It's Time For Another Christmas On Ice!

~ December 4th, 2019 ~


EP6 Chapter 3-2

The dark forces of evil have once again spread to Harukotan, home to lady Sukunahime and her Shironian protector, Kotoshiro. The guardians descend upon the planet in search of a way to seal Shiva's power.


Christmas on Ice 2019

Enjoy the lovely weather and slay together in the [Christmas on Ice 2019] Emergency Quest! Various seasonal bosses and item drops from the year's events will reappear. Try out the new Ultra Hard version of the quest for an added challenge. Players may encounter Omega Masquerade and Dio Hunar on any difficulty.


Keep your eyes peeled for jolly ol' St. Umblla for that added rare drop boost. If you wear an eligible Christmas themed costume, you'll receive a Costume Bonus PSE effect that increases the experience and rare drop rates. With all the opportunities for additional boosts, you're sure to get all the items you're wishing for.


New drops for the quest include a St. Rappy Suit Mini and the ★14 Silent Tree weapon.


A new [Christmas 2019 +100%] tri-boost item will be obtainable as a Scratch Bonus. This item lasts 2 hours and only takes effect during the Christmas EQ and its trigger counterpart.


Three Merry Christmas '19 Collections will be available, containing the Fornis series, ★14 Pet eggs, and the Profound Intenxion gunslash,


Christmas Casper (AC Scratch)

Bundle up in the Christmas attire of Matoi, Harriet, and Luther, or brave the cold in two barely-there holiday habiliments.



Awake Administer (SG Scratch)

Expand your wardrobe with the updated looks of Xiao, Quna, Sukunahime, and Kotoshiro! Improved versions of [Offensive Boost] and [Defense Boost] Special Ability Capsules will also be available!

This SG Scratch arrives on December 11th!

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