Brilliant PSO2 Merchandising from COSPA

COSPA originally came into the Phantasy Star scene back in the portable days through fan inspired t-shirts and merchandising. They will now accept pre-orders for their new PSO2 fashion lineup at each of the six locations hosting the Phantasy Star Thanks Festa fan event.



★限定★ジンヴェバオリ風甚平 Jinvebaori (8,190 Yen)




ARKSカラビナ ARKS Carabiner (1,050 Yen)





クラーリタストレートタンブラー Clarita Straight Tumbler (1,575 Yen)



Arks Laser

ARKSレーザーフェンスTシャツ ARKS Laser Fence T-Shirt (3,045 Yen)


No Luck

You Have No Luck Brilliantly T-Shirt (3,045 Yen)


Resta Please

レスタお願いしますTシャツ Resta Please T-Shirt (3,045 Yen)


Acryllic Carabiner

シフタアクリルカラビナ Shifta Acrylic Carabiner
ラッピーアクリルカラビナ Rappy Acrylic Carabiner
デバンドアクリルカラビナ Deband Acrylic Carabiner
六芒均衡アクリルカラビナ The Council of Six Acrylic Carabiner
Each for 1260 Yen



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