Phantasy Star Online 2 North America Closed Beta Signup For XBOX ONE

Phantasy Star Online 2 North American version is now officially accepting signups for the closed beta test. In order to enter the Closed Beta Test, you must INSTALL and OPEN the Xbox Insider Hub App.

Closed Beta Test Sign-Up Instructions

  • Go to the Store tab on the Xbox Dashboard
  • Choose "Search"
  • Enter "Insider" in the search box.
  • Then Get or Install the "Xbox Insider Hub"
  • Afterwards, Open the "Xbox Insider Hub" to be automatically enrolled.
  • In the Insider App, search for Phantasy Star Online 2, then click Join

They will announce the schedule of the closed beta test in the future.

A small footnote on the bottom also indicates that the Windows 10 version of the game is scheduled to launch later in 2020.


Can I Join On A Windows PC?

You can sign up for the game on a Windows 10 PC, however, the information listed in the app states the Closed Beta Test is exclusive to Xbox One.

Signing Up From A PC

  • Open the Microsoft Store app on Windows 10
  • Search for "Xbox Insider Hub"
  • Get and Install the "Xbox Insider Hub"
  • Open the "Xbox Insider Hub" and enroll.
  • Search for "Phantasy Star Online 2"
  • Tap Join.


26 thoughts to “Phantasy Star Online 2 North America Closed Beta Signup For XBOX ONE”

  1. I would love the chance to play this game on my Xbox one x and give you feedback on it also I love playing rpg games and your game looks really fun and interesting to play

  2. Sigh.. So what when NA pso2 version gonna come out you're going to close tweaker and no longer patch english updates?

    1. You shouldn't worry, the Arks Layer team has said they will still continue to work on translating the Japanese server of PSO2 even after the official English release.

  3. lo mejor es no salir de mi cuenta japonesa se nota que ese juego va salir muerto ya cuando algo como Microsoft le pone las manos encima no ha salido y ya lo están limitando, si claro todo el contenido, solo veo esto como el primer intento de traerlo a américa, ni que decir de la cesura que le pondrán

    1. To be fair if it is an Xbox One / Windows 10 game, not a Windows 8.1 game xD

      Win 10 games install differently, no exe files so you wouldn't be able to play NA on it anyways you'd need to upgrade.

    2. Is that really the only reason you stay? Me staying is rather..sentimental
      But anyways till they catch up to main progress and 90 cap will take forever. Just wonder why would SEGA want to lose so many players that were paying their backs for years.. Well even if they do abandon tweaker updates (which is going to happen sooner or later) bcuz what purpose would they have in translating japanese version if the NA would be in english? I'm staying no matter what.

    3. er.. Xbox app is a Windows 10 thing, not a Windows 8 thing, get on with the times …besides would it make sense to support a basically dead platform

      i used to be a windows 8/8.1 user(coder purposes) then Windows 10 came out and it has been the better choice.

  4. I think that people who say they waited so hard won't actually stick around for long.
    Because if you really wanted to play, you'd already be playing. It is so easy to register and use tweaker, I spent like 15 minutes back in 2014, same as on any other online game.
    I'm afraid western version will see the same outcome as SEA version, since dedicated fans will just keep playing JP version, while passers by are not enough to sustain such big project.

    Unless everyone will play on the same severs of course, but that's unrealistic.

    1. A lot of people don't realize you can go on the fan discord to bypass the capachas or that you don't need a VPN anymore and people are too lazy to jump through al the other hoops to sign up (I've tried to get my friends to play it for a long time now but they gave up on trying to sign up a long time ago) and there's a general lack of widespread western interest.

      MMOs are all about community and playing with friends and some people don't want to bother integrating with the western community on the Japanese servers when they could be playing with people they already know.

      Never assume you understand someone's position like that, it's a generalization fallacy.

    2. If person is too lazy to research and register for the game, he's also too lazy to get anywhere far in it.
      MMOs require a lot of persistence and enthusiasm to be played continuously, something lazy players lack to begin with. PSO2 is not an exception.
      Your friends will not stick around in western version, mark my words.

    3. Yuuup you're absolutely correct MAX, I remember the awful treatment Blue Burst got back in the day; I got extremely tired of waiting for NA sega to get their shit together. The Na release will inevitable be a shit port missing 90% of the content, thats incredibly censored and will get abandoned in 18 months tops lol. I have to laugh at people posting questions about the western release on reddit lately like…the game has been out for almost seven years? All of this info is readily available and wow, you don't even have to wait to experience it yourself

  5. I'm going to probably still play both and word is full release of the game will be at launch (up to ep 5 or later) so we will not be that far behind from JP (Xbox beta will be up to ep 4 (75-80 cap?) at first, so its not too over whelming). I'm currently enjoying black desert online and I run a guild, but more and more of my guild mates want to badly play this when it launches as well and being so knowledgeable about this game I'd be a good fit to run a team right out the door in US PSO 2. Plus being on both versions means I can make guides with the translated JP version on my discord server for my BDO guild/PSO 2 team.

  6. Signed up!

    Can’t wait……I’ve got about 6 people who plan on playing as well who refused to play Jpn version. We are all console-only players.

    1. did it have any special requirements to sign up? i’m about to buy an xbox purely for this game and would really like to get on the beta. i was thinking of just getting the S but i’ll get an X if it will make sure i’m in the beta lol

  7. Doesn't this mean SEGA will be dropping the executable version of PSO2 in the near future? It sounds like a pretty horrible business practice to keep the current form of the game alongside a windows 10 app. And this in turn means it will be impossible to play the game on anything lower than windows 10, so it's either "up"grade or quit even for JP.

    Any kind of news on how JP is going to be handled when the game drops 7 support in March? I wanna be ready if I'm going to have to quit.

    1. Thing is about this that'd mean even the JP version would be forced to go through Microsoft Store just to download the game. Only the US version is mentioned to have to go through this hoop and considering that version is exclusive via Microsoft's platforms, it'd make sense that it's exclusive on their terms. It'd be a bad move for Sega to force many Japanese players to upgrade to Windows 10 or leave just because of an entirely different version's exclusivity, especially since their aim is to make the game accessible to as many players as they can.

      The only thing that's for certain is Sega's gonna be using Azure for the cloud streaming portion, even for the JP version. That change is occurring throughout February.

  8. Can't wait for this to be released. Not because I plan to switch from the Japanese to English servers, but because I can't wait to the funny YouTube videos of unsupervised kids shouting in the lobbies, posting dick pics in symbol chats and people hacking the game left and right.

    1. what is this, PlayStation ? first off, the YouTube algorithm and secondly the hate is too obvious that its showing but this ain't PlayStation where each month is a hackathon.

  9. I have been playing the japanese version for quite some time now and I am eagerly looking forward to playing this on the console. While a lot of things do work for the Jpn version., I have always been more comfortable playing PSO in all its incarnations in a comfortable chair on a Huge screen with good sound. It now is practical that I can do this alongside my daughter as she's old enough and mature enough to deal with the inevitable wave of initial idiots and she's looking forward to the game as much as I am.

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