Emergency Maintenance (9/27/2017)

Phantasy Star Online 2 will undergo Emergency Maintenance on Sep 27.

Maintenance Schedule Completed!

Maintenance Contents

  • Due to the confirmation of a bug of high urgency related to the login process

Sega is also considering some form of compensation, details of which will be announced in the future.

Emergency Quest Schedule Updates

  • Rescheduled Magisterial Onslaught to Sept. 29th 0:00 (JST)
  • Added The Creator Phantom to October Oct. 1st 0:00 (JST)

19 thoughts to “Emergency Maintenance (9/27/2017)”

  1. I hope the compensation is equivalent, because it is the first time in a year and eight months that I will lose a daily stamp.

  2. What's the point of those idiotic comments ? They are doing an Emercency Maintenance because they have to do an Emergency Maintenance, after a 17 hours weekly maintenance or not. But I think you all know the corrective process and the architecture of PSO2 servers better than SEGA themselves…

    1. You might want to read through the comments cause no one has a aggressive undertone to warrant your reaction.

  3. Guys.. my Pso cant update.. when I update.. my laptop become blue screen.. can anyone tell me where can I download new patch for pso new update after maintananc 🙁

    1. That would most likely mean that there's something wrong with your computer or your installation of PSO2/Tweaker. You can try running the game's actual launcher and using that to update the game if you really think it's just the Tweaker.

      The Tweaker should never be causing you a blue screen problem, and if all is right, you should never need to use anything else to patch the game.

      With so little info, the other thing you could do is try using the Check for Old/Missing Files process.

      Otherwise, reinstall the Tweaker and see if it still happens. And if that still happens, back up and remove your entire PSO2 installation and reinstall.

      If you're still getting bluescreens after doing all of these things, that means it's probably something to do with your computer.

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