PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Oracle Summer Collection

Oracle Summer Collection
(Until 9.2.2020)


フリルパーカー[Ou] | Frill Parka [Ou]
マイクロミニパンツ[Ba] | Micro Mini Shorts [Ba]


アクティビティサマー[Ou] | Activity Summer [Ou]
アクティビティサマー影[Ba] | Activity Summer Shadow [Ba]


セラフィ水着[Ou] | Seraphy Swimsuit [Ou]
セラフィ水着A影[Ba] | Seraphy Swim. A Shadow [Ba]
セラフィ水着B影[Ba] | Seraphy Swim. B Shadow [Ba]


前結び半袖シャツ[Ou] | Tie-Front Shirt [Ou]
セクシーモノキニ冬[Ba] | Sexy Monokini Winter [Ba]


ブランマーメイド[Ou] | Blanc Mermaid [Ou]
ブランマーメイド影[Ba] | Blanc Mermaid Shadow [Ba]


クランマリーヌ[Ou] | Clan Marine [Ou]
クランマリーヌ紅[Ba] | Clan Marine Crimson [Ba]


セクシービキニ影[Ba] | Sexy Bikini Shadow [Ba]
セクシービキニ/F影[Ba] | Sexy Bikini / F Shadow [Ba]
ゴールドSビキニ/F[Ba] | Gold S Bikini / F [Ba]
シルバーSビキニ/F[Ba] | Silver S Bikini / F [Ba]


セーラースイムウェア[Ba] | Sailor Swimwear [Ba]


メルキュリーナ影[Ba] | Mercurina Shadow [Ba]


ジェネ水着[Ba] | Gene Swimsuit [Ba]


ジェネ水着B[Ba] | Gene Swimsuit B [Ba]


アネット水着[Ba] | Annette Swimsuit [Ba]


ハイネックビキニ[Ba] | High Neck Bikini [Ba]


アークマチャーム[Ba] | Arkuma Charm [Ba]


渚のラッピービキニ雪[Ba] | Beach Rappy Bikini Snow [Ba]


レディサーフパンツ影[Ba] | Lady Surf Pants Shadow [Ba]


ラカサシャミール雪[Ba] | Raqasa Shamir Snow [Ba]


ピュアグレース影[Ba] | Pure Grace Shadow [Ba]


アルカーノデリエ影[Ba] | Arcano Delier Shadow [Ba]


ベザンテレーツェル雪[Ba] | Besante Ratsel Snow [Ba]


シェリーロレッタ[Ba] | Sherry Loretta [Ba]


セーラーワンピ[Ba] | Sailor One-piece [Ba]


ベアトップドレス冬[Ba] | Bare Top Dress Winter [Ba]


ワンピーススイムウェア雪 | One-piece Swimwear Snow


ユカタシダレ | Yukata Shidare


ハワイアンシャツ[Ou] |  Hawaiian Shirt [Ou]
アロハパンツ紅[Ba] | Aloha Shorts Crimson [Ba]

クランマラッド[Ou] | Clan Maraud [Ou]
クランマラッド影[Ba] | Clan Maraud [Ba]


ブーメランパンツ/F影[Ba] | Boomerang Pants / F Shadow [Ba]


アルビダ・ボディ | Alvida Body
アルビダ・アーム | Alvida Arms
アルビダ・レッグ | Alvida Legs


ドレーク・ボディ | Drake Body
ドレーク・アーム | Drake Arms
ドレーク・レッグ | Drake Legs



Lobby Actions
52「水をかける」 Splash
140「ホラー」 Horror
189「扇ぐ1」 Fanning 1
193「花火2」 Fireworks 2
196「扇ぐ2」 Fanning 2
299「水やり」 Watering
318「泳ぐ」 Swim
431「泳ぐ2」 Swim 2
432「マリンポーズ」 Marine Pose
538「バナナボート」 Banana Boat


Scratch Bonus

Play this AC Scratch a specific amount of times for exclusive bonus items!

Frequency Bonus
5 times Rappy Parasol
10 times Shampoo Hat
15 times Shampoo Style M
20 times Shampoo Style F
25 times 334 "Pool Play"
30 times Bonus Key Tokyo [Rainbow]
35 times Nagisa Swimwear Set
40 times Ability Protection (7s or Lower)

※Players can receive each item only once.
※All of these items are untradeable.

9 thoughts to “PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Oracle Summer Collection”

  1. Another lame revival pandering only to neckbeard virgin shut ins but sadly this is what pso2 has become even more so now i mean its always pandered to the virgins but come on they could have made an effort to have a couple more male costumes added for revival.

    1. salty seadog i spend every single day for a month now on pso2 im female and my gay ass likes it. stfu and go play call of duty or some shit

  2. Hopefully this content should be saved to the new update
    What i think SEGA hasn't specified is what exactly is saved
    all the clothes and accessories registered to our characters?
    or is it the ones "registered to the account"…

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