Episode 2: Chapter 3 Act 2 Walkthrough

Its Jay!

While your on Hive Laia, (see even the game hates Laia), the 2nd part of the mission has you pressing a few switches before their power levels deactivate. Its very annoying and takes very long to figure out if your doing it alone. Luckily there is a way to push all switches under the time limit. Just make sure you aren't lagging and have nothing else to distract you.


  1. Run Run Run! Don't ever stop running!
  2. Play during a time where nobody can distract you.

The first order of business is to defeat all monsters. Do not worry about pressing switches or anything. Just fight. Eventually you will reach a large room where you can see a red gate to your left and another red gate in front of you. The gate that needs to be open is the one in front of you. Walk over the green switch and walk off of it to make it turn off. The gate that was in front of you should now be open.  Ignore that small room for now and defeat the monsters in the room in front of you until your back where you started. Open up your map screen so that you can see where you should place Laia to stand.


The Purple Dot is where you place Laia. After you set her there you can run over towards the first switch.


As soon as you activate the first switch, run to the teleport behind you and activate 2.


Then activate #3, then exit through the teleport nearby. Straight infront of you is switch #4. Activate it and the mission is complete!

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