Celebrate Turkey Day in PSO2 with a New Lobby!

November 25th, 2020 Update


The Space-Time Rift

A new solo Ultimate Quest pits players against the Primordial Darkness! With every victory, you'll be able to face a stronger version of Sodom. The quest can only be played twice a day.


A plethora of multi-weapon camos can be collected from the quest, along with two new Gunslash camos.


Thanksgiving Lobby

The Thanksgiving Lobby makes its way to the Japanese version of PSO2! Flock to the Shop Area and feast your eyes upon the mouthwatering centerpiece.


Turkey Rappies have been sighted in the wild! Hunt them down for a chance to get a Turkey Rappy S Mini (JP) costume.


Coat Camo Exchange

Combine all of the Coat weapon camos into one all-encompassing camo with the new
[* Coat Weapon] item in Zieg's Shop!


Melodic Ensemble (AC Scratch)

Hatsune Miku is back with another collaboration scratch! Vocaloids KAITO and MEIKO will join the ensemble this time.



December 2nd Update

Class Level 100

December 2nd Update

The time has come at last for the class level cap to rise to 100! No additional unlocking conditions are required. Support Partners can also reach Level 100.


Koffie has an additional Complex PA stock cap client order available. Raise four classes to Level 100 to complete it.


Idola Second Anniversary (AC Scratch)

Commemorate Idola's second anniversary with a revival scratch! New Matoi hairstyles and lobby actions based on her Law and Chaos looks will be included.



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