Phantasy Star Zero Official Site Launches with Screenshots and Information

Updated Sept 20, 2008
Sega has launched the official site for Phantasy Star Zero. There isn't much new information from the previous blog entry but now you can see clearer screenshots and artwork for the game. Here we will break down the official site and translate some aspects of the game. Preorder through Amazon Japan to receive a discount.

Tokyo Game Show 2008

Phantasy Star Zero will appear at TGS 2008. New character artwork gives a brief glimpse of what the other 6 unannounced classes might look like.

New Phantasy Star

It Begins With Zero

Phantasy Star Zero is a brand new game based on the original Phantasy Star Online. The meaning behind the title "Phantasy Star Zero" serves as a "return to the starting point," the beginning of a new adventure. Let's  take a look at several locations you'll be visiting on your journey throughout the game:

Glacea Ravine

Phantasy Star Zero (DS)

Ozett Swamp

Phantasy Star Zero Swamp

Dylon City

Phantasy Star Zero Dylon City

Story Mode and Co-Op Play

Similar to Phantasy Star Portable, PS0 will feature its own original story mode where you'll be able to create your own character choosing from the three races; Human, Newman, Android (Cast). You will also choose from one of the 14 different character classes to play as. The stage will be set to take place on the "Earth" and the "Moon". Story Mode will feature the typical RPG setting.


A FOnewearl casts technics to support other players.

For Co op play, you'll be able to play with up to 4 players through Nintendo Wi-Fi. This game will feature beautiful 3D graphics and will challenge the limits of the Nintendo DS.

Action Palette System

Action Palette

During gameplay, the Action Palette System will be featured on the bottom screen. It was designed to be familiar among older players. The action palette system will also include powered up actions. You will have up to 3 combo attacks, including "evasion" to avoid enemy attacks and a "cumulative attack" where you continuously press buttons.

Visual Chat System

The "symbol chat" of PSO has now been enhanced into a "visual chat" in PS0. Using the stylus pen, players will be able to communicate with others by writing or drawing on the touch screen.  You'll be able to choose from different types of chat bubbles including normal, shout and thought bubbles.

Phantasy Star Zero will allow you to save "shortcuts" of what other players drew. Share your artistic works to other players. The screenshot above shows another look at what has been revealed during Sega Consumer Brand New Title Presentation.

Release and Information

Title: Phantasy Star Zero
System Console: Nintendo DS
Release Date: Winter 2009 (U.S)
Price: Unknown
Character Designer: Toshiyuki Kubooka

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More Phantasy Star Zero News

Phantasy Star Zero for Nintendo DS NEW DETAILS!

We have updated info regarding Phantasy Star Zero
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Phantasy Star Zero Logo

The latest issue of Famitsu Magazine revealed details of Phantasy Star Zero for Nintendo DS. A brand new world into the series of Phantasy Star. This game will be very loosely based on Phantasy Star Online, borrowing only its class types and interface. The rest of the game will be brand new with brand new characters and a brand new style! This game is expected to be released on December 25, 2008.

Phantasy Star Zero Classes

One of the few features Phantasy Star Zero will borrow from PSO will be the classes. In clockwise order starting from the Green Android figure at the top and ending at the center, the classes are:

  • RAcast = Ranger Cast Male
  • HUmarl = Hunter Human Female
  • HUnewm = Hunter Newman Male
  • FOnewearl = Force Newman Female
  • HUcaseal = Hunter Cast Female
  • RAmar = Ranger Human Male
  • FOmarl = Force Human Female
  • HUmar = Hunter Human Male

These are all the classes described so far. There are two brand new classes to the PSO series. One that appears to be a cross between a newman and a hunter in a bodysuit.

Phantasy Star Zero Fields

These brand new areas depict the visual departure away from Phantasy Star Online. There is definitely some Phantasy Star Universe influences going forth but this game will detach itself from both. You and up to 4 players will be hunting through these areas.

Phantasy Star Zero HUD

The top screen will show all the action taking place, while the bottom screen will show important information and stats, including what attacks you have equipped. Though the visual style is different, you can see that the HP bars borrow from PSO, however TP has been changed to PP. The attack icons also are very similar to PSO's style.

The symbol chat of PSO has been expanded even further. This has been described as similar to PicToChat, where players can use their elite illustrative skills to send messages using the stylus.

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Ambitions End S Rank Walkthrough

Laia Martinez

Ambitions End story mission has major plot changes and character devolopment as we are introduced to a brand new character named Obel. This is one of the few very hard story missions and this time, it doesn't rely on time limits to increase the difficulty. However you have 6 minutes to complete it to gain S Rank results.

Ambitions End 1

At the start of the trial head forward and defeat all in front of you. For S rank purposes skip killing any Fire traps along the way. Some of them will give you keys to open a locked gate to the north. Avoid obtaining these keys as they will be a waste of time. Head over to the left and defeat the special assault ops. Get the key and head straight to the right, and defeat all the enemies to open the door to the next block.

Block 2

In the second block its very straight forward. Just try to kill them in the quickest amount of time possible. Eventually you'll reach the end of the trial.


Renvolt Magashi

Here you'll fight several Magashi clones.  If you have 3 star luck, it would be a good time to fight Megashi to receive his special Arms, Legs, and Torso materials. Later on you'll use these to create a new Partner Machinery not released yet.

Ambitions End 2

Here are the key points on getting S rank for this mission.

  • Minimize outside distractions, skip unnecessary monsters
  • Bring your strongest light weapon with the highest damage per second.
  • Skip monsters that appear in narrow corridors.
  • If you have a key, run to the nearest locked door or gate.
  • In Block 2, you only need 2 keys, avoid the other set.

Block 1

When you start the trial, defeat the 3 galdeen, and head to the right, defeat the next set of monsters. Then head to the right and pick up the key. You should skip every monster that spawns until you open the door with the key.

In every narrow corridor you will be skipping enemies that appear, including the Delp Slami that appears next to the ceiling traps.

In this last room you'll see some inactivated floor warps. Do not step anywhere in their vicinity. They will automatically spring a trap and teleport you back, as indicated on the map above.

Block 2

As you start, fight the 3 galdeen in front of you, run to the right and avoid waiting for the key to drop. Head over and fight the large crab, hit it's weak spot for massive damage. Run back to the start of the block and pick up the key and open the door. Head through and skip the Galdeen. As you reach to the next area, skip the Galdeen again, and fight the giant lobster across the dip, then pick up the key.

There is a fake wall behind this Zasharogan, if you run through it, you will obtain a key.

Head to the lower area and fight all monsters here and obtain the key to open the gate. You may now skip these monsters ahead and run to the right and fight the last 2 Zasharogan to finish the trial.

This mission also contains a treasure trove of Nanopolymers, Ortapolymers, and Metapolymers. But you won't be able to obtain a S rank if your trying to get them. You can find keys hidden around in monsters or secret rooms. The map above shows you the exact 4 locations on where to find the keys.

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