PSP2i: DLC Mission Maximum Attack Infinity for Multimode Play

The player demands are sooo strong that things have changed! This time, ad-hoc/multi-mode players can now play Maximum Attack Infinity I and II. However they are still locked out of Maximum Attack Infinity III.

Last week, players managed to achieve the goal of 15%~60% element boost in the mission results screen. This reward is now applied to Maximum Attack Infinity III.  (It appears these particular reward panels go in effect at the next maintenance and not immediately when they are unlocked.)

Unfortunately the Komazali Rod did not reach the goal of 35 million, so the percentage of that weapon is now 97%. I guess players became fatigued as the event went on.

This week's weapon is the Giga Phone, and in order to achieve 100% we must acquire 45 million kills. You can still enjoy Maximum Attack Infinity I ~ III with the double EXP, Type Points, and Drop Rate. (However, the multimode version of the event has only 50% increase, which is quite strange because we didn't unlock it yet.)


You may notice the Maximum Attack Infinity missions are both in orange and white. The orange missions are for Internet Multimode only and those kills will count towards the goal for the event. Maximum Attack Infinity missions in white can be played in both multimode and Internet Multimode, but be sure not to choose the wrong one if you are participating in the event.

As a little present,  only during the event period,  MAI multimode missions will have 150% boost applied automatically, however, the online participators still have to unlock the +50% boost anyway. If this is achieved, once the event is over, MAI on multimode will continue to have the 150% boost applied.


  • Name: Maximum Attack Infinity III
  • Date: Thursday June 16, 2011
  • Mode: Internet Multimode Only
  • Description: The counterattack begins! The power of this mysterious space has decreased,  now we have a chance to reclaim Clad Zero. Defeat Volna Gravka at once! 

  • Name: Maximum Attack Infinity I + II
  • Date: Thursday June 16th, 2011
  • Mode: Multimode, Internet multimode
  • Description: Now those playing multimode can participate in this mission, including challenging the Bonus Block. You can even trade tickets you've acquired here and use them to trade for event rewards and items. (I'm not entirely sure how exactly you'll trade for event rewards at the moment.)

Both Maximum Attack Infinity Exchange and Rapico's General Merchant missions will also have an update on Thursday June, 16th, 2011.

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Rapico's Goody Bag

If you trade 2 Rapico Lucky Feathers you'll get a random item from her goody bag ラピ子のお楽しみ袋. Now some of the items listed in the wiki are the unreleased items from a previous post.

You can receive items like: Miracle Punchers ミラクルパンチ, Rappy Madoog ラッピー・マドグ, Pinky Shot ピンキーシュート

  • Meseta Card メセタカード : This item can be sold for Meseta.


PSO2 Alpha Test

Those who signed up for Phantasy Star Online 2 Alpha Test should check their emails* starting this week, or early next week for news of the date of  the winner announcements.

*His choice of words were Email Magazine メルマガ which I'm assuming is an email newsletter.

Thanks 2ch!

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Maximum Attack Infinity Exchange

Maximum Attack Infinity has started, and we have already passed 1 million kills! Sakai wrote about how there were comments saying it would be impossible to reach 5 million kills by a week. But he has already calculated the target number of kills based on the amount of people playing, the  time it takes to do a lap, and using the previous event as a reference.

So now within the Exchange Mission, you can trade various tickets for cool weapons. It includes these weapons for those who played Phantasy Star Online.

Heaven Punisher


True Agito


To exchange these weapons please follow these abbreviations for Guardians Ticket and Hunters Ticket!

  • GT = ガーディアンズチケット = Guardians Ticket
  • HT = ハンターズチケット = Hunters Ticket
  • LW = リトルウィングチケット = Little Wing Ticket
Weapons Neutral Element
Madame Parasol
Any Ticket x 30 Fire: GT x 30 + HT x 30
Ice: GT x 30 + HT x 30
Lightning: LW x 30 + HT x 30
Ground: LW x 30 + HT x 30
Dark: GT x 30 + LW x 30
Light: GT x 30 + LW x 30
True Agito
Any Ticket x 30 Fire: GT x 30 + HT x 30
Ice: GT x 30 + HT x 30
Lightning: LW x 30 + HT x 30
Ground: LW x 30 + HT x 30
Dark: GT x 30 + LW x 30
Light: GT x 30 + LW x 30
Heaven Punisher
Any Ticket x 30 Fire: GT x 30 + HT x 30
Ice: GT x 30 + HT x 30
Lightning: LW x 30 + HT x 30
Ground: LW x 30 + HT x 30
Dark: GT x 30 + LW x 30
Light: GT x 30 + LW x 30
Biwa Rock
Any Ticket x 30 Fire: GT x 30 + HT x 30
Ice: GT x 30 + HT x 30
Lightning: LW x 30 + HT x 30
Ground: LW x 30 + HT x 30
Dark: GT x 30 + LW x 30
Light: GT x 30 + LW x 30
Any Ticket x 30 Fire: GT x 30 + HT x 30
Ice: GT x 30 + HT x 30
Lightning: LW x 30 + HT x 30
Ground: LW x 30 + HT x 30
Dark: GT x 30 + LW x 30
Light: GT x 30 + LW x 30
Twin Heaven Punisher
Any Ticket x 30 Fire: GT x 30 + HT x 30
Ice: GT x 30 + HT x 30
Lightning: LW x 30 + HT x 30
Ground: LW x 30 + HT x 30
Dark: GT x 30 + LW x 30
Light: GT x 30 + LW x 30
Shield x Unit  Requirements
AMF anti-SEEDLine
Dark: GT x 5
Greenil Wing
GT x 20 + HT x 20
Oran Wing
LW x 20 + HT x 20
Room Items  Requirements
Bravas Figure
ガーディアンズチケット x 10
Guardians Ticket x10
Olga Flow Figure
ハンターズチケット x10
Hunters Ticket x 10
Olga Flow Figure
ハンターズチケット x10
Hunters Ticket x10
Dios Figure
Hunters Ticket x10
Volna Figure
Little Wing Ticket x10
Dios  Awekening
Little Wing Ticket x5
MUSIC DISC 51 リトルウィングチケットx10
Little Wing Ticketx10

Coming Soon!


These weapons are coming soon to a Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity near you! This spoiler box contains a list of weapons  yet to be released as of June 3rd, 2011. Obviously this section will be null and void if you read it months after this date.

This section has no relation to the Maximum Attack Infinity Exchange post. The list was taken from the Infinity Final Guide, which Shougai and other bloggers obtained. The final guide explains that these weapons listed below will be available in future download missions or future mission codes.

(DLM) = Future Download Mission
(Mission Code) = Unreleased Mission Code

    アレックパンチ (DLM) Alec Punchers
    ジャッジメントハーツ (DLM) Jugdement hearts (pic) (MAI1 S Clear Result)
    ミラクルパンチ (DLM) Miracle Punchers

    ナイトオブアルティメット (DLM)  Knight of Ultimate

    アンク・ホイル (DLM) Ank Foil

Twin Saber
    真打オロチアギト (DLM) Orochiagito
    神剣ヤオロズ (DLM) Divine Sword: Yaoroz

Twin Dagger
    ナノブラストサイス (DLM) Nanoblast edge
    シノワゴールドブレイド (DLM) Sinow Gold Blade (MAI2 Aor∞: S Clear Result)

Twin Claws
    ハートオブポウム (DLM) Heart of Poum
    煌刃パニッシュメント ( Mission Code) Punishment (pic)

    アンビシオン (DLM) Ambicion
    トライシオン (DLM) Tricion

    金鞭スケレトス (DLM) Golden Whip Skeletos
    ディラス・ウィップ (DLM) Dyla Whip
    バル・ウィップ (DLM)  Bar Whip (pic)
    パワー・ウィップ (DLM) Power Whip

    バショーセーン (DLM) Bashousehn
   フーリンカザーン (DLM) Furinkazehn

    ダークメテオショット (DLM) Dark Meteo Shot

    ピンキーシュート (DLM) Pinky shot

    サテライトスターマイン (DLM) Satellite Starmine (pic)
    ベリーアイスビーム (DLM) Berry Ice Beam
    メローアイスビーム (DLM) Mellow Ice Beam

Twin Hand Gun
    神砲カグツチ (DLM) Kagutsuchi
    ツインヘブンパニッシャー (DLM) Twin heaven punisher

    神砲ホムラ (DLM) Homura

    邪砲エグザイム (DLM) Evil Igzim

    ブルーフルカード (Mission Code) Blueful Card

    ダークファルス・ダスト (DLM) Dark Falz Dust

エターナルサイコドライブ (DLM) Eternal Psycho Drive
After killing 3000 monsters, the Tech power increases 50%


Wii U

No Kotaku.. Just no…

Fire: GT x 30 + HT x 30
Ice: GT x 30 + HT x 30

Maximum Attack Infinity Comeback Campaign

Reward Panels

  • (B) 2,500,000 Bonus Block [Love Birds] [Completed]
  • (I) 3,000,000 Nightmare Blood 80% Element  [Completed]
  • (I) 5,000,000 God Hand 100% Attribute unlocked. [Completed]
  • (B)5,000,000 Bonus Block [Forest Protector] [Completed]
  • (I) 6,000,000 Extend Code x3 [Completed]
  • (I) 9,000,000 Extend Code Infinity x3 [Completed]
  • (E) 30,000,000 Clear Result Reward Weapon Attribute Increase.
     (15 ~60% Element) [Completed] **
  • (I) 35,000,000 Komazali Rod 100% Attribute Unlocked.
  • (E) 40,000,000 EXP, Type Point, Item Drop Rate Permanently Increase +50%

(I) = Item Reward , (E) = Effect Reward, (B) = Bonus Blocks
**Clear Result Rewards are weapons you receive upon completion of the mission on the results screen, not the four 100% element reward weapons.

  • Regarding event rewards, Items are distributed after the event, other than that, Effect rewards are applied after the next maintenance.
  • Bonus Blocks and Effect Rewards (from the reward panels ) are applied only for the event missions.
  • When the 40mil reward is applied, it will increase a total of 2.5x the EXP, TP, Item Drop rate during the length of the event.
  • After the event is over, the 40mil reward will increase a total of 1.5x the EXP, TP, Item Drop rate.
  • In otherwords, now it's 200%, at 40mil reward panel it's 250%, after the event it's 150%


[轟機] Roaring Machine:  This Bonus Block was shown in source code which was probably referring to MAI 3 instead of MAI 2.

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Playstation Network Maintenance

Due to the Playstation Network Maintenance, Maximum Attack Infinity will run from  6/1/2011 through 6/30/2011. The original scheduled date to reach God Hand's 100% attribute has been pushed back by a day.

  • Schedule Changes
    • Event Finishes 6/30/2011
    • God Hand 100% Week Ends 6/9/2011 @ 13:00JST

Maximum Attack Infinity Event

Four new reward items will be given out instead of the Japanese Phantasy Star Universe weapons that were previously revealed.

The Comeback Campaign commemorates the restoration of the Playstation Network! Those who download the mission from June 1st, will receive special gifts! Starting from that date, the illustration contest winners will have their artwork displayed in the Visual Lobby!

During Maximum Attack Infinity, Type Points, Drops, EXP are doubled. Enemies are ferocious but their physical strength is slightly decreased.  Regardless of play skill, players will be allowed to become incapacitated without fear of mission failure during the general areas of the event thanks to the help by Hyuga and others. But watch out during the boss areas…


It appears the clear result grade will drop if you die too many times (not sure what the specific number is.) In each mission there will be a bonus area, one will open based on the number of enemies defeated as displayed on the official site. The other bonus block has a chance to appear as a rare block after the boss. I wonder what enemy makes an appearance here?

You can exchange various tickets you gathered in the mission to Hyuga for various items. Also for this event,  a certain man's partner card could be obtained.

For those who can't play online, this mission will be available for offline or ad-hoc multimode play sometime after the event is over.


God Hand (Knuckles) ゴッドハンド


Esperanza (Twin Saber) エスペランサ


Giga Phone (Machine Gun) ギガ・フォン


Komazali Rod (Rod) コウマヅリロッド

When players reach up to the target number of enemies killed, the reward weapon's attribute will become 100%.  Even though the reward weapons are no longer 16star, please play Maximum Attack Infinity on Infinity Difficulty because you may be able to find some there.


This 16 star weapon is available in MAI's hardest difficulty.


Rapico's Partner Card

Currently undergoing investigation.
This space will update throughout the event.

Rapico has a chance to show up in Maximum Attack Infinity  in four distinct places. It appears she will show up in one out of each of these four areas. When you meet Rapico, she will give you ラピ子の幸運の羽根 Rapico's Lucky Feathers, which you can use in General Merchant Rapico.

  • MAI I: First Stage Rapico's Appearances:
    • In Block 1: Foie Turret Room, if you see a message when you approach the box in the center of the room.
    • In Block 2: At the T intersection: Where the boulder is with the 4 switches
    • In Block 2:  Before the Boss, there's rubble on the floor near the back of the room. Examine it and destroy it.
    • Bonus Block: After the beginning jump, hidden near a pier.
  • MAI II: Second Stage Rapico's Appearances:
    • 2nd Mines Area: At the south side, you may see a message capsule, if you examine it Rapico appears.
    • 1st Room Ruins Area: At the northern end of the room by a fence which is actually a hidden passageway.
    • 1st Room Ruins Area: She"ll just appear in a side room.
    • Bonus Block: She appears in the Forest Protectors area behind a rock [pic]

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Heathcliff Flowen Partner Card

To obtain Heathcliff Flowen's Partnercard, you must play Maximum Attack Infinity II, on Infinity Rank. During the mission, you must have less than 4 deaths by the entire party. By abiding by this rule, you're guaranteed to get an S Grade clear result. After you defeat both bosses, Flowen should appear to give you his card.

 General Merchant Rapico

  • Name: General Merchant Rapico (ラピ子のなんでも屋さん)
  • Date: 6/1/2011
  • Access: Story Mode / Exchange Mission
  • Description: You can receive items from Rapico the salesclerk. Please take note about the number of items you are currently holding in personal storage, because Rapico will only hand them out once per account.

Rapico General Merchant has two distinct features, one being the Comeback Campaign, and the other being the Partner Card. Comeback Campaign is on an account basis, meaning only one account can receive 2x Extend Code and 2x Extend Code∞. Those who can't play Internet Multimode can still receive the items. The Comeback Campaign is a permanent feature.

In regards to her Partner Card, you will need to trade 5 Rapico Feathers that you've obtained in Maximum Attack Infinity missions. You can get one for each character.

Unsure at this time, but this mission may update further in the future.

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Junya Ishigaki

In the Infinity Final Guide, Shougai learned the names of the weapons and outfit created by Junya Ishigaki. The complete set is composed of 4 items. If these are sold on the Playstation Store, the set would cost up to 900 yen.

  •  ツインスクレイパー  Twin Scraper (Twin Dagger)
  • ハンマースクレイパー Hammer Scraper (Saber)
  • キャノンスクレイパー Cannon Scraper (Handgun)
  • トゥーンスクレイパー Toon Scraper (Male Parts)