October 31st 2008 Update And GM Chillaura Departs

The Halloween Lobby on Halloween

According to the Japanese Xbox 360 Site, Halloween will be making an appearance across Gurhal. Halloween Lobby will be set in place from October 31st to November 11th. During this seasonal event, Rappies will become Rappy Latans and will the following items: Cursed Pumpkin, Pumpkinhead, and Magical Wand. A new weapon may make an appearance called "Pumpkin Trick" a rod that could only drop on our servers in Dancing Birds S2. Outlook looks grim on Pumpkin Trick. No actual proof it drops. Highly recommended missions that contain Rappies include Mad Creatures, Rainbow Beast, Plains Overlord, Dancing Birds, Forest of Illusion, and Rainbow Beast.

  • C rank missions will drop Pumpkinhead.
  • Generally S and S2 rank missions will drop Magical Wand.
  • Dancing Birds S2 is the only mission that may drop Pumpkin Trick.

Chillaura Departs from PSU GM Position

Chillaura posted a message today that he will be stepping down from GM position by the end of this week. This leaves Ruby Eclipse, and the recently hired Edward to take over as GMs for Phantasy Star Universe.

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