Defend Earth Once Again In PSO2's Newest Story Chapter

~ April 8th, 2020 ~


Wild Easter 2020

Wild Easter returns with sunny skies as Phantoms invade the Las Vegas Strip! Lizeth Ghidour arrives to disrupt the festivities for attendees on Ultra Hard. At the end of the quest is our usual fare of Empe Rappy or Izane Kazuchi making an appearance.



Participate in the quest for the chance to receive the ★15 wand [Promessa Pagina]. This weapon can also be obtained from the [Special Collection].


Easter Event

Xie is once again handing out client orders. Clear them to receive rewards such as [*Woval Edge] and [Weapons Badge 2020].


*Woval Edge


Bingo is back in session! Fill the spaces for rewards like the feather-like [Evo. Device / Fez].


Evo. Device / Fez


Ready those Easter baskets for the Egg and Weapon Collection Files.


Episode 6: Chapter 4

Shiva's evil influence has extended across dimensions into Earth. Rina, Aika, and other Earth defenders are forced to take on an onslaught of unfamiliar opponents.


Pietro introduces you to Charlotte, a Redran with seemingly strong fighting spirit.


New Arks Missions

Brand new [Main] and [Limited] Arks Missions related to the new story chapter will be released along with this update.


College Cute Looks (AC Scratch)

The spring semester is in session with uniforms galore, from the typical sailor fuku to a retro shosei garment. This scratch also includes the Takt weapon pose and egg race lobby actions. You can even obtain the gradient variation version of [Aika Hair 2] in the Scratch Bonus!



Automata Revival (AC Scratch)

~ Releasing April 15th ~

To celebrate NieR's 10th anniversary, items from the [NieR:Automata] collaboration will once again become available.


10 thoughts to “Defend Earth Once Again In PSO2's Newest Story Chapter”

  1. as if ending EP6 super early wasn't enough, now we're going back to EP4 and possibly the lamest ending possible, as much as I wish this wasn't case now I'll have to be dealing with 5hitstugi in my pt. Well, it was quite inevitable, there's nothing else to do but just to deal with Earth cr4p story. A lame school scratch included with a lame takt pose, really sega? That could've been better invested in a Bow, JBs, Knuckles or even GS pose. the only good thing I see is Pietro's side story.

    1. well, as you can guess everyone has different taste. for example, I hate Pietro and all of his appearances throughout the side-stories.
      You like Pietro, but takt pose is lame…that's weird, don't you think? (^^;)

      Hitsugi IMHO is nice character. Rina on the other hand – definitely no. Lame design of the outfit, lame personality. All the side story characters FROM ANIME were also boring (for me).
      Glad, that all side characters died in Episode Oracle. ww

      But overall Ep4 wasn't too bad, story-wise.

      Scratch is boring, I agree (except fox mask).
      because I play mature male character and SEGA makes only kids-looking fan-service male outfits for girl-players 99% times. At least during Sakura Wars there will be nice male basewear. Sadly, they won't add new EQ to operate Sakura Wars mechs. 🙁

      Just wait a bit and you get all those poses. and be sure to have meseta for it…unless you want to complain later "oh great, now I wasted all meseta for affixing and they released LAs which I wanted, yada yada yada" ww

      If I invested into AC, I'd definitely draw in Nier scratch to sell weapon camos later for nice meseta.

  2. Anyone hating on ep4 story and its characters has sh!t taste.
    Only problems ep4 had were gameplay-related ones.

    1. I started off hating Episode 4. It wasn't until the big reveal of Mother and Hitsugi's empowered state tjat I began loving it. To be honest, Episode 4's story does start off rather slow and the Story Board ushered in the era of "sit around and watch". Ever since then, story has been 100% disconnected from gameplay, unlike the days of the actual Matter Board, which is now reduced to a mere plot contrivance.

    2. Right because the pacing didn't go to shit about as soon as it got to Vegas or anything.

    3. "Pacing" is a buzzword. Something you don't like always drags, and something you like always ends too soon.
      Pacing does not exist.

    4. Barely-coherent because painfully obviously rushed storytelling sure as shit does exist. Which would be the kind of "pacing" I was referring to.

      Dunno what exactly went down at SEGAC's end but it was pretty clear there was some kind of change of plans around the time the Tokyo segment wrapped up and the rest of the ep was scrambling to try and keep with the new schedule.

      Also Phaleg being made of Ass Pulled godmode bullshit wasn't helping any.

    5. "Also Phaleg being made of Ass Pulled godmode bullshit wasn't helping any."

      I'd have more of a problem with this if it was actually abused as a plot device instead of something that just kind of happened. She never really did much that the player character couldn't do and she got power creeped something fierce after Shiva showed up anyway…

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