Phantasy Star Nova Outfits Have Arrived in PSO2

~ March 14th, 2018 ~


Limited Quest Revival

Revisit the [Beckoning Woods] and [Menacing Castle] Limited Quests with the added benefits of WEB Panel rare drop and experience boost rewards.


Nova Selection (AC Scratch)

Outfit your character as a member of the Delta Valiant crew in a Phantasy Star Nova collaboration scratch!


エイディルールR | Adieloure R
セルレイダーR | Cell Raider R
ルビノフィルディア | Ruby no Fildia
ホマノイズナ | Homa no Izuna
グラスフォーアネーム | Glas Vornehm
ヴィテスシュタルク | Vitesse Stark
マーヴ・シリーズ | Marv Series
クリスト・シリーズ | Crysto Series
*エバーグリーン | *Evergreen
*アーリー・ブルー | *Airy Blue
*モーニング・レッド | *Morning Red
*サイレントバイオレット | *Silent Violet
388「NOVAポーズ1」| 388 [Nova Pose 1]


6 thoughts to “Phantasy Star Nova Outfits Have Arrived in PSO2”

    1. It's basically episode 1 PSO2 with 4 new big bosses and some recolors.
      I'd say no, unless you really want the story.

  1. CHAOKO99: Yes, Nova has quite a bit going for it. I see P.A. has it for $60 for non-deluxe pack.
    @THE BUTTMAN: that pose of Emilia reminds me a bit of M.O.M.O. xenosaga.

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