Phantasy Star Online 2 JP: July 18th Update with Mines

Mines is coming July 18th, 2012!



Planet Lillipa expands with another area called the Subterranean Tunnels! Below the desert exists a facility that the previous civilization left behind.  Eerie sounds of machines still resonate deep within this mining facility. All Arks members who are level 33 and up can get clearance to explore this new area.

But your trip through this area won't be easy, you'll have to fight Darkers and brand new types of Mechs you haven't seen before on the planet's surface.

This update plans to add new quests, interrupt events and client orders.


For example, there's a new interrupt event where you have to save the Lillipas who were captured by the Gilnas mechs. To allow the Lillipas to escape, you have to fend off the surrounding enemies before the Gilnas explodes.


New Enemies

シグノビート Signobeat

Signobeat specializes in battle and through the use of an optical illusion it can create clones of itself to confuse players. The signobeat can produce a blade from its hand. Be on the watch for his clones and defeat his main body as soon as possible!


ガーディナン Gardinans

Gardinans are aerial type mech enemies that attack in groups.



Tranmizer is a mech that transforms based on close range/long range combat.


Big Varder

Big Varder is battleship-like boss for the Mines area, and is armed with missiles, lasers, and flame throwers among other things.


New Costumes

This update adds new costumes like the ユカタヴィア "Yukata Wear" and ジリ "Jinvebaori." New accessories include the ラッピーおめん "Rappy Omen (Rappy Mask)", and うわ "Uchiwa (Fan)"!


Rank Series (Furie's Cast Parts) ランクスシリーズ


Tiger Pierce (Aki's Costume) タイガーピアス



Colossus Series (Cast Parts) コロッサスシリーズ


Maintenance Report

The 12 hour maintenance covered a few things:

  • A new client update to ver1.0003.2
  • Fixed some bugs where under some conditions the block servers were down.
  • Fixed a bug where based on a character's height, the Ballistic Coat's model would appear oddly on the character.
  • Implemented countermeasures so that one can not unilaterally attack the tundra bosses in certain spots.

In addition to this maintenance, there was a separate 1 hour maintenance that fixed a bug where you were not able to purchase or withdraw items from the "My Shop".

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