Update Expected on Friday and Clarification on MAG Rewards Schedule

Update Expected on Friday

GM Clumsy has mentioned that they are expecting to get an update this week. The details of the update still need confirmation. It is already expected that MAG will be gone.

There's been a bit of confusion as to whats going on with the rewards so here is the final printout.

Maximum Attack G Rewards:

  • 3 Star Luck
  • Free Lumilass Makeovers
  • 1/2 Price Off Clothes
  • 15% Synth Bonus

Neudaiz Holy Light Festival Lobby

  • Ank Bico
  • Fireworks

All items listed above will occur during August 1st, 2008 to August 22nd, 2008. Sange & Grinder Boost will be given out at an unannounced date after August 22nd, 2008.

Sega Hints at Phantasy Star Portable International Release

Read about the Newest Phantasy Star Zero for Nintendo DS

For the past few months, the words "maybe" and "unconfirmed" have caused quite a stir, but it seems Sega may be considering Phantasy Star Portable for an international release. There are no details yet on the changes that may take place including if the game will support Wi-Fi play for US and EU players.


"I think the crossover of the PSP ownership will work quite nicely, so we're fairly hopeful we can make something out of it. It's not going to be huge, but hopefully it'll be interesting"

via Gamasutra Interview with Simon Jeffery

Only time will tell if we'll truly get an official release. For now, Phantasy Star Portable has not been announced for international release. In other news, Phantasy Star Portable has reached #1 on Japanese Game Sales charts for August 3rd 2008. Beating Rhythm Heaven Gold in second place, which I highly recommend importing.

Site Updates: Brief Maintenance Fixes 3 Star Luck Bug

Phantasy Star Universe had a brief maintenance period to fix the 3 star luck which ended 1 week earlier than originally intended. Servers are now currently back up. Since there will be no formal updates until August 22nd, we will put some new unimportant content up on the site.

PSUBlog Site Updates

Site updates coming up soon!

  • Character pages at the top will be updated with new information.
  • 1 Story Chapter Walkthrough will be posted soon
  • Jay Evans will be converted from Human to Newman
  • Public Access to Screenshot Repository.

Guest Blogging

During weeks of no content updates. We will also be allowing guest bloggers to blog about anything you want. You can promote your event, promote your website, promote your guild, or even promote your character. The guidelines for guest blogging is as follows

  • #1 You need to KNOW English.
  • Please use spell check.
  • Blogger must have a static IP address.
  • Post content must be about PSU in some shape or form.
  • Xbox 360 users welcome.

If accepted you'll have your own post on this site, with your character displayed in the top navigational bar.