Experience the Climactic Final Chapter of PSO2 Episode 6!

August 5th, 2020


Episode 6 Final Chapter

Episode 6's final chapter is finally here. Will the battle between Oracle, Darkers, and Photoners finally come to end?!


Limited Time Arks Missions

Coinciding with the new chapter are Arks Missions delivering prizes such as a Special Ability Transfer Pass and 50 Gold Prize Medals.


Exotic Revelry (AC Scratch)

Hit the streets in a flashy cyberpunk ensemble, or strut your stuff in a festive Margaretha yukata. The winners of the Genderswap Costume Election, [Noble Long Coat F] for Females and [Gothic Maid Dress M] for Males, will also be available. Don't forget to check out the new lobby actions for [Jet Boots Pose] and [Sparklers].




9 thoughts to “Experience the Climactic Final Chapter of PSO2 Episode 6!”

  1. Io using complex PA? TOTALLY not fanservice lmao
    Though it is good to see the other class trainer NPCs in action, but it's just so sad that Pietro wasn't included.

  2. Feels weird to have the game ending but knowing it will continue somehow
    Exiting and scary

    Will have to wait for the translation to actually finish it tho
    I don't think it will happen but, it would be nice to have a closing in "what waifu you end with officially"

    1. Its the ending of the whole game
      Just because of this, this may very well be, the most important chapter until now

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