GM QA Session 2: MAG Returns August 1st

After todays GM question and answer session, it was announced that Maximum Attack G extension will come probably around June 20th. Now the extension is slated to begin August 1st.  Sonic Team has given the green light to allow a second MAG event with a fresh leader board.

Here is a recap of the answers that has been given at today's session:

  • Mag Extension starts August 1st
  • MAG Rewards around 1 to 2 weeks after Extension
  • In MAG extension, the same character will not get 2 Spread Needles, but the same account can get up to four.
  • Level 140 Cap around Early July
  • Those who "hacked" the game to get on leader boards are likely to get banned.
  • Jaggo Sonichi will be back
  • New Story Mission in next update.
  • Details of the June 6th update will be announced Tuesday
  • They will credit your account if you were billed again during the free period
  • New Billing Servers will be ready in a few weeks
  • They will turn off the authentication bypass when billing server is fixed
  • The next event, "Dengeki" may start in Early August
  • Masterclasses may arrive after "Dengeki" Event

And those were the answers to the questions you asked.

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