PSO2 Collaborates with Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World

Phantasy Star Online 2 has just announced a new collaboration with the cult hit anime series "Re:Zero!" The collaboration is expected to launch sometime in Mid April.


Rem and Ram's iconic maid outfit, along with their hairstyles and accessories, will be implemented into PSO2.


The acclaimed Felix Argyle will have his costume available for both male and female! His hairstyle and accessories will also appear in the collaboration.


Subaru and Emilia's costumes and accessories can be obtained as well!


Other items in the collaboration include:

  • Puck's Mag Device
  • Rem's Morning Star Weapon Camo
  • Lobby Actions of various scenes
  • A Key Visual Room Poster



22 thoughts to “PSO2 Collaborates with Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World”

  1. Whoa wtf. Yuyuyu only got Yuna and Togo's stuff but this shit will get 5 characters worth stuffs and a Mag device. I like both series but this kind of shit just makes me rage mainly because i want Karin or Sonoko's weapon camo more.

    1. It happened back with Magical Puella – i really REALLY wanted a Mami Tomoe and her rifles as camo but we only got two girls. and Hidan no Aria only had two. And HyperDimension Neptunia only two. Yuki Yuna and her friends all had weapons thay easily represented by weapon types available in Pso2…HELL Legend if Zelda – Link but no Zelda 🙁

  2. What a trash =/ well, what should I expect from collaboration with trash anime ;D
    Why not collaborate with something badass like:
    – Black Clover
    – Overlord
    – .hack//series
    – One-punch man
    – Berserk
    – Trigun
    – Gantz
    – JoJo Bizzare Adventure
    – Drifters
    – etc.etc,etc…
    [there're billions of badass things to collaborate with but nah…but you never see it]

    1. Only a few of those are recent enough to be relevant. I could dig me some Drifters Camo though…

    2. Pso2 has moe but Pso2 is a lot of things honestly, — and I'd take edgy badass over gross pedo moe garbage any day.

      Edgy anime>weird anime>>>cliche anime>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>moe anime

    3. yep, i agree about pso2 being a moe game. i wish there will be collaboration with moe anime such as hellsing ultimate. i'd die for Seras's harkonnen ii tmg camo.

    4. Define your meaning of 'badass'. I mean Black Clover and Overlord is clearly not 'badass'. Some of the other series you mentioned is also arguable wether it's badass or not, namely .hack and OPM.

    1. There is a new OVA announced for this series so i don't think so. Just like how Yuyuyu got a collab after the 2nd Season instead of the original air time.

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