Bruce Dungeon S Rank Strategy Guide

Alright by now you should probably have an idea of whats going on Bruce Dungeon S. Some of you may not but its best to stay ahead of the game. So lets go through some of the aspects of why some teams fail and how others survive. If you would like to add in your own special comment on particular situations, send in a comment below and it may be added into this guide.

There are many different strategies on completing Bruce Dungeon S. This is just one of them, other teams may be comfortable with different routes and may like all their members to stay together. This guide will cover split groups which was the norm for Bruce Dungeon A B and C. However I have played in groups where most people have stayed together and completed the mission with S.

Block 1

When setting up your party you can decide to split your group into 2. The Red Team will be played by Fortefighters, Protransers, Fighgunners, Acfrofighters, Fortegunners and ForteTecher. Fighters need to have the most HP to be able to receive a considerable amount of damage. Protransers and Gunners need to use traps to so that fighters can kill off enemies. Both Fighters and Gunners in Red Teams should equip Star Atomizers and Sol Atomizers because common failures basically come from a techer not being around to heal, or cure your stun status.

The Blue Team aka Bruce team should be played by ForteTecher, Wartecher, Acrotecher, Acrofighters. Techers will mostly heal Bruce.

Keys are #1 priority in finishing on time. Get keys first before you defeat any enemies.

During Block 1, you will encounter 4 warps. On your minimap face to the left or west to understand which warp is right and which one is left. The bottom warps are the ones closest to you. The top warps are the ones farthest to you, they are by the wall. Other team members learned the warps a different way. They might say "right warp" or "left warp."

In this guide:
Right Warp pertains to the Top Right Warp.
Left Warp pertains to Bottom Left Warp.


At the four warps, Bruce will say:

  • "There is only one right answer…" Top Left Warp
  • "The one Handed Sword is Easiest To Weild" Top Right Warp
  • "My Skills with a Pistol is legendary" Bottom Left Warp
  • "Nothing" Bottom Right Warp


Block 2

Bil De Vears commonly cause a team to fail a mission. Generally the strategy against Bil De Vears is to not knock them back with your Photon Arts. However when your under a time constraint and trying to get the most damage per second, it is unlikely you may follow this. To be more realistic against this type of ememy, Fortefighters, Fighgunners, and Protransers should attack head on, the rest should stay back and heal if needed. Fortefighters are most likely to die when Bil De Vears stomp on the ground and they become stunned. It is the job of both members on the Red Team to equip Star and Sol Atomizers if no Protransers  and Techers are present.


The Red Team should enter the portal for Key #2

Key #2 is a frequent death spot. The Blue Team should never enter the portal because it is a pretty small room with a lot going on. You can't always control where Bruce will run so please keep the Blue Team out of these areas.  Key #2 can be less stressful if 3 people stay in the room. Protransers should stun or freeze Bil De Vears. Fighters will attack head on, and Techers can heal ailments.

– More To Come –

Swimsuit PMs, Bruce Dungeon S, and Level 130 Cap, Maydi Clothing

Starting March 14th, the new cute swimsuit PMs, GH-461 and GH-465, will be added to the game. Remember Bruce Dungeon, the Party Mission at Dagora's Guardian Branch? Well a new S rank will be added allowing you to obtain Bruce's partner card. Not that we really need him fighting with us… Also there will be a party recruitment room.


However I believe everyone is more excited for the Level 130 Cap.
Now go play before our population on the PC/PS2 dwindles even more!

Bruce Dungeon has a Party Recruitment Mission to make it easier to find parties. By selecting the counter, you can now join a party before hand, then start the mission. This should do away with people shouting "Looking for Group" messages… hopefully. Now remember its been a very very long time since everyone has done Bruce Dungeon, so please don't expect everyone to be perfect.


The New PM: GH-465
Brings Cute and Creepy at the same time!


Goshkaira Clothing Set:
Can't Get Any Uglier than this!

Maydi Clothing Set:
Now You Can Look Just like Your Favourite PM

Rykross: The Black Nest

Your about to embark on the craziest mission of Phantasy Star Universe. Planet Rykross features a wide assortment of traps that shoot Megid (but doesn't kill you instantly) or cast Virus (lowers HP) upon you. The map screen will be outfitted with huge pink blobs that alert you that a trap is coming up ahead. Some traps can be destroyed by shotting them ahead of time. Others don't and will continually shoot at you until you leave their range.

For the most part, the community has been pretty mixed on this mission, it may be challenging for minimum levels, but since the turrets do not cast instant death upon you, it seems to be just another trap annoyance that gets in your way. Atleast when S2 comes out, the mission could be far more challenging. Also the items that drop in this mission aren't very great if your trying to obtain S ranks. Most people instead will just do True Darkness S2.

Watch out for Delp Salami! It will cast the opposite element back at you. For example, if you hit it with a light element, it will cast a dark element. Notify your team mates to choose a less lethal element. We recommend hitting Delp Slami with lightning based weapons. Diga is more easier to dodge.


The Black Nest is located at Dallgun Viewing Plaza

  • Start: Guardians Colony's Space Dock
    • Dark Satellite
      • Seed Awakening
        • Dallgun Viewing Plaza