PSO2 Station! Plus #11 Recap

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Please take note as the information below is subject to change.


Secret Phrase

  • Say the secret phrase in chat to receive special prizes
  • 境界を超えし剣士たち
  • Prize: Autumn Wreath, Autumn Swag, Giant Turkey, and Bonus Key Tokyo Rainbow.
  • You have until December 2nd's Maintenance.



Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Mourning of Demise
  • Rare Drop +200%, EXP +250%
  • November 24th @ 23:00 JST (Quna Concert First)


Yuzuki Yukari Collaboration

  • A Revival of the Yuzuki Yukari Collab Items and Introduction of Kizuna Akari
  • S̶̘̎H̵̛͎Ȇ̵ͅ ̴̖̈́Ì̸̹L̵̼̊L̶̉͜Ù̴̥M̸̳̾I̷̡͒N̶̯̄Ä̸̜́T̸̡͆Ẻ̶̮S̴͕̓ ̵̿ͅY̶͔̕O̵̟͘U̴̗͐ ̶̻͘Â̸̧L̵̨̂L̴̙͠ ̵̲͐Ẉ̷͒Ī̵̩T̶̫͋H̶̺̕ ̵̞̇H̶̞̅E̷̪͌R̷̦͌ ̵̠̈Ṿ̶͂O̶̠̿I̸̟̕C̴͓̐É̴͜
    • Hairstyles, Costumes, Accessories, and ex Voice Tickets
  • Coming December


Yakuza 7 Collaboration

  • Collaboration items for Kasuga Ichiban and his barbed wire bat weapon camo.
  • Coming December


Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- and BlazBlue Chronophantasma

  • Collaboration Item Revival Begins Mid-January


Winter ARKS Support Campaign

  • Emergency Quest Rush (11/25~12/2)
    • Certain EQs Occur More Frequently
  • Item Get Campaign (11/25 ~ 12/16)
    • Clear certain quests to get [Bonus Key Tokyo: Rainbow]
  • Twitter Screenshot Campaign (11/25 ~ 12/9)
    • Theme: Fierce Fighting. Prize: Star Gems
  • Hatsune Miku DIVA Video / Live Boost! (11/25 ~ 12/16)
    • Hatsune Miku Videos and Live Concert Boost


Early December Update

  • Prodigy Psychic (AC Scratch)
  • Psychic themed Basewear and Blouson


Early December Update

  • Uncle Sam Suit (JP) and Roller Diner (JP) finally arrives in the Japanese version
  • Accessory and Lobby Action: TMG / Gunslash, UFO Catcher, Festival


Christmas Event 2020

  • Christmas Lobby + Saint Rappy (~12/31)
  • Mission Pass Season 4
    • Reward: *Cluster Sword Rifle
    • Reward: Evo Device / Oyuki
    • Reward:
  • Fighter Balance Adjustments
    • Buffed 3 Weapon Types
  • Bouncer Balance Adjustments
    • 60 Second Duration for Photon Blade Fever
  • Etoile Balance Adjustments
    • Et Over Drive Recast Time is now 180s


Revival Scratch

  • Oracle Christmas Collection
  • Scratch Bonus includes Christmas Character Posters


Mid December Update

  • Sword Art Online Collaboration
    • PSO2 & SAO Crossover Event!
      • Watch as characters chat with each other.
    • Kirito and Asuna will appear in the lobby
      • Progress through their COs to obtain their partner cards!


Mid December Update

  • Kirito Repca and Asuna Repca
  • Kirito Hair and Asuna Hair
  • *Kirito's Twin Sword and *Asuna's Lambent Light
  • Sword Skill Lobby Actions
  • Posters


December 16th and Onward Collaboration

  • Collaboration Login Campaign
    • Login into the game to receive EXP Tickets
    • Login a certain # of days to get Bonus Keys and the SAO x PSO2 Poster
  • Level Up Support Boost
    • Level Up Quests will be +200% EXP.
  • Collaboration Presents
    • Receive Bonus Keys and Boost Items when you log in
  • Collaboration Twitter RT Campaign
    • The # of Retweets determine the prices you receive.
    • Lobby Actions, Bonus Keys, Boost Items.


December 16th and Onward Collaboration

  • When a new PSO2 player joins a team by January 6th, all team members will receive boost items, bonus keys, and [Wave 2] LA.
  • When a returnee PSO2 player logs in and belongs to a team by January 6th, all team members Boost Items, Bonus Keys, and [Bow 2].


Late December Update

  • Tenderly Electro Voice (AC Scratch)
  • Yuzuki Yukari and Kizuna Akari Outfits, hairstyles, and accessories.
  • Several room items will also be available.


Late December Update

  • Tenderly Electro Voice
  • Christmas Elmir, Christmas Shiva, and Christmas Mother's outfits.
  • New ARKS Coat outfits


Late December Update

  • Even more Accessories and Lobby Actions
  • Elemental Lobby Action Poses


Late December Update

  • Elmir, Shiva, and Mother Christmas NPCs will appear in the lobby.
  • Receive their partner cards from their Client Orders
  • Client Order Reward


Late December Update

  • Challenge Quest: Mission: Cataclysm
  • Select your Equipment/Skill loadout before departure.
    • Attack (Orange)
    • Rush (Blue)
    • Support (Green)
    • Unique (Yellow)
  • In this mission, VR Energy drains only on deaths, and not time.
  • Title Reward: Fluxio Series
    • You can change the weapon category at Zieg.
  • Challenge Shop Lineup Has Been Updated
    • Grind Cap +1, etc


Late December Update

  • Merry Christmas on Ice 2020 (EQ)
  • Now it's a boss rush inside 1 map.
  • Christmas characters will appear in Emergency Trials


Late December Update

  • Vulcan S Pet
  • Ares Camo
  • New ★15 Weapon: Halo (Will also be in the SP Collection)


New Years Event 2021

  • New Years Lobby (~02/03/21)
  • Drag Rappy (~02/03/21)
  • Pounding Mochi Lobby Action in Revival Scratch Bonus


Early January Update

  • Ichiban Kasuga's Costume, hairstyle, and bat.
  • Saeko Mukoda's Costume, hairstyle, Matriarch Machine Guns and Blue Dragon Crescent Blade
  • Lobby Action: Battle Skill


Early January Update

  • A Variety of Outfits from Gothic to Harajuku


Early January Update

  • A Variety of Accessories and Lobby Actions


Early January Update

  • Space Magatsu's Limited Return! (~1/20)


Mid January Update

  • Versus Crossbattle (Revival AC Scratch)
  • Blazblue and Guilty Gear Xrd


Mid January Update

  • Arks Memorial Track (SG Revival Scratch)


Late January Update

  • Oracle Collection 4 (AC Scratch)
  • Stratos, Kyokuya, and Lucotte Lobby actions!


Late January Update

  • Oracle Collection 4 (AC Scratch)
  • Lucotte's head, apron, and eyes
  • *Photon Broom
  • Upgrade Certain Lobby Actions so that they support equipment.
    • Hero Pose > Hero Pose+
    • Phantom Pose > Phantom Pose+
    • Certain Weapons do not support this feature.
  • You can get Phantom Pose+ and Hero Pose+ from the Scratch Bonus.


Phantasy Star Vocal Collection

  • Vocal tracks from Phantasy Star games.
  • Item Codes include vocal music discs!
  • Sales Date: November 25th
  • Price: 5000 Yen (4CDs)


Phantasy Star Series Vocal Collection

  • Contains Theme Songs from Phantasy Star Games!
  • Item Codes Music Discs of various theme songs.



Edwin x PSO2 Collaboration

  • Purchase the Edwin x PSO2 403 Special ver Jeans to receive item codes
    • Edwin Jeans F [Ba]
    • Edwin Jeans M [Ba]
    • 724 [PR Pose 5]


Edwin x PSO2 Collaboration

  • Purchase the Edwin x PSO T Shirt to receive item codes
    • Edwin x Quna Panel
    • Edwin x PSO2 Sticker


Character Song CD VI

  • Contains Item Codes
  • Normal Edition
    • Songs From Harriet, Kyokuya, Sukunahime,
    • Sukunahime & Matoi, Harriet and Risa
    • Plus Mini Drama Tracks
  • Deluxe Edition
    • Contains Normal Edition
    • Plus Songs from Margareta, Shiva.


Puso Ni Comic Animation Season 2

  • Puso Ni Comi Character Pose Lobby Actions
  • Puso ni Comic Memory 3 (x26)
  • NiCo☆mmunication Music Disc


13 thoughts to “PSO2 Station! Plus #11 Recap”

  1. A boost for EToile (recast of Overdrive is now 180s). FINALLY ! It was about time ! EToile is the only Class which lost almost half its population since the beginning of the year.

  2. So no Coat camo for JBs, how disappointing, I'm guessing weapons will only get coat camo if they're added to a successor class, only a matter of time for a coat camo GS. Was about time for a new challenge (trigger quest?) mission, 6 years to update challenge shop with a Grind Cap +1

    Me: Look at all those collab scratches
    Wallet: I'm gonna have to stop you right there

    1. honestly, I don't think adding coat camos have anything to do with appearing in the story, if that was the case we would've seen our char using Coat since the very beginning, wouldn't you think? But no, our char began been using Coat after EP3 Ending. Just a thought.

    1. It's a revival. Nothing new will be added. If there would be though, they'd show it off and it'd most likely be based on the BBCF and Rev2 newcomers.

  3. Why does S̶̘̎H̵̛͎Ȇ̵ͅ ̴̖̈́Ì̸̹L̵̼̊L̶̉͜Ù̴̥M̸̳̾I̷̡͒N̶̯̄Ä̸̜́T̸̡͆Ẻ̶̮S̴͕̓ ̵̿ͅY̶͔̕O̵̟͘U̴̗͐ ̶̻͘Â̸̧L̵̨̂L̴̙͠ ̵̲͐Ẉ̷͒Ī̵̩T̶̫͋H̶̺̕ ̵̞̇H̶̞̅E̷̪͌R̷̦͌ ̵̠̈Ṿ̶͂O̶̠̿I̸̟̕C̴͓̐É̴͜ appears like its haunted?I asked other people and they see the same thing

  4. Just returned a few weeks ago, so how can i get the material needed for crafting lightweaver series (from achievement) , or maybe that primordial boss will appear randomly? thx in advance

    1. Primordial EQ randomly happens
      I'm still grinding the 50 repetitions
      Just like persona EQ you'll get the stone eventually

  5. hey. i just came back to poach some miku hairs but lmao after seeing this who would think they aren't running pso2 as a kickstarter for ngs? i mean 5 collabs in 2 months, they probably want to net every player 1 grand in the new year. actually hoped for something meaningful to their 12 players at the end of an era but LateStageCapitalism striked again.

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