Elder is UHtterly Profound In December 18th Update

~ December 18th, 2019 ~


New Class Etoile

The next Successor Class, Etoile, makes its debut in this update. 

Etoile Preview


Liberate Series

Promote your Novel weapons to the new ★15 Liberate series! These new weapons not only support [S4] abilities, but have access to [S5] abilities as well.


Acquiring Liberate Weapons

Novel Weapon +35 x1
  • ★15 Weapon Get Campaign
  • Ultra Hard Perennial Apocalypse
  • Special Training: Ep5 Trigger
Plam Materials
  • Desynthing ★14 or ★15 Weapons.
  • Desynthing ★15 Weapons
Liberate Unlocker
  • Reward for acquiring 1,300 Titles
  • New Years Event Shop
  • T: Space Magatsu Drop
  • EQ Drops & Recycle Shop
Class エクスキューブ
Class Excube
  • Remnants of Other Worlds
  • Meseta Treasure Shop
  • Class Level Cap Bonus
Ultimate Booster
  • Meseta Treasure Shop
  • Photon Drop Exchange Shop
  • Ultra Hard Perennial Apocalypse
  • Lv.76+ Aberration-type enemies


Episode 6 Sub Story

Meet the Etoile class trainer, Lucotte, in a new sub story! She's found strangely sweeping the floors of the Dragon Altar, truly living up to her maid-like appearance.


Elder is Utterly Profound UH

Dark Falz Elder is back and more formidable than ever in the new Ultra Hard version of the [Utterly Profound] Emergency Quest! Brave the added challenge for a chance at receiving ★15 Weapons, S-Class Abilities, Weapon Camos, and the classic ★7 Mace of Adaman…. (jk). A trigger for the quest can be purchased from the Treasure Shop.


Warm up with Ultra Hard [Raging Dark Arms] for experience before taking on the big guy.


Gettemhult and Melfonseana weapon camos are among Elder's new Ultra Hard item drops.


Christmas 2019 Bingo

Surprise, the bingo has returned! Take care of a few naughty enemies for some nice goodies, including a weapon camo and a Pegi Mag device.


Christmas Harriet & Luther

Christmas forms of Harriet and Luther have come to join the holiday merriment. Hearken to the two in royal blue and complete their requests.


Sage Crest

Enter the Sage Crest. With these, you'll have the opportunity to acquire a selection of ★15 weapons, such as Genon, Resonant, Anacates, Dyne Ombros, Serpen Blaze, Neo Cabliss, & Yasminkov 5000S. For just 900 Sage Crests, you can even get a single Amphitrite Stone!


Misc Additions & Improvements

7th Opening Movie

Boot up the game and enjoy a new opening movie depicting the epic battle between the ARKS and Shiva's armada!


Increased Acceleration

Characters will reach their maximum running speed faster.


Special Collection Addition

The following ★15 weapons will be added to the Special Collection lineup:

  • Chaval Eubelle (Sword)
  • Chaval Melm (Wand)
  • Corrupted Spear Epitemia (Partizan)
  • Corrupted Launcher Tishia (Launcher)


Collection Gauge Boosts

New items will be available for a limited time from the SG Shop and Campaigns that will instantly increase the progress of your collection sheets!


Other Adjustments


Unit Ring Skill Mechanism Changes

  • It will now be possible to add Ring Skills to Units without them being consumed.
  • You'll also be able to copy ring skills from unit to unit.

My Shop Mechanism Changes

  • It is now possible to sell ALL ★13 Weapons in Player Shops.
    ※Weapons that are [Owner Locked] can be unlocked at Item Lab.


Etoile Operation (AC Scratch)

Shoot for the stars in Etoile inspired garments and CAST parts, and bring in the new year with Patty & Tiea's Japanese outfits.



13 thoughts to “Elder is UHtterly Profound In December 18th Update”

  1. 900 Sage Crests for 1 Amphitrite Stone?
    I don't think Lightstream is good anymore, because Liberate outclass it next year, stats already has big difference, and already have nice potential for novel weapon (+14% damage and +20% critical rate). Collecting 900 crest taking at least half of year to get it

    Altas Ex sword: 2411, S1,2,3,4
    Lightstream sword: 2494, S1,2,3
    Chaval sword: 2542, S1
    Liberate sword: 2716, S4,5

    1. Raw stat isn't everything, people already tested liberate sword in damage calculator online and it is a bit above atlas ex. Ofc this could change if S5 can offer a fairly large dps increaser (for example, jupiter tullus' lightning bolt) but as of right now lightstream still win since damage SSA play quite a large part in damage calculation ;).

    2. It was, otherwise why people still try making a bunch of over 200+ atk 3 unit with lots pp hp stats? Why not using new SSA unit and still using lightstream unit for more pp stats?

      Let's not forget that PA Complex doesn't effect on JA, class skill, and even SSA % damage. It's based on stats attack you have

      Even though it's current strongest, it's matter of time to be outdated. It's been 1 years old since EX and Lightstream come out. And Persona EQ gonna end, the 150 stone and Celestial weapon won't be easy to get next year

    3. Liberate are probably like Atra from ep5, a mid EP weapon series. It won't straight up broken but still gonna beat or at least on par with end game weapon from previous EP.

      If you want people to believe you at least provide a working link for said calculation. Does it use S4 Raising Pursuit? That's roughly 8% dps increase over vampiric.

    4. @ATKH:
      Unit SSA: People are currently sticking with LS over shuvelle because the difference in stats isnt big enough to reaffix a unit, additionally ssa on the units are more QoL than damage based and to add to that are pretty rare, it not being unheard of for people to go 1000 runs of Ship UQ and not see the SSA they want. This is why a majority have not swapped over yet. Using 'No-one is doing it on units' to justify weapon SSA not being all that beneficial is not a good point.

      Complex PA: I'll give you this one, it's a good point to make and will definitly influence people's decisions to make a liberate, especially with morecomplex pa in the future, even if it is just for minmaxing complex PA damage then swapping back to an LS.

      On the topic of Lightstream being outdated soon: I don't doubt it, but OP saying LS is outright not good anymore is factually incorrect due to on average it outputting the most still.

      See above statement.

      In regards to raising pursuit: Yeah its a good SSA, but a large majority of people will not have / be willing to spend over 200mil on this in it's current state. You also got to remember raising pursuit's additional damage is single target and time gated. No doubt it'll be great onn say a downed boss but in the way of mobbing it is not the deciding factor on liberate vs lightstream.

      Additionally here is the assumed damage output when compared to other things, as you asked. Do take it with a pinch of salt ofc, as the pot is simply assumed to be the same as novel and we do not have S5 data yet (which… again was kinda my point we don't know liberates maximum output yet just assumed without s5 being super meaningful):


      there were a couple more bits of data with similar results, none however overtook Chaval or Lightstream with the current information we have.
      Hopefully I made my point a bit clearer now.

      TLDR: Lightstream likely to be best in stock for general usage, with some class exceptions and also very determinant on what S5 are like.

    5. Honestly I will agree that Liberate look like the more consistant weapon, especially for classes like br which can use mysterious strike and still have 100% crit rate when subbed with PH, or something that can make great use of raising pursuit such as Hu sword (IGP burst makes the 250k cap easy and Complex PA). Or a class where the crit rate can also be seen as an average damage % upgrade such as Fi (or ph I guess?). So at the very least they will be very competitive weapons with LS, whether they're a bit weaker or more on par for some classes. I'll still be making mine after maint regardless because I'm sure at least 1 S5 will be ridiculously useful, personally I'm hoping for a meteor cudgel style S5. Also @HIKOMR it did not look like raising pursuit was included in the calc, so that'd likely need testing after maint again, it'd be a generally good idea to just consider atlas' damage with raising pursuit as a case of 'close enough' if you want comparison. It'd also be important to see the stat scaling on some weapons, as stuff such as TD has a lower stat scaling than say sword and bow, which allows weapons with more % based multipliers (IE SSA, pot etc) to creep up on them easier.

    6. Ok, now we know all about liberate seems this is my final stand on it and its very positive.
      At worst it is basically an Atlas Ex upgrade as not all weapons got a good S5. However some weapons such as Katana and Knuckle and DB got very VERY good S5s this is more than enough to make them equal to or better than LS.

  2. Etoile is E-Toilet, a awesome gold toilet class

    Next time on story, maybe Shiva will weak is Toilet XD

    We play E-Toilet class XD

  3. it was no surprise for me about pso2 power creeping gears, though all that effort to get the new weapon(recently released BS) was for nothing, is making me sick. well, i do still enjoy the cosmetics though. so, yeah.

    1. I wouldn't worry about it too much. Lightstream is still a fantastic weapon series with ever-lasting uses via it's PP regenerative potential. I'd say liberate is more of a equal or side-grade for most people. I like the idea of competitive endgame stuff dependant on class rather than a single best weapon that everyone unanimously agrees upon.

    1. Once you have the Client Order from Koffie, Kill [Snow Banther] with Double Saber | [Dragon Ex] with Dual Blades | [Big Vardha] with Wand.

      Once you turn in that CO you'll be able to level up to Lv90

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