The Magashi Plan: Guide


The Magashi Plan

The Magashi plan is a solo mission where if you die the game is over. Lets run through some of the more challenging blocks.

*This post will auto update backwards as information gets added.

Equipment recommendations

  • De Colte Line for Megid
  • Dark Elemental Line Shield
  • Light Elemental Ranged Weapon
  • Ice Elemental Ranged Weapon with Freeze Status Effect
  • Stun / Resist for Bil De Vear

General Tips

  • Pick up all healing items including monomates and dimates.
  • Try not to waste trimates, they don't drop very often.
  • Bringing a gun with you can help against flying enemies.
  • FighMasters can use Tornado Dance through most enemies.
  • Take advantage of enemy boundaries. See where they disappear.

Block C-2

After April 24th, you'll meet up with Leo and Tonnio. For their own enjoyment of not helping you in battle, they will always pick the route you don't choose. To reach Block C-2 you will pick the route that requires the #2 gate key, which is the red gate off to the side.


Block C-2 is extremely easy to exploit because of the way it's set up. There is a monster barrier right behind the entrance door. As you enter the block there will be two Bil De Vears. Now you can just go in and fight  or we can take the easy way and stand behind the door.


The Bil De Vears will disappear right as they enter the door behind you, so you can use this to your advantage.  Rangers can shoot long distance weapons like shotguns. Techers can cast long distanced technics, fighters can also use guns or slicers to shoot unless your a FighMaster.


After your done there's a red weapon unequipper gate at the bottom path. Instead of going in there to kill the Carriguine, stay at the top level and shoot from above. I have found that he doesn't throw Megid from here, but better be safe than sorry.


Once its dead, run down to the lower path to trigger the next area. Again, we can exploit this by running back upstairs and shooting across the lower path with long distanced weapons or technics. You can alternatively shoot from the lower path but the Carriguine tends to cast Megid.  Once you kill them all you'll reach up to Magashi.

Magashi plays just like he does at Il Cabo Base, he's a little bit easier, but he tends to block your attacks.


The Big Push: Tips


The Big Push is today's newest mission for Shred The Darkness. Its not certainly hard and there are 3 rounds. You essentially are a team of four preventing enemies from entering a blue box on the ground. The enemies have a new AI system where smaller enemies will immediately run to the blue box unless they are provoked by an attack.

The bigger enemies will more likely try to attack the players themselves, but still can move towards the blue box. There are also switches you can push to temporarily block yourself from the enemies. Ranged attacks work best against this situation.

Def Gauge


On the bottom right corner of your screen will be a Defense Gauge. Anytime an enemy runs into your blue box, you will hear a whistle. If the enemy stays too long inside the box, the defense gauge will turn yellow and begin ticking off one by one.

Block 1


In Block one your team should mostly consist of gunners. Here there will be many ICE enemies so bringing fire elemental weapons is a pretty good plan.

Block 2


Light elemental ranged weapons do very well here. Megid gets thrown alot so be careful with that. The strategy here is, similar to soccer, have one person closer to the blue box and the rest of the team farther away. The Deljeban/Delsaban will initially run straight to the box. So be sure to pay attention to them. The "goalie" could focus on these because your team mates may become distracted by the Dilnazen.

Block 3


Dark elemenetal ranged weapons do well here. Remember to equip Sleep/Resist if you have one. Have your team split up into two, and just be sure to quickly check up on the other side just in case (if your a gunner). You have two sides to defend. The olgohmon will most likely run to the box but they are easy to kill.

Shred the Darkness updates with new mission

Shred the Darkness ss_021

On Friday April 24th, 2009. Shred the Darkness will receive a brand new mission added to the list. Neudaiz is in the process of installing a photon generator inside their RELICS site.  This time they want you to defend the generator from the oncoming attack of the SEED. On your mini map. there will be a blue area which you must prevent any creatures from entering.

The Shred the Darkness prologue mission will be updated with new information about this mission.

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