Fate/hollow ataraxia and Prisma Illya 2wei Outfits are Coming to PSO2!

Love Rosa Camo
*ラブローザ (Love Rosa) [Launcher]

The Valentine's event returns on January 28th, decorating the lobby with pink hearts and ribbons! During this time, players will be given a new bingo card with rewards consisting of booster items and a heart-themed weapon camo.


The [Where's the Chocolate 3] emergency quest will appear for a limited time, letting players go up against enemies on the Extra Hard difficulty. During the quest you can help assist characters like Io, Klariskrays, and Quna. Afterwards, head to the deepest area and complete the emergency trial to purchase some Valentine's Day chocolate from the Naura Sisters.


Extra Hard Emergency Quests

Border Break Leader and Cradle of Darkness will soon gain access to Extra Hard difficulty! Players can slay enemies for a chance to receive new ★12 weapons!


Materialize Vision

干将・莫耶 kaleid liner
*干将・莫耶 kaleid liner (Kanshou and Bakuya: kaleid liner)

"Materialize Vision" is an AC Scratch containing costumes, weapon camos, and hairstyles from [Fate/hollow ataraxia] and [Prisma☆Illya 2wei]! This scratch will also feature voice tickets of characters from the series, like Avenger, Bazett, Caren, and Kuro.


エクスカリバーモルガン (Excalibur Morgan)
*エクスカリバーモルガン (Excalibur Morgan)
Zarich and Tawrich
*右歯噛咬&左歯噛咬 (Zarich and Tawrich)
Akahara Reisou Kuro
赤原礼装 ver.クロ (Akahara Reisou ver. Kuro)
レッドラム・ペイント (RedRum Paint)
Alter Gothic Dress
オルタ・ゴシックドレス (Alter Gothic Dress)
Bazett Suit F
バゼットスーツF (Bazett Suit F)
Caren Saint Robe
カレン・セイントローブ (Caren Saint Robe)
プリズマ☆イリヤポスターB (Prisma☆Illya☆Poster B)
プリズマ☆イリヤポスターB (Prisma☆Illya Poster B)


A warning to anyone exploiting the "Volg Raptor + Chain Finish" bug.

Sega plans to correct an issue with the Chain Finisher effect applying with certain PAs like Volg Raptor and Banish Arrow. They plan to correct this bug on January 21st's maintenance. However, continuous use of this exploit may be considered cheating. Sega may be forced to suspend your account if they determine you were cheating.


2 thoughts to “Fate/hollow ataraxia and Prisma Illya 2wei Outfits are Coming to PSO2!”

  1. that 12* wand is sexy. too bad it'll never drop for me, and probably not have the power/latent needed to replace my Loveless One. orz

    …I'm not a fate/whatever fan, so I can't be sure, but I think maybe that excalibur thing's name is written "morgant". celtic mythos stuff and all, but again since I'm not a fan of the nasuverse I don't know what he did with the name.

  2. It's about time females got more non-revealing pants suits. 😀
    I also have a mighty need for the gothic dress.
    Too bad the males are lacking, as usual… at least hope for some good male revivals. Or at least hope the short hair in the Bazett suit photo can be wearable by males.

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