtm of Phatasy Force Online 2.

    5. Okay I see where your coming from, but Ra/Br despite being unoptimal for Br's weapons has survivability, Jrec is worth taking seeing how Br has so many leftover points. Also keep in mind the PSOW population is not even 15% of the game's players so it isn't a good idea to base something like popularity of a class from it.

      Rolling is fine for dodging. You can chain 2 together if you "Roll-LA-Roll" with little to none downtime between the rolls to be hit depending on how good you are doing it. And Ra being medium range isn't exactly right. Yes it doesn't have infinite range like Techs, but you can be VERY far if you free-aim, which you should be doing.

      Anyway the melee classes should be drawing the aggro and you should be far away enough to roll/run away from danger easily assuming you aren't Ra/Hu for getting the best damage out of just Ra weapons. Sounds like you have bad luck with MPA's skill levels and not the class's survivability itself to be honest.

    6. It sounds like you're referring to mirage esc as a defense. I hardly see that as defense, sure it's a powerful ability for force to avoid almost any attack with easy, but not a defensive skill. Truthfully I believe that force has little to no defense skills.

      It's not parallel slider/impact slider that loses SS dmg bonus, it's the PA that you'd follow it with that loses the SS bonus. You can easily use P.Slider and I.Slider from a standstill. Damage from standing snipe is added based on what you were doing before using the PA (e.g. running around, or standing still) not during the PA.

      A player may not need JR cover or quickmate but they're inevitably useful skills to have. Doesn't matter how good you are at dodging every player gets hit at some point and needs to stop to heal so skills like those while not required, are effective and make a difference.

      Rangers work best at mid range but, from my experience, ever since they sped up sneak shooter, i find myself able to effectively dispatch enemies from long range (not force or techer casting range) but a pretty good distance. Sneak shooter isn't exactly a dps PA but it can be used to keep consistent/easy damage.

    7. After putting 4 points into boosting dodge roll….

      I found it's one of the most damn forgiving dodges in the entire game. No absurd end lag like mirage escape and far less stiff and with more control than any step.

      And really, putting yourself with a class with a severe disadvantage against the norm is gonna cause you issues. They're gonna balance against what's best, not Bo/Br or the like.

      And from the sound of it, it really seems like you should just be using bow instead of rifle with Br/Hu.

    8. Well, the main problem is that I can't cancel afterattack delay and Dive Roll being bad only adds to that, anyway, frame data (there are multiple pages):
      Dive roll is the worst dodge in the game, has almost the same iframes as Step but much longer delay, with Fo you can Mirage meaty attacks or charge guard single attack and he has no problems (at all) with afterattack delay.
      With bbow BrRa I had no problems because the class is much more mobile and uses Step dodge.

    9. How about you talk about how there are some mobs programmed to ignore your dodge or block and just plow you and knock you around like a pinball or rag doll becuz its countering it every 1st move, 1st step or so then knocks you off your game, when your blocks or dodges should counter there charges sense mobs speeds increase insanely the higher the difficulty?

    10. Been maining (as in playing *almost* exclusively) Ranger for more than 2 years now, and I'm glad Sega isn't messing with it more than it's necessary. I think it's fine the way it is right now (only wish they toned down EA a bit).

      My guess is that you see tons of Forces and Bravers beause it's easier/faster to deal damage/keep a good dps ratio than Ranger, mainly because Ranger usually requires you to lock on onto weak points, sometimes actually aim manually, and be mindful of your positioning to get SS bonus if you want to go for max damage. And I have to disagree with you there concerning damage, it's relatively easy to get good damage with the right weapon (rifle and/or launcher) and PA (because EA is not all you have) against weak points or headshots, even without SS.

      IMHO, I think the problem is that most people don't want to bother learning how to effectively play Ranger, apparently they just want to hit anywhere and get good damage, usually by spamming EA or One Point without even bothering to get SS bonus. Not blaming anyone for that, but expecting to deal good damage hitting anywhere as a class that deals damage mainly through hitting weak points is unreasonable.

      As for the dodge roll bit, I kind of agree. It's easy to run away doing roll-> attack cancel -> roll, but dodging you only learn with some practice.

    11. I feel this,but personally I'd just nab the L/Ring slow roll to fix that.

      Hopefully its like a mirage escape but for muh rolls.

  3. smh.. 1 lamda for 10 eggs… lul..

    game rains 10~11s weapons/units, not eggs. so we're suppose to hold onto 9 eggs for a month+? lol.. no. tfw you get five 9s, two 8s and a 13s egg… all the world for that better than crap, but not much, egg!

  4. So… Is there any point in having bouncer stances turned off??? That seems a little strange to me. I mean it's great and all. I just thought some sort of cool down would be more likely.

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