Minor Update with Her Secret Mission S

Today is just a minor update with S rank version of Her Secret Mission which is only available for Ambition of Illuminus expansion. This mission is another one geared to picking up 20 discs under a time limit, you also do not need to kill every enemy in this party mission. Be sure to enjoy the surprising twist at the end of this mission.

The updates will be slowed down for the time being since Japanese players are on their Dengeki Carnival Event, while the International servers are slowly reaching to where Japanese players left off. Our next event mission is Maximum Attack G which is scheduled to come April 25th if all things go to plan.

The Egg Thieves

The Egg Thieves is a new party mission at the Guardians Colony. Your major focus on here is time, since the S rank requires you to finish with 6 minutes remaining. Enemies are optional, you do not need to kill all of them. This guide will auto update with new information and pictures when its received.


Preperation & Team Strategies

For this mission. teams can be separated into singles or doubles. Singles teams will have each individual person enter a certain area for Block 2. Doubles teams will have 2 people entering an area. Here are some strategies used by different players:


  • Block 1: At the start of the mission, only one person is needed to go downstairs to step on the button.
  • Block 2: Have one or two people enter one area. For example, in a doubles situation, two people will enter Commercial Area North, and the other two will enter Commercial Area South. For Singles, one person will solo their area. 
  • Block 2: After the first egg, two party members can head off to block 3. This will mean that those who are looking for the 2nd Egg will have to split up and find them on their own.
  • Block 2: On whichever side you find an egg. Tell your other team mates to stop what they are doing and head back to block 2.


Residential Block 1

At the beginning of the block, one party member must go down stairs to step on a button while the others head to the left. This button will open the gate upstairs. For those who are upstairs on the ledge, you can skip the first set of enemies.Then use the gun to shoot at the rubble at the top ledge so it falls down on the laser traps. Once the gate is open you can now enter and defeat the enemies to open the door. In the next open area you need to defeat the enemies to open the gate. From there, there is a path going straight leading to a red gate, and a path going left. Everyone should take the left. You will be skipping a lot of enemies in this block.

Shooting at the rubble above will destroy the laser trap.


Residential Block 2

Block 2 is a hub connecting 4 distinct locations. Upstairs, it leads to two blocks called Commercial Area North and Commercial Area South. On the ground level, it leads to Administrative Areas East and Administrative Area West.  

S Rank Guide: When you are in these"north/south" and "east/west" areas, you are racing against your other team members on the opposite side of your location. The first team to see a Gainozeros should stay within that district and obtain the egg. As for the other team, depending on how far you are from the entrance, you should drop everything and head back to block 2.

At the beginning of block 2, all party members must immediately turn right. You will see a portal exiting to the Commercial Area North Entrance. There is another portal close by that will send you to the bottom of the map and lead you to Commercial Area South Entrance. The first egg may be located in either the North or South entrances. The other egg may be located in the West or East Administration areas. During most of the runs, eggs were located in the North and East areas. However, the egg can show up in any location, so its best to have people at both polar opposites. You can skip getting Lou's Hat and head for Block 3 located at the bottom of the map.

Freeze / Resist and Stun / Resist will help make soloing easier,
otherwise have someone to heal you as you find the egg.

During some runs, killing fire elemental vandas will open a portal to Lou's Hat

S Rank Guide: The quickest way to reach to Block 3 if you are lost is to head south on the map. You can skip most of Block 2's enemies except for the ones inside the commercial and administration areas.

Residential Block 3

Every time you see fire, use your gun to shoot the rubble directly above it. The Grass Assassin can push you into the fire which is designed to make you fail the mission very quickly. Try to run past and avoid killing any Grass Assassins that spawn near a fire. Three switches will open the door at the end. One is located on the right path after you finish an enclosed Grass Assassin room. The others 2 will appear along the left path as you head downstairs.


Common Failure Spot: Block 3 failures most often occur because someone tries to run through fire. The fire will block you from moving forward, forcing you to heal yourself, giving ample time for the Grass Assassin to paralyze you and knock you right back into the fire. Shooting at the rubble in the ceiling will be useless since it will aim for the Grass Assassin. During this situation, kill the Grass Assassin first then focus on dousing the fire. Star Atomizers will help party members during this crisis. Use PA's to knock over a Grass Assassin so that everyone may pass it quickly.

Residential Block 4

The last egg is found in this room after you clear everything. Three Gainozeros will spawn, be sure to check your health frequently because they take up a huge chunk of HP.

Bruce Dungeon S Rank Strategy Guide

Alright by now you should probably have an idea of whats going on Bruce Dungeon S. Some of you may not but its best to stay ahead of the game. So lets go through some of the aspects of why some teams fail and how others survive. If you would like to add in your own special comment on particular situations, send in a comment below and it may be added into this guide.

There are many different strategies on completing Bruce Dungeon S. This is just one of them, other teams may be comfortable with different routes and may like all their members to stay together. This guide will cover split groups which was the norm for Bruce Dungeon A B and C. However I have played in groups where most people have stayed together and completed the mission with S.

Block 1

When setting up your party you can decide to split your group into 2. The Red Team will be played by Fortefighters, Protransers, Fighgunners, Acfrofighters, Fortegunners and ForteTecher. Fighters need to have the most HP to be able to receive a considerable amount of damage. Protransers and Gunners need to use traps to so that fighters can kill off enemies. Both Fighters and Gunners in Red Teams should equip Star Atomizers and Sol Atomizers because common failures basically come from a techer not being around to heal, or cure your stun status.

The Blue Team aka Bruce team should be played by ForteTecher, Wartecher, Acrotecher, Acrofighters. Techers will mostly heal Bruce.

Keys are #1 priority in finishing on time. Get keys first before you defeat any enemies.

During Block 1, you will encounter 4 warps. On your minimap face to the left or west to understand which warp is right and which one is left. The bottom warps are the ones closest to you. The top warps are the ones farthest to you, they are by the wall. Other team members learned the warps a different way. They might say "right warp" or "left warp."

In this guide:
Right Warp pertains to the Top Right Warp.
Left Warp pertains to Bottom Left Warp.


At the four warps, Bruce will say:

  • "There is only one right answer…" Top Left Warp
  • "The one Handed Sword is Easiest To Weild" Top Right Warp
  • "My Skills with a Pistol is legendary" Bottom Left Warp
  • "Nothing" Bottom Right Warp


Block 2

Bil De Vears commonly cause a team to fail a mission. Generally the strategy against Bil De Vears is to not knock them back with your Photon Arts. However when your under a time constraint and trying to get the most damage per second, it is unlikely you may follow this. To be more realistic against this type of ememy, Fortefighters, Fighgunners, and Protransers should attack head on, the rest should stay back and heal if needed. Fortefighters are most likely to die when Bil De Vears stomp on the ground and they become stunned. It is the job of both members on the Red Team to equip Star and Sol Atomizers if no Protransers  and Techers are present.


The Red Team should enter the portal for Key #2

Key #2 is a frequent death spot. The Blue Team should never enter the portal because it is a pretty small room with a lot going on. You can't always control where Bruce will run so please keep the Blue Team out of these areas.  Key #2 can be less stressful if 3 people stay in the room. Protransers should stun or freeze Bil De Vears. Fighters will attack head on, and Techers can heal ailments.

– More To Come –