The Winter Carnival is Here!

Winter Carnival

The Winter Carnival has been announced for Xbox360 and PC/PS2 servers. The Winter Carnival is our localized version of the "Dengeki Carnival" that was released in Japan nearly a year ago. The Winter Carnival will begin on January 23rd, 2009 until February 27, 2009 .

Winter Carnival features a few missions, so far only two were revealed. During the Winter carnival you will collect Zon Fragments and Zon Spheres, you can exchange these items for various weapons and music discs, including the elusive 13 star Fal Claw.  Psublog will again have special guides helping you along the way once this event is here.

  • Charged Puzzle
    • In this mission players will collect plasma balls and place them in areas to create line art with a fence. Solo play is possible, 3 players+ are recommended. 
  • World of Illusion
    • In world of Illusion, endless waves of monsters appear one after the other. This mission is recommended for skilled players. In each stage you must fight through a series of enemies until you reach the end. Afterwards the party leader can gamble and decide  whether to continue on to the next harder stage or quit and receive your prize. During this mission, EX Trap are limited, and Cast SUV will be reset after each stage. If any party member dies during the mission they will be removed from the party.

December Compensation

In other news, compensation for the December rollback has been revealed. During January 23rd, 2009 through February 6th, 2009, there will be a 10x boost in casino coins winnings.

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